7 Blogging Tips To Improve Your SEO This 2017

A blogger need to know atleast the basics of SEO. For this you don’t need to be a SEO Expert but you need to know the minimum so that your posts are well indexed by search engine.

Now, let’s see what would be the basics that any blogger needs to learn about SEO and other simple SEO knowledge. Below are 7 easy tips to improve the SEO of your blog:

1. Define the keyword

When you write a post, it is recommended to choose the keyword (or term) suitable for your text. What you want is that this keyword – or term – to be searched on Google, and then get your post among the top. For this, you need to use this keyword a few times in the text.

For example, here the keyword could be SEO, but this term is too generic and I could hardly get in the top for this search. Then I’ll work with a phrase or a long tail keyword, so that this post will rank for the term “easy ways to improve the SEO of a blog”. I will use this phrase a few times, but without overdoing it.

2. Know what people are searching for
You can use the Google Adwords keywords research tool to know what people are searching for that is relevant to your blog.

Tool: Page on Google

3. Set up a Site Map
Some bloggers do not have a site map or have a site map and it’s not  configured probably within the Google Search Console (aka Google  Webmaster Tools).
While your content can still be found without a site map, it is so  much faster when you tell a search engine what and where to find it.
Action: Ensure that you have a site map configured  properly and check your Google Search Console dashboard at LEAST once a  month for problems.
Bonus: Bing Webmaster Tools is almost always overlooked as a tool to use.

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4. Fix Your Broken Links
Broken internal links interrupt a visitor’s experience that can  translate to a higher bounce rate, lower page views per visitors, and  lower conversions for your site. When this happens your site might lose  the ranking nod from search engines.
Action: Install a broken link checker to detect  broken links associated with your site and resolve the issues. Learn how  to identify problem links through your Google Search Console.

Plugin: Broken Link Checker

5. Use rel=”nofollow” for external links
If you are providing link to other websites from your blog posts then add rel=”nofollow”  to the links so that you won’t be passing link juice for other websites. Also it makes you safe if you are linking the website with low authority.

6. Write Long & Descriptive blog posts
Your blog posts should not only provide the hint about the topic, but also should give visitor full information about the topic so that user will not get chance to hit the ‘back’ button.

Search Engines Loves the Content & posts larger than 2000+ words has high chance for ranking at top position in Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

7. Avoid Duplicate blog post titles or Blog Posts

Make sure search engines will not consider your blog posts titles are duplicate or near to duplicate. You can check this from Google Webmasters Tools > Search Appearance > HTML Improvements.

Generally the pages on pagination are usually considered as duplicates. Also removing the brand name on blog post titles like “……………………. | Example” also helps resolve near to duplicate issues. You can use Canonical tags to resolve this issue.

Also check if you have posted same post twice and also CMS sometimes creates a duplicate copy of your blog posts.

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