3 Most Popular Web Hosting Myths

One of the toughest time in the career of a blogger is choosing a good web hosting for himself or his blog. If you take a look around in the market, you will realize that there are literally tons of web hosting providers out there.

In such circumstances, choosing a good, reliable and cheap hosting is a pain in the ass. And then what troubles most of the bloggers is the myths created about web hosting.

In this article, I am going to bust three most popular web hosting myths. I am pretty sure that you would have heard them at least once in your blogging career.

#1 Expensive hosting is always better

How many times have you found a cheap web hosting reliable and good? Very few times, right? That is the reason why this myth is so much popular.

Since most the cheap web hosts are not very good, so people make it a point that all cheap web hosts are not good. However, this is not true in most of the case. I will talk about this a little later in the next heading. Let us now talk about expensive hosting.

It is something that almost everyone thinks. When we pay a huge amount of money for a web hosting, we expect it to be very good. And that is exactly where this misconception arises from.

Most of the times, we think that expensive hosting is always going to give us some added advantage. Though I do not completely disagree to this(because some expensive hostings are still amazing) but I would say that there are some companies which poor services at very high rate.

So one thing that you should always keep in mind is that not all costly things are good.

#2 Cheap web hosts suck

A lot of people constantly ping me and ask, “Suggest some good web hosts for our new site”, and when I suggest them something, they say, “This is very cheap, so there would not be nice”

This is something that almost every blogger thinks. We are mentally prepared for the fact that cheap web hosts are not good and that is the reason why we tend to ignore cheap hosts.

To counter this myth, I have written a blog post on my blog about the cheapest wordpress hosting and this blog posts tells you about that one web host, which is cheap yet very reliable and awesome.

If you read the article linked above, then you would find out that not all cheap web hosts are bad. So before you are shopping for a web hosting, you should remove this misconception from your mind.

#3 If a host has negative reviews, it is bad

This is another thing that almost every new blogger believes. I do not specifically find anything wrong with it. It is the typical human nature that if we find someone speaking negative about something, we figure out that it is bad.

The same is the case with web hosting also. If we see negative reviews of any site, it makes an impression on our minds that this particular hosting will turn out to be bad.

But that again is not true in all the case. Almost every good hosting has negative reviews. For example, bluehost. We all know that bluehost is an amazing web hosting company. But there are many people who are not satisfied with bluehost have have given it negative ratings. But that does not again mean that bluehost is a bad company.

This thing is true for all other hosting companies like hostgator, namecheap, ipage etc.

So my advice for you would be keep your mind clear and try to find out a good web hosting company that is reliable. Hope you will make a good choice. Best of luck.

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