5 Need-to-Know Social Media Marketing Strategies for Start-ups

The staggering increase of users over social media has hyped up businesses. Because of this, opportunities for start-ups have also been hard to keep up. The method of increasing brand consciousness and producing traffic on the website is known as social media marketing. Though it has become easier to navigate the internet nowadays, the challenge to maintain the growth of a start-up in social media had been difficult.


Depending on the product or service being sold in the web market, social media marketing or most commonly known as SMM can be done in different ways and could be studied through different tools. To give you a head start for your startup business, we have looked for 5 effective ways to bring your strategies a good boost.

  1. Plan your marketing game

It is a prerequisite for every business to have a marketing plan. This enlists all your goals for the company. Write down precisely what you want to achieve, who are your target customers, what do your target customers need, what are their buying behaviors, etc.


  1. Keep Interesting Contents

Content is vital to social media marketing. Nowadays, people are more interested in content that are creative and distinct. All thanks to the internet, you can find a lot of inspirations or references for videos, images, charts, blogs – the list is endless. Just make sure to create something that also speaks to your brand. It’s time to awaken those creative juices.

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  1. Don’t be afraid to try paid advertisements

On another note, if you find it difficult to create great marketing content, there is always a way to get in the race by paying other people to produce yours. Amusingly, there are ventures that exist because of social media marketing competitions. They offer services that are cost-effective; hence, this can always be a great option.


  1. Establish Great Customer Relationships

A business won’t exist without customers. They are the source of the brand’s life stream; it is because of them that you create profit, and it can also be because of them that you get a loss. One customer can provide you a positive feedback over social media, and one can complain about your bad service. Either way, both opinion should be valued and as a start-up owner, minimize future issues by taking this point seriously. A customer’s loyalty is earned when he or she feels valued while getting the best products or service at the best price. It’s a love-hate relationship, but you’ll reap the rewards later on.

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  1. Know Your Competitors

Study how well your competitors perform in social media. Looking at how they reach out and market their goods can help you benchmark your own. Take note of the following:

  • Know the focus of their content
  • Know their marketing position/ranking
  • Subscribe to their updates
  • If possible, do surveys to gather more information


Most importantly, remember that a start-up’s success is not achieved overnight – it is hard work and patience.

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