Best Gray Hat SEO techniques To Boost Your Website Ranking

If you wish to skyrocket your website traffic, then you will have to practice multiple ways to boost your SERP ranking. Gray hat link building or SEO is among such that has real benefits in improving your website traffic. In this article, you will know more about various gray hat SEO techniques and how to boost ranking using those.

Understanding What Gray Hat SEO Is?

Gray Hat SEO is neither good as white hat nor bad as black hat SEO. It claims for more risk factors than employing white hat SEO. If you do it right, then you can enjoy its tremendous benefits using gray hat SEO techniques.

Employing white hat SEO techniques will get you good results. However, you might have to go for some quickie tricks for modest faster results. The gray hat helps you out there to get you prompt SEO results.

A strategy that is considered as a gray hat today might not be at times. Also, it varies depending on different perspectives. Know the risks before prompting and do it properly to harvest its benefits, not the penalties.

Why do Gray Hat SEO techniques matter?

Few gray hat SEO techniques might result in potential results which might be harder even through white hat SEO. Understand the gray hat in detail is more significant. It can help you in getting fantastic results without adverse consequences. On the other hand, it can ruin your blog or website performance incurring substantial traffic losses.

Typically, gray hat methods do have some risks but get your best SEO results. It’s up to you how you practice it.

Here are a few gray hat SEO techniques you can employ to boost your website ranking.

Gray Hat SEO Techniques to Boost SERP Ranking

#1: Web 2.0 Submissions for link building

Earlier days, internet pages were static. Users can only read web pages. But, now it becomes easily accessible to create, tweak, and interact, which refers to web 2.0. Web 2.0 submissions are the one – creating content on web 2.0 sites, tweaking, generating links pointing to our primary domain. Hence, it falls under gray hat link building techniques.

Web 2.0 has two outstanding benefits like building links and getting quality traffic. For which, you have to be more active in at least most popular web 2.0 sites like Medium, WordPress, Blogger, etc. You can Google for a more qualified web 2.0 sites list. However, do remember the below things for every successful web 2.0 submissions.

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Here are the few tips to make it more fruitful.

  • Treat your web 2.0 pages or blogs as your real blogs
  • Set a suitable domain name and theme
  • Always prefer presenting quality content
  • Include necessary Image, Video formats
  • Make sure to do on-page optimization properly
  • Place your links only it is natural and relevant
  • Add links to other informative pages too
  • Recommended to have a unique Email ID
  • Don’t ever produce anything fake

Web 2.0 works better once you are keen on getting user engagements not on generating backlinks. Keep your link building intentions aside and do it naturally.

Even newbie’s to the blogging industry can use these platforms to start blogging. Once they are capable and established, they can go for a separate domain with proper hosting.

#2: Buying Expired Domains

It is a powerful gray hat SEO techniques, but only if you have done right. Else, it will have a greater reverse impact. If you are buying expired domains, there are lots of crucial factors to consider.

  • Check that the domain belongs to the same niche that you are about to do. Relevancy of the domain is a critical aspect to think before buying an expired domain.
  • Make sure that the domain has not been penalized before for many reasons. You may use tools like Google Sandbox, Penalty Checker to know if it is deindexed or penalized.
  • And it is must know about how the site was, earlier. There are tools available like Wayback Machine or Archive that has stored the screenshots of the websites at different times.

Best Gray hat SEO technique

  • Using Open Site Explorer, you can also check its spam score. It is better to choose if it is less than 3 (maximum go till 5).
  • Have through analysis of backlinks, and organic traffic over the periods before deciding to buy the particular domain.

#3: Having Dummy Social Media Accounts

It is no obvious to explain the importance of social networks and social signals in boosting your SEO and ranking in Google’s index. We all know about the significant role that social platforms play online.

Getting more social mentions or engagements through your valuable posts and content is evidently white hat SEO technique. But, having multiple social accounts on each platform to multiply the number of followers or social signals is a gray hat strategy.

All you have to do is creating dummy accounts on the most popular social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. and start content marketing. Moreover, there are plenty of social media monitoring and listening tools available to manage all your social mentions from a place. Anyways, be in a limit; don’t exceed 2 or 3 dummy accounts.

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Do it only if necessary. Sometimes, people will catch you that you are faking social media presence. Still, social media marketing services are obtainable to grow your social reach like Digi SMM.

#4: Getting Favorable Reviews

To build your co-citation, you may register your brand or business on various reviewing sites like Yelp, G2 Crowd, etc. Simple registering on it and forgetting is no way to gain you anything. The credibility you are earning over there improves your SERP position. Any business that claims positive reviews and feedbacks holds success.

Even people, as well as search engines, expect the same to judge your brand and your services. You may doubt that these are all common and a white hat technique.

Yes, you are exactly right. If it happens automatically, then it’s well and good. If not, you have to ask others or buy good reviews. Now, it becomes a gray hat as you are tweaking. Either way, you can review other brands and in turn, getting their reviews on yours.

#5: Stretching old blog posts content

Besides content quality, the length of the article speaks a lot. Considering, SEO or ranking of a particular blog post, lengthier content helps you to a greater extent.

The more significant part is you can place as much as possible internal and external links as if you have lengthier and optimized content. Internal links are more powerful to make more link juice to flow between your related articles.

However, you have to have comprehensive research before extending the words count of your old or existing blog posts. Just for the sake of stretching and placing links, if you renovate; then it won’t work. Know what trending information you can add, why to include, how informative it will be for your users; you have to think about everything before working on it.

Through this, your opportunities are getting increased for sprinkling more LSI keywords within your content.

#6: Manipulating Click through rates

Click-through rates and dwelling time or bounce rates are the essential factors of a website. Through which, Google understands the relevancy and quality of the post. Effortlessly working on your on-page SEO, Creating and promoting valuable content, building organic links altogether will bring up your CTR immensely. It is natural and white hat SEO.

By chance, if you want to improve your CTR than your competitors, then you have to try this gray hat trick. From the search results for a keyword, click your competitor’s link and close it immediately. Then click on your link and stay for a while. Repeating this process will have an impact on both CTR’s.

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#7: Owning microblogs or sites

It is almost similar to web 2.0 sites. It refers to creating microsites to generate more backlinks pointing to your primary website. If you do it correctly, then you can gain search visibility and quality backlinks from other sites.

A microsite or blog can either be a separate web page or a set of web pages on its own domain related to your industry. Or it can be a subdomain that acts as an extension to some websites.

You will have to host it correctly, design well, and produce well-informed content and do it naturally. If you are a beginner, better don’t try this. You will struggle to manage multiple sites.

Should you be using Gray Hat SEO Methods?

Before started using gray hat methods, know its risks and rewards. Google is getting stricter, and it frequently comes with updates and algorithm changes. The gray hat technique this month would be a black hat after an update release from Google. So, do it perfectly. Finding any gray hat technique riskier, better not to attempt. Prefer choosing low-risk methods or white hat for slower but everlasting results.

Verdict on Best Gray Hat SEO Techniques

Gray hat techniques are efficient until you get caught or penalized by Google. So, practice it only if mandatory. Meanwhile, don’t ever stick to gray hat techniques for faster results. If it works reversely, you will have to incur the traffic loss.

It is recommended to use gray hat SEO techniques having a checklist. Don’t do it bulky or unnatural to get penalized. Use it in an optimized and minimal level and grab its entire benefits.

Gray hat techniques are more straightforward to achieve to boost website traffic along with white hat SEO results. Don’t solely rely on gray hat methods. Don’t ever practice black hat techniques.

Gray Hat SEO Techniques
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