20 Best FTP Clients for WordPress Users in 2024: Free & Paid Options

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Are you a WordPress developer and looking for a good FTP client? If yes, you are at the right place. Creating a website is a monotonous process. It requires a source of data from numerous files and folders. In contrast, when developing a more intricate website, you may need an unending supply of files and folders.

In such cases, it becomes devastating for you to manage a massive transfer of such files. There are even cases when you may overlook where a recent media file shifted or miss a theme folder. Most of these problems erupt when your files don’t get transferred precisely.

Apart from that, imprecise management of files also leads to a mess. This later increases your time in development and offers a bad client experience to your consumers. In relevance to this problem, this article brings you the best free and paid FTP clients. Before starting with the actual article, for those who don’t know, here is what an FTP client is.

What is an FTP Client?

In simple words, FTP client is the software used by developers to download and upload files on their web server. It is built on the model architecture with the help of separate control and connection of data between the client and the server.

FTP clients empower you to stay organized and connect your local files securely to an online server. WordPress website building usually includes an abundance of files that needs to get transferred to an online server.

FTP client helps you move all relevant files to your server and also allows you to organize that folder for the seamless launch of the website. The FTP clients also aid you in making post-launch editing in a private biosphere to make sure nothing goes wrong. Today’s hosting providers may offer you a one-click file installation to the server, but you still need FTP clients for troubleshooting.

If you are an advanced developer, a detailed review of the top 20 free and paid FTP clients is here for you.

20 Best Free & Paid FTP Clients for WordPress

Here we’re sharing the top 20 best free & paid FTP clients for WordPress. Based on your requirements, you can choose any from this list.

1. FileZilla (Windows, Mac, & Linux)

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FileZilla FTP

FileZilla is a prevalent name when it comes to FTP clients. It is free and easy to download. One enticing feature about this FTP client is that a user doesn’t require much time to understand the workings of this client. However, the interface seems a bit outdated in contrast to the contemporary.

Users here can easily link site files and abode them after what is stored in computers. The majority of users’ communities have now used FileZilla on the Windows machine. However, this FTP client is compatible with all OS. The primary interface in this client delivers you a core window, one site manager, and a file name filter segment.

There are many elements that users can configure while launching. Apart from that, logging in to the client’s main interface is also quite simple. After logging in, users can transfer a file in a queue or just drag and drop.


  • It is exclusively free
  • Wide range of OS options
  • Active community support
  • Easy to understand support documentation


  • The interface seems to be a little outdated

2. Cyberduck (Windows & Mac)

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It is an FTP client that only provides support to Mac and Windows users. Linux users can’t use it for file transfer. Users of this transferred client can discover a decent and simple interface. Even beginners can use this FTP client without any hassle. Transferring files from a local area to a remote server is quite easy as well.

Apart from the internet and search engines, users can download it directly from the Microsoft Store and Mac App Store. Cyber Duck is an open-source FTP client that implies you can access it for free. However, the users can donate more than $10 to developers to encourage them.

Cyber Duck has a clean and modern-looking interface. This FTP client also empowers you to join several extra storage locations, such as Google Drive and Dropbox.


  • It is free to use
  • Supports both Windows and MAC
  • There are multiple protocols to connect


  • Linux users won’t get support

3. ForkLift (Mac)

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ForkLift FTP

It is a MAC-only file transfer protocol client that offers you dual panes for the contrasting location of multiple files. Users can move these files back and forth as they wish; this FTP client also offers you a remote connection as a storage location. You can store a file in Amazon S3 and Google Drive.

One more compelling feature you will get in this FTP client is, you get the power to connect to multiple servers simultaneously. This delivers more flexibility to users with more than one file to transfer. However, this is not a free FTP client. Users can use it at the cost of $29.95 for a single-user license.

For five Macs, you have to pay about $99.95. Users, before taking membership, can use a free trial to know the usefulness.


  • Dual-pane interface allows users to split locations
  • You can also copy external location files
  • Connectivity to multiple servers


  • It is not a free client
  • Only for MAC users

4. Transmit (Mac)

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Transmit FTP

It is another good FTP client for Mac users. However, Transmit 5 has some unique features as compared to the former one. The foremost feature is an advanced interface. The interface is helpful and lets you manage your files and link to several servers seamlessly.

Users can easily download, upload, and manage files from Google Drive, Dropbox, and Black Baze. Apart from all these features, there is something that may bother you. Yes! It comes with a price to use. The basic license of Transmit 5 will cost you around $45.

One reason that convinced professionals here is the significant speed increase in contrast to other contemporary clients. It also offers you side-by-side modules that make file transfer more seamless.


  • This client has a stunning user interface
  • Handles all basic protocols including WebDAV, and SFTP
  • It comes with a drag and drop selection


  • It is not a free FTP client
  • Only MAC users can access this FTP client

5. WinSCP (Windows)

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With the name itself, you can assume that this FTP client only supports Windows. One more thankful feature is you get it free of cost. It connects you to all sorts of remote and local environments without any challenges. There are over 124 million downloads of this FTP client, popularity is even increasing day by day.

What makes it more enticing is its dual-pane mode. It allows you to transfer files by splitting locations. However, the main window/interface is somehow similar to FileZilla. It looks a bit older, but there is no compromise in features. Users also get the chance to customize the main window and tabs.

You can also accomplish multiple command sections on one screen using this client; it is quite remarkable.


  • Extensive community support
  • It comes as a free FTP client
  • Allows transferring in the diverse transfer protocol


  • Only supports Windows OS

6. WS_FTP Professional (Windows)

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WS_FTP Professional

This FTP client has more than 40 million users. The reason for its increasing popularity is the superior level of encryption that it offers you. With file encryption, you get zero chances of data theft. Users can also achieve an easy customization option in this FTP client. Many tools permit you to modify the interface.

While debating about tools, users also get many admin tools. Admin tool helps you manage file transfer more efficiently. An advanced security layer protects every file while transferring using multiple forms of encryption. However, it is not a free FTP client. You have to pay $49.95 for single-user membership.

The professional license costs you around $89.95. Scheduled backup is also one more popular feature of this client.


  • Excellent security using multiple layers of encryption
  • Assured transfer to the right location
  • You can sync files with several servers and devices


  • It is a premium tool and requires a paid license

7. Commander One Pro (Mac)

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Commander One FTP

This FTP client is only for Mac, you can use it for free the features will increase when you upgrade to a pro version. Users can access the pro version with a single license only for $29.95. The transfer protocol that it supports is FTP, SFTP, and FTPS. It is quite fair and fast in transferring files.

You can also achieve uploading and move from one server to another. Users can also get multiple connections in this FTP.

Recently, the developers of this client have developed Commander One Pro 2, but It does come with cloud storage support.


  • It has a free version that can get accessed by all
  • Support several languages
  • Mounting to android devices is also possible


  • Users who wish to achieve desirable features have to buy the upgraded version

8. Core FTP LE (Windows)

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Core FTP LE is partially free to Windows users. That implies that in the free version, you get all the basic features. But if you wish for upgraded features, you need to buy a license starting at $24.95. As per the majority of users, this client works decently for file transferring. The interface you get along with is also quite basic, but it offers you a dual-pane layout.

The interface of this FTP is remarkably similar to FileZilla. However, the former one was compatible with all OS, and it was only compatible with Windows. Some of the main features you will get with Core FTP LE are drag and drop of files, status tracking of file transfer, the same Windows accessing for all tasks, and a lot more.

You can also search file hierarchies and bookmark them using this FTP client.


  • Easy to learn interface
  • It comes completely free to use
  • Diverse protocol support


  • It only supports windows

9. Cute FTP (Windows)

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It is an FTP client owned by Global Space, and it is only accessible to Windows users. Accessing this client for file transfer also demands minimal charges per year. The license starts at $59.99 per year. Every year, this client comes with an update that makes it more seamless for file transfer. Besides, the interface is pretty simple and easy to learn.

There is an abundance of automation features that make file transfer easier. This client also offers you advanced security with password authentication and encryption. What boosts its popularity is quick to support an active community.

You can speak with a real human to get a resolution for your query.


  • Easy to use interface
  • Secure to use with password authorization
  • Sends files with several protocols, including FTPS, SFTPS, HTTPS


  • It is not a free client, and there is not much room for customization

10. FreeFTPd (Windows)

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FreeFTPd is an FTP client for Windows users that has both free and paid versions. In the paid version, you get several upgrades that the free versions don’t have. You can achieve the premium version single-user license only at $39. The Windows versions that it supports include Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11.

However, the premium version of this client has a different name and is known as Direct FTP. In the paid version, you will get access to many editing tools and file transfer options. Quick edits let you organize your files more efficiently. The upload, downloads, and managing are quite reliable when it comes to security.

It has multiple layers of encryption that keep the file safe. In Free FTP client software, everything is quite simple, with an easy-to-use interface.


  • It is accessible both paid and free
  • Secure file transfer with an added security layer
  • Diverse protocol support


  • The interface is not much impressive
  • Editing tools are accessible in a premium version

11. SmartFTP (Windows)

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SmartFTP is a well-known FTP client for its reliability and security. It helps you to transfer files via FTP, FTPS, WebDAV, SFTP, Amazon S3, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, Backblaze B2 protocols, and Google Cloud Storage.

With the help of SmartFTP, you can easily transfer data within the local computer and internet servers. This client also helps you to download or upload pictures, documents, and videos.

The main advantage of this client is it comes with a Windows XP-like graphic user interface, so you can easily understand its working process.


  • Windows XP-like graphic user interface
  • Reliable and secure
  • Support more than 20 languages


  • Only compatible with Windows

12. Win-Sock File Transfer Protocol

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Win-Sock File Transfer Protocol

This is one of the most secure FTP clients on the list. This FTP has been developed by Ipswitch and has over a 40 million user base. It is only compatible with Windows OS.

You will get many time-saving automated features with it, such as file integrity checking, OpenPGP file encryption, backup, email notification, compression, folder synchronization, post-transfer events ,scheduling of file transfers, and so on. This FTP client is known for its best-in-class quick file transfer.

It is a secure client because the security is provided through 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), FIPS 140-2 validated cryptography, encryption, and OpenPGP file encryption.


  • Easy to use
  • Best-in-class Security
  • It comes with many time-saving automated features


  • Only compatible with Windows

13. And FTP (Android)

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And FTP is exclusively compatible with only Android OS. It is a free FTP, but you can upgrade it by paying for a premium subscription if you need some improved and enhanced features. AndFTP enables you to connect with multiple protocols such as FTP, SCP, SFTP, and FTPS.

Working on this client is handy and reliable as you can easily transfer files from a tablet or your smartphone anytime. And FTP ensures best-in-class security features for safe file transfer.

If you don’t want to carry a heavy Windows machine with you, this Android-compatible FTP client is for you.


  • Compatible with Android OS
  • Handy and reliable
  • best-in-class security


  • Old interface

14. FireFTP (Windows & Mac)

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FireFTP is one of the best and most free FTP clients on the internet. It is not an app; FireFTP is an extension compatible with the Mozilla Firefox web browser.

It comes with many great features, such as drag-and-drop files, directory comparison and synchronization, an automated resume feature, and many more. With a broad user base, this client is specially designed for those who are looking for a free FTP client with amazing features.

This is an open-source WordPress FTP client and comes with FTP, TLS, SSL, and SFTP support.


  • Working Smoothly
  • It supports FTP, SSL, TLS, and SFTP.
  • Drag and drop feature


  • Only compatible with Mozilla Firefox

15. Fling FTP (Windows)

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Fling FTP

Fling FTP allows you to transfer files and backup data over networks and FTP. Like some other File Transfer Protocols, this FTP also allows automated uploading of files (time-based or real-time upload). This FTP client supports both network file transfer and internet file transfer protocol (FTP).

With a broad user base, this FTP client is known for its easy-to-use interface and reliability. If you are a small business owner, it is recommended for FTP clients for you as it offers secure file, sync, and sharing.

Most FTP clients only support FTP protocol, but Fling supports multiple protocols such as FTP and FTPS.


  • Easy to use interface
  • Supports FTP and FTPS protocols
  • You can have multiple connections at a time.


  • Only Support Windows OS

16. GoodSync (Windows, MAC, and Linux)

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GoodSync FTP

GoodSync is one of the best FTP clients on the list for its usefulness as it supports multiple OS such as Windows, MAC, and Linux. An easy-to-use interface allows you to run parallel threads to achieve a good file transfer speed. Good Sync comes with automated and unattended services that enable backup and scheduling without any hassle.

This is the favorite FTP client of many developers because of its error-fixing feature. Error fixing feature helps you to fix access denied errors.

If we talk about its popularity, it is rated as one of the complete solutions for particular backups and folder sync over local networks.


  • Support multiple OS
  • Easy, fast, and secure FTP
  • Real-time data transfer


  • Outdated interface

17. FTP Voyager (Windows and Linux)

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FTP Voyager

This is another popular FTP client on the list. FTP Voyager supports multiple protocols, such as FTP, SFTP, and FTPS. It is known for its safety of data over a secure shell data stream. This client comes with some inevitable features, including a familiar “side-by-side” transfer window, drag and drop option, folder synchronization with preview, panes, and detailed list views.

Most of the developers recommend this client because its task scheduler is very useful for automating the process. This FTP comes with user-friendly and premium customer support that implies you can easily get the solution if you need any help.


  • Support FTP, SFTP, and FTPS.
  • Drag and drops option
  • Quick file transfer


  • Not Compatible with MAC OS

18. Fetch FTP (Mac)

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Fetch FTP

Fetch is a full-featured GUI-based FTP client developed by Fetch Softworks. This is only MAC compatible and a handy FTP client, as it shows the progress and time it will take to transfer files. Fetch FTP enables you to edit files even without downloading them. The FTP client supports multiple FTP, SFTP, and FTP protocols with TLS/SSL (FTPS).

The Mirror command feature allows you to synchronize folders without any hassle. It also has a feature in which you can synchronize shortcuts within MACS using Dropbox.

It comes with an attractive interface that is known for its simplicity and ease of use.


  • Shows progress and time of uploading
  • Support for FTP, SFTP, and FTP with TLS/SSL (FTPS)
  • Synchronize folders using the Mirror command


  • Only compatible with MAC

19. Wise FTP For Professionals (Windows)

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Wise FTP

As the name says, it is an FTP client that is specially designed for professionals. With an attractive and user-friendly interface, this FTP allows you to connect multiple servers of FTP, like FTPES, FTPS, SFTP, and so on. This FTP comes with some shortcut commands which help you to achieve quick changes in a few clicks.

If we talk about security, this client secures its transfer with the help of the SSH File Transfer Protocol. You can also use the scheduling feature to schedule your uploading and downloading of multiple files.

An easy-to-understand UI allows you to synchronize files and sub-folders.


  • Support multiple protocols
  • Secures transfer by SSH file Transfer Protocol
  • Easily synchronize files and sub-folders


  • Only support Windows OS

20. Crush FTP (Windows, Mac & Linux)

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Crush FTP

This is another FTP client with an extensive user base, and it is known for its efficiency and speed of file transfer. Crush FTP is a paid FTP client, and you can get a 30-day trial to check its usefulness. The prices are minimal and start from $20.

This FTP comes with multiple user-friendly features such as archiving & retention, collaboration tools, document generation, file conversion, file recovery, offline access, version control, and many more.

It also supports multiple protocols like FTP, SFTP, FTPS, and WebDAV. Crush FTP can even manage and monitor from most of the devices as it supports various OS.


  • Zip method enables file compression
  • Real-time synchronization
  • Monitor user activity


  • Not compatible with MAC and Linux

These are some top-tier free and paid FTP clients for WordPress users. Now that you know the best ones, get answers to some of your FAQs as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below we have answered some frequently asked questions by our readers about FTP clients. If you have any doubt, please check the section below and you will get your answer.

1. What is the Best Free FTP Client?

All the above-listed free or paid FTP clients are good. We have personally used most of them. As we know, every software has its own set of pros and cons. You can use any of the above FTP clients.

Talking about the specific recommendation, we suggest you use FileZilla, which is available for all the leading operating systems. You can also use Cyber-Duck.

2. Is The FileZilla FTP Client Free To Use?

Yes, FileZilla is entirely free-to-use software. You can download and install this software on all the leading operating systems, including Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Another good thing about this software is its easy-to-use interface. The UI of this software is very clean and straightforward to use.

3. Is WinSCP better than FileZilla?

Both WinSCP and FileZilla are good software. We have been using both software for the last few years. What we have noticed is WinSCP is slower than FileZilla.

Not just speed, FileZilla has some additional features also.


In conclusion, these are the top 20 free and paid FTP clients that you must consider for your WordPress website. Now that you get a narrow view, you can choose the one that best suits your demands. Some free clients are as equal to paid clients, so make a decision based on features.

We hope this article about the best free and paid FTP clients for WordPress is helpful for you. Do share this content on social media if you find it useful for you in any manner.

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