Biggest SEO Mistakes To Avoid – Are You Doing Same? 

SEO is a best way to Derive organic traffic. You decide to do SEO on your website, but are you sure you’re going in right the direction??

Are you sure you’re not doing the biggest  SEO Mistakes that thousands of people are doing??

SEO is a world where you and other SEO marketers are finding tons of ways to rank in the1st Page of Google and to compete with their competitors.

If we’re 1 step ahead of our competitors, then we can rank our articles on google.

If you’re doing some SEO Mistakes mention below, then you won’t be able to rank your article on Google.
Let’s jump to the article and lets know some SEO strategies to rank on Google.


Not Submitting Sitemap To WebMaster Tool :

You’re doing a biggest mistake if you’re not submitting sitemap to WebMaster Tool. This is a great tool provided by Google itself. It is useful for bloggers and webmasters to get their blog or website index by the Google and it also help to improve our blog’s crawling rate.

You just need to verify your blog ownership in Google Webmaster Tools and then submit a simple sitemap. It is very important to submit blogger sitemap to Google in terms of SEO which tells Google about your blog and its content.
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Not Using Google Analytics :

I know, most of you guys are not using Google  Analytics on your blog.

Google Analytics is a free tool that you can used to track information about the way visitors to your site interact with it

If you’re not using it then no issue, setup it now to see your traffic stats, and conversions.

Mistakenly Blocking Search Engine Bots :

If you’re a wordpress user then you might know that there is a “Discourage Search Engine From Indexing This Site” Option in setting.

If you Mistakenly tick on it, than your site couldn’t rank on Google. As you’ve blocked Google bots to crawl your website.

Well, you never know that you did that or not.

Make sure, check that now.

For checking that you haven’t ticked that option, follow the details below:

  • Hover to Setting > Then Click on Reading, 

Mistakenly Blocking Search Engine Bots

Mistakenly Blocking Search Engine Bots

  • Check For The Option “Discourage Search Engine For Indexing Site
Mistakenly Blocking Search Engine Bots

Mistakenly Blocking Search Engine Bots

  • Make Sure You Haven’t Ticked That Box, If You Already Then Uncheck It.


Not Doing Keyword Research :

SEO Experts always tell that Keyword Research is 80% of SEO.

If you know how to research on keyword then ranking top on those keywords are not hard.

If you’ve decided to get traffic from Search Engines instantly then you’ve to do keyword research.

Not Having Unique Title Tags and Meta Descriptions :

Every page should have a unique eye-catching title, and not just for SEO purposes. But they can use in tweets, share and always used as a text when someone bookmark your site,hence unique eye-catching titles are must for any website.

Meta Descriptions are also important part of any website, They are a 160 character sales pitch for your page within search results.

Well, There is a tool, I found for my readers which analyze the title score and give suggestions step by step.

The tool name is “Headline Analyzer” and believe me it’s so awesome.

Not Using Anchor Text for Internal Links

Have you ever seen links in the body of a web page for “click here,” this post,” and other generic text?

From an SEO perspective, it’s a waste. Sure, using a call to action as your link may increase clicks, but it also costs you the opportunity of tailoring your anchor text, one of the most important components of SEO.

For example, if you write a blog post, and you want to link to your e-commerce services page, make the anchor text “ecommerce website design services” or something similar. Also, if you absolutely must have a call to action, try to at least include some relevant keywords in the link. For example, “click here to learn more about our ecommerce services.”

While talking to a Bangalore SEO consultant, He suggested to also add some outbound links within the article. Most of the bloggers do not do that thinking it may harm their blog’s reputation.However, according to Sanjib, this helps in gaining trust and authority. One thing to keep in mind is to link to an authority site, and not to your competitors.

Not Concentrating On Social Signals:

Social Networking Sites play a vital role in ranking your articles.

Social Signals are now known as “Huge Ranking system”

You’re doing huge mistake if you’re not sharing your links on social media.

Final Words – Conclusion

So, This was our biggest SEO Mistakes that we might be  doing.

Avoid them and see a huge boost in your ranking.

SEO is a Whole big world do experiments and you’ll find out what are your SEO Mistakes.

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