TheGuideX : April Month Income & Traffic Report

Hello people. Hope you are doing just great as you are all great. So I am back with my monthly report as always to inspire the people who are a great reason for my success and inspiration.

Good news fellows, the blog did better again and we are back on track on earning. As we all know, my blog did pretty bad last month, to all who are new or didn’t read the last month’s article, from the previous month from the last i.e. from Feb we earned around 17,000 lesser in March due to some reasons but my blog is back on track as huge profits I have got this month.

Not only this time the blog didn’t undergo any losses but had earned huge profits too and as I promised I have something special for you this month. I have worked on this project really hard and I will be discussing it at last of this blog after I hope I can inspire you people a little bit with my earnings of March.

The traffic figures were good as well as the income and I will be sharing both with you wonderful guys. It wouldn’t have been possible without you.

So if you are ready to let’s get rolling with the monthly report of TheGuideX traffic and income.

TheGuideX Monthly Traffic Report of April:

Blogging Earning Report, Earning Report, Make Money Blogging, Monthly Income Report
Google Analytics Report

So guys above I gave the image of the source from where I get my traffic and now I will be explaining the traffic reports.

So guys as you already saw that the views have increased but sadly not much, that a matter of a little concern but still this month the site got 18,647 views whereas the last month we had 18,241 views so there has been a rise of approx 400 viewers.

The number of views may not have raised much but still, it was fine, actually not just fine it did pretty good. In page views as always, we are doing just fine rising up and up towards the mountain of success and hope, be it slow and steady we always go up towards it.

The users this month have increased decently and luckily with all you people’s support we have crossed the first milestone of crossing 10,000 users as you can all see in the image given above, this month we have 10,206 users. Hope we cross other big milestones too soon with all the love you give to me.

Last month we had 9,670 users so this month we welcome a total of 536 new users. Welcome to the small and happy family of TheGuideX you all.

Now enough about the traffic let’s talk about the April income report of TheGuideX.

With the traffic increases, the rank of TheGuideX on Google search engine has also improved so yey.

Traffic Sources:

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Blogging Earning Report, Earning Report, Make Money Blogging, Monthly Income Report
Traffic Channels

So as shown in the image there haven’t been many changes in the traffic sources as situated just tiny bits of changes.

There are no major changes and as like every month, the organic search engines are the one getting the most traffic to the blog of 81%. That’s a large percentage and so it is very important as it is free and the audience is highly targeted so search traffic is the best.

The direct traffic did great too again. The search traffic together with basic traffic is the major pillar of a website as they are the one who gets most of the traffic to the blog and adding to it favors, they are consistent too. For almost all the websites and blogs out there they both remain consistent in their work pretty much every month.

Isn’t that great?

TheGuideX Monthly Income Report for April:

So as I told you that the blog had increased traffic but with it, it got much better income too. The profit was quite good so you all ready to know how much the monthly income of April was.

The monthly earning was 1443.5$. Yup right, I did earn that amount from my lovely site TheGuideX which is approximately 96,205 INR.

The month of April proved to be really lucky for the income and we had great profits compared to not only the last month but even the month before it.

So as we know the earning is from 6 sources and I will be listing all of them just down following this line.

Earning Report:

Blogging Earning Report, Earning Report, Make Money Blogging, Monthly Income Report
CJ Report
  • Commission Junction: $736
  • Sponsored Posts/Contextual Links: $350 (Approx)
  • Google Adsense: $107
  • WordPress Customisation & Development: $220 (Approx)
  • ShareASale: $8
  • Impact Radius: $22.5 (Approx)
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So above were listed the generous sources of my generous income of the month of April.

Last month the income was around of RS 63,038 and in March, the income was approximately Rs 79,576. Yes, I did suffer quite a loss last month but now we are back again and did a great profit. Comparing to march we had a grand profit of around Rs 33,180. That’s huge right and I am really happy and satisfied with it.

So it’s time for celebrations but wait for you all as I promised there will be a surprise this month so presenting in front of you all

So, guys, I have been working on this project for you all. The coupon is the place where you can get exciting discount coupons for sites like Swiggy, redbus, Amazon, firstcry etc. You can avail great discounts from here and trust me it will be really beneficial for you all sweet fellows.

Final Words:

Never give up and always work hard to achieve them and I am sure just like me you will achieve them.

Dream big and work to make them true and as it is well said that God helps who help themselves so try enough that you get your dreams to become reality.

The people who start big don’t have enough space left to develop but start a little and then work hard and you will have a lot to get.

Blogging Earning Report, Earning Report, Make Money Blogging, Monthly Income Report
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