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As a writer, you should have a distinctive edge over others. You need to express your personality in your writing. A writing style is a linguistic aspect that identifies you as a writer. It is a unique mixture of values, talent, and experiences. Even when you engage a professional writing service, make sure that your writing style comes out clearly. But, how do you find your writing style?

Everybody is unique. Every writer is different in terms of their personality and voice. This is what you should inject into your writing. Essentially, you should find and develop your writing style. Everybody’s writing style evolves over time due to a combination of conscious decisions and reading choices. Although thinking about it can lead to a stilted, mannered pose, there are basic things you can do to find and develop a unique writing style naturally.

They include the following:

Creating a Case Study:

Know yourself first. Start by finding out more about yourself. For instance, ask other people about yourself. It’s not easy to view yourself from the perspective of another person. Therefore, get a relative or friend and engage in a conversation. Find the key elements which set you apart when you talk. Come up with a list of the interesting things which people say set you apart.

Additionally, learn how you react to the situations which you encounter every day. Ask a family member or friend to be honest and truthful. Come up with a list of the pros and cons of your personality.

Record Yourself:

If there is nobody to talk to confidently about your personality, record yourself using a video camera. Talk about your life experiences and future goals. Watch your recording closely and study it. Compose a piece of writing on the most interesting features about yourself on a piece of paper.

What would you like readers to get from your writing? Focus on your goals and project the message you want to pass. Make readers ponder on and feel your unique voice.

Express Yourself:

After discovering the pros and cons of your personality, express yourself as an artist. Portray a clear message of your personality. Have this image in mind while writing. As a writer, you should convey messages to the readers easily and express yourself extremely.

Explore Your Unique Values:

Regardless of what you write about, define and explore your values as well as outcomes. Do you believe in everything you say or do you just say it because others say it? Your values should set boundaries for your writing. This is what will make you sound credible to the readers. Build loyalty and trust between you and the readers. That’s what will earn you respect from peers and readers.

Read Great Writing:

To become a great writer, you must be an avid reader. As a writer who wants to find their writing style, read other people’s work too. Read across genres frequently. Note the pages, sentences, and full texts which you find most interesting. Why do they appeal to you? Is it because of the way the writer uses words or a specific rhythm? If there is a section you dislike in what you read, ask yourself why does it not appeal to you? The style is basically a combination of voice and tone. It’s therefore important to have these elements in mind while reading.

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It’s also crucial that you read ceaselessly and widely both contemporaries and classics. Essentially, you will be an amateur for a long time if you do not immerse in the craft’s history. Therefore, make great literature with your teacher. Read broadly and voraciously.

Choose Your Audience:

You want people to read your writing. Even if you are writing for a single person, recognize the first to identify a unique style that will impress them. If you want to write for children, you may need a style that entails the use of highly descriptive and simple sentences. If you want to write for a pharmaceutical company, you may need a style that uses declarative sentences and concise language. Basically, a good writing style is effective for the writer and the audience.


When it comes to finding and developing your writing style, nothing will substitute writing. Therefore, practice writing in your unique style as much as possible. At first, try different genres. You can learn a lot from nonfiction writing and poetry in particular. What’s more, do not worry about the influence of your writing or whether it seems bad at first. Just write for the love of it and focus on developing a unique style.

Essentially, use the words which flow to you naturally. Although you should aim at enlarging your vocabulary, write in the words you use while talking to other people. Don’t use words to sound impressive. Doing so will lead to misuse of words and this will make your writing sound awkward. In simple terms, don’t let the desire to use specific phrases or words drive you when writing. Instead, make sure that your choice of words is guided by your writing needs.

Write Passionately:

You will not find your writing style unless you write passionately. Readers will tell whether you feel what you say in your writing or you are just writing to be called a writer. Passion is the element of writing which connects emotions. Be honest and truthful when expressing your ideas.

For instance, if you do not agree with the prevalence of opinions on a topic, don’t choose that line when writing just because that’s what everybody else agrees with. Instead, stand up for what you think with passion and confidence. Readers will appreciate you most when you speak out your mind in an honest manner. They will know you and appreciate you for this.

In fact, if you write passionately and honestly, you may have other people come to you to get your opinion on trending topics. People will come to you on realizing that you always speak passionately and you don’t go along with the views of other people.

Tell Stories:

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 Telling stories can set you apart. People love reading, listening to, and watching stories. Whether you are writing a book, a song, or a movie script, try to tell a story. Convey a beneficial story to your readers with experiences, morals and lessons. But make your story precise and to the point. Be interesting and not hard or complex for readers to understand. Stories will add a personal touch to your writing. This will enable you to connect with readers while introducing new perspectives.

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Keep Evolving:

Do not be predictable in your writing. Readers should not know what you are about to tell them. Unpredictability will make your writing unique and fresh. It will urge your readers to read deeper and further. Therefore, don’t make what you are about to offer your readers obvious.

Find a unique approach which has not been used by other writers. Keep your approach fresh and different by cultivating a personality and introducing it into the minds of your readers. Find ways to open doors for your readers to think about your words and perspectives.

Once you’ve found your writing style, keep evolving it. New projects, authors, and audience reaction should have an effect on your writing style. Great writers are flexible and they follow their instincts. So, if you feel like a specific tone or structure does not suit your style, trust your instinct and try something different.

In writing, revision is an integral and natural part of the process. You can remove or modify some aspects of your style if you find them ineffective or unsuccessful.

Be Clear and Concise:

The goal of writing is to communicate. Therefore, use simple and direct sentences. Make sure that readers find your text easy to read and derive pleasure in being lost in the prose. If you are trying to create a fictional dream, awkward writing will take your readers out of it.

Therefore, be concise and clear in your writing. You can experiment with simple sentences to find out if you can rephrase them using fewer words. Make sure that your writing has simple and direct sentences. What’s more, avoid clichés in your writing. Although you may find avoiding clichés completely difficult, try to come up with original expressions, metaphors and sentences. Think before you use the easiest phrase unless you find everything else unnatural.

Be Precise:

To develop your writing style, you should be detailed and clear. This will bring life to your prose. Therefore, try to find the right words to use in your writing. Conduct some research when necessary. There is pleasure in knowing names and using them properly. Precision is more than using modifiers in your writing. It’s also about using the most accurate verbs and nouns.

Essentially, pay close attention to your choice of words. Since there are at least 250,000 English words, take advantage of the synonyms that you have to choose from. What’s more, use literary devices. While thinking about your writing style, take the time to review literary terms. Use basic devices like metaphors, irony, and simile. When you know the tools to use in your writing, you can keep developing your style.

Be Authentic:

Don’t try to make your writing sound intelligent than you actually are. Doing this won’t help you find your style. Instead, it will embarrass you. Therefore, they depict innate intelligence and write naturally. Trying to intelligently gild words is tempting. However, it can lead you to make mistakes. Basically, if you can’t use some words in your spoken sentences, don’t use them in your prose.

Be Creative:

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Nobody has copyright over thoughts. However, plagiarism is a crime. However, plagiarism is a crime ” You can check you content using Plagiarism Checker by DupliChecker.com ” But, people are aggregates of the books they have read, movies they have watched, and the conversations they have heard. People do not share the same experiences. Instead of copying other people’s work, use what is in your mind. Do not be worried about saying what has been said by other people. Just take a unique approach to say it.

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Read Your Writing Out Loud:

There are times when what a person writes reads differently from what they think. When you read what you write out loud, you get an opportunity to catch the errors you may gloss over with your eyes. You can even read what you write out loud to an audience. Essentially, you will know whether there is a voice in your writing by using the voice from your throat.

Allow Yourself Time:

You won’t find your perfect writing style overnight. Therefore, allow yourself time to practice. If you go over what you write sentence after sentence, you may not allow your views and ideas time to get over the restriction lip. To find and develop your writing style, write and pause if necessary.

Keep writing with the knowledge that it is not always easy and you can make a mess. However, you can clean up the mess later. Unleashing your thoughts is more important than perfecting them.

After all, being messy is cool when finding your writing style though you can’t ignore the conventions. A comma will always be a comma and nobody can make it different. However, being fixed on the rules which echo through the grammar school halls will probably not win you a prize.

Write in Your Tone Every Day:

It’s not only about what you tell your readers. It’s also about how you tell them. The tone is very important when it comes to finding and developing a writing style. Choose a tone that your readers find comfortable and engage them with your rhythm.

The best way to learn to use your tone and improve your style is to use them every day. Therefore, make writing in your style a routine and use a consistent voice rather than arrange words in your sleep.

Final Words:

Finding a writing style compares to finding a skill that can season weak words into wonderful words. All writers, including those providing a dissertation service, have the freedom to use 26 letters. However, it is what you do with your selection of these letters that will determine the strength of your written work. Follow these tips to find a writing style that will make you stand out as a writer and improve it.

best writing styles, how to develop a writing style, how to improve writing style, unique writing styles

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