Best WordPress Theme Clubs to Save Money on WP Themes

Are you Beginner & confused to choose the premium themes? Then you are in the right place, In the article, we will discuss premium themes.
When it comes to buying WordPress hosting & premium WordPress themes, the cost can quickly add up. A good theme usually costs at least $60, and you can only use it on one domain.
Most of us these days have multiple sites, which is why going with a good WordPress theme club instead is a smart move.

These clubs offer an entire collection of premium WordPress theme packages for the cost of no more than 2-3 premium themes.

In this post I`ll look at my favorite WordPress theme clubs you can join to get access to a ton of premium themes for cheap.

#1: Ait Themes Club

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In a nutshell: the AIT theme club is best for developers and agencies who need a large volume of unique WordPress themes. The standout feature of AIT Themes is its own drag and drop page builder.

With the page builder, you can add ready-made website elements, organize columns and sidebars and fine-tune your theme’s style. All of the themes and plugins are multilingual.


There are three pricing plans:

  1. Free Themes: This plan is free and you can download some free themes available on the site.
  2. Full Membership: $99 gives you access to all the plugins, themes and graphics for a year. Once a theme is downloaded, you get a lifetime usage license to it.
  3. Lifetime Membership: For $499, you get all the products of the club including support and updates for lifetime. You get commercial, multiple domains, and lifetime usage licenses.

There is a 10-day money-back guarantee to make customers feel safe about their payment.

  • Plugins Included: 24
  • Number of Themes Included: 70

#2: Anariel

Theme clubs, Themes Offer, WordPress theme membership

In a nutshell: Anariel is a small company dedicated to providing quality themes and services to its customers. Although the number of themes looks limited, they are high-quality themes with good coding.

There are FAQs, documentation, and videos for every theme. You can send a message to their support team and you will get a reply within 24 hours.

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The themes in Anariel Club are simple and general-purpose themes. Their themes can be divided into three categories: blogging, charity, and restaurant.


Anariel comes with three main pricing plans, all of which are non-recurring, one-time fee.

  1. Anariel standard: With just $59 you get access to all of their theme with six-month support and updates.
  2. Anariel Premium: For $89, you get 1-year support and updates. With this plan, you also get free theme installation and setup.
  3. Anariel Lifetime: For $199, all the features and products are given by Anariel for a lifetime.

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee with every purchase.

  • Plugins Included: 0
  • Number of Themes Included: 22

#3: Athemes

Theme clubs, Themes Offer, WordPress theme membership

In a nutshell: Athemes is popular for providing premium quality themes for free. They have 15+ completely free themes, which include complex eCommerce themes.

Most of their premium themes have a free version for customers to test before buying. You also get detail documentation for every theme.

There is no real-time support but you can post your theme issue on the forum.


ATheme has three purchasing plans.

  1. Single theme: You can purchase a single theme for $59/per year. You get access to the theme, updates, and support for 1 year.
  2. Yearly Access: You can get access to all the themes at $99 per year, including updates.
  3. Lifetime Access: You get lifetime access to all their themes and services for $249. It’s a one-time payment.

They give a 30-day money-back guarantee to make your payment risk free.

  • Plugins Included: 0
  • Number of Themes Included: 20+

#4: Happy Themes

Theme clubs, Themes Offer, WordPress theme membership

In a nutshell: Happy theme Club is a recently opened theme club. Happy themes let its users download a free version of most of their themes to get a taste of what they are buying.

At the time of writing, there is 17 themes total, though this number is expected to grow very quickly over the months.

Happy Themes has awesome support. You will get support directly from the developers within a few hours typically.


There are two plans to enter the Happy themes club.

  1. All Themes Package: For $24.5 you can get access to all their themes with unlimited uses and one year of premium support and updates.
  2. Lifetime Access: For $49.5, you get lifetime access to all the themes with lifetime support and updates.
    The fee for both the plans is a one-time payment.
  3. Plugins Included: none
  4. Number of Themes Included:17
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#5: Zigzag

Theme clubs, Themes Offer, WordPress theme membership

In a nutshell: If you are looking for WordPress themes built for the Genesis Framework, then Zigzagpress is the best club for you. All of their themes are uniquely designed and great looking,.

There are pre-styled shortcode and built-in portfolios that make the customization work so much easier. With Genesis as the foundation and Zig Zag Themes on top, you’re off to a great start.


$89 for yearly access and $249 for lifetime access.

The company offers a 30-day no-question refund policy to make your payment risk free.

  • Plugins Included: 0
  • Number of Themes Included: 41 themes

#6: App Themes

Theme clubs, Themes Offer, WordPress theme membership
In a nutshell: App theme is an application theme provider with a focus on business themes. The app theme has 6 themes that are all geared towards the business-related site.

These selected themes are unique and can be used for complex websites. The themes are more suitable for developers who can customize and make changes themselves.

Currently, 6 themes are part of the club offers.


$199 to join the club. This gives you access to only the themes built by Appthemes. You don’t get access to the third party themes found in the marketplace.

You can also buy a single theme for $69. They don’t have any money-back guarantee so it is better to do a little research of what you want before you take the plunge.

  • Plugins Included: 20+ marketplace items
  • Number of Themes Included: 6

#7: Theme Junkie

Theme clubs, Themes Offer, WordPress theme membership
In a nutshell: For beginner blogger with the tight budget, a theme junkie is an affordable option that gives you Adsense ready and SEO friendly themes. Their themes have incredible design and professional look with proper backend coding.

The price of just $99 for a lifetime membership plan with lifetime support and update is a great deal. Every theme is well documented and has a control panel for customization.

The only downside is their support. The only support you receive from them is through forum and installation guide.


In $49 you get access to all 55+ themes for 1 year. You also get 1-year support and updates. For $99 you get a lifetime membership and updates and support for the lifetime.

In both the case you can use the same themes for multiple domains.

  • Plugins Included: 6
  • Number of Themes Included: 55+
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#8: Ink Themes

Theme clubs, Themes Offer, WordPress theme membership

In a nutshell: Inkthemes is one of the fastest-growing WordPress theme clubs. In just four years they have gained the trust of over 30K customers. Inkthemes really care about their customers. So their customer service is one of the best.

They have a huge collection of unique themes with a wide range of genres. All of the themes are good looking and have a one-click install with easy customization options. Its membership plan is suitable for developers, agencies, and companies who need the bulk of themes at affordable prices.

You get free developer licenses in all of their themes which allows you to use a single theme in unlimited domains. You also get logos, banners and FB covers as a bonus when you buy any theme.


You can purchase a single theme or go for membership plans. The cost of single theme starts from $59.

The membership plan costs 49 per month where you get access to all the 3500+ WordPress themes and 20 plugins.

You also get a huge discount if you buy a year membership at once. A 30-day money-back guarantee gives you extra security over the payment.

  • Plugins Included: 20
  • Number of Themes Included: 3500+

Which Theme Club will You Join?

This is not an exhaustive list of WordPress Theme Clubs by any means, though they are some of the best terms of value, quality, and support in my opinion.

I’m a member of ZigZagPress and Theme Junkie, and they have already more than paid for themselves in savings for me.

Theme clubs, Themes Offer, WordPress theme membership

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