How To Bypass Facebook Verification Process in 2021

So are you worried about the Facebook verification process in your account? And want to bypass it? Recently, I noticed that facebook put most of the facebook account in verification but we don’t have a proper guide on bypassing this method and regain access to our facebook account.

Don’t worry! In this post, we only talk about Facebook account verification and how you can regain access to your lost or hold FB account. This method is quite simple to follow but don’t miss any of the steps we provide below! Otherwise, you can’t gain access to your ID.

Recently, Some of my close friends also suffer from this method and lost their account, but after following this guide, they got access to their Facebook account within minutes. You can also try using this method to bypass the verification of your ID.

Important Note

The method which I’m going to share work for me and a few peoples complaint that this method isn’t helpful for them. So I’ll recommend you not to try this method with any other VPN providers (When I tested this method with HideMyAss VPN it worked for me and I hadn’t tested this with any other VPN providers.

If you want, you can try it with other VPN provider and see if it works for you. But to make sure this method works for you, I would recommend HideMyAss VPN.

We will also discuss some other methods you can follow to bypass your facebook ID verification. So keep reading the full article.

Note: This tutorial is for Educational Purposes Only. 

What is Facebook Photo Verification?

Facebook verification is a process in which facebook put your facebook ID in verification, and you’ve to verify your account using Photo Verification or by submitting your government-valid proof.

And as you know, Photo verification is one of the hard processes in verifying the facebook account, So you’ve to depend on some other methods to verify your facebook account.

At this moment, we use some tricks to verify and bypass our facebook account verification.

Why Bypass Facebook Verification?

Facebook put your account on verification and bypassing this verification is one of the strictest methods. So in this process, we use some tricks to avoid this verification.

If we don’t use these methods to bypass the facebook verification, then it’s been hard for us to bypass the verification of our account. So this is why we use some tricks to bypass the facebook verification processes.

How to Bypass Facebook Account and Photo Verification?

Verifying the facebook photo verification isn’t a hard process. You need to follow the below steps carefully to remove the verification of your account. I’ll share various methods to bypass the Facebook verifications.

You can follow this method to verify your photo verification. This method works most of the time! And if this method wouldn’t work, you can try another step given below to bypass the facebook verification processes.

Method #1: Photo and Government ID Verification Bypass

So in this step, we talk about bypassing the facebook account security and regaining access to our account with few tricks. You can quickly try this method even from your smartphone.

To bypass the verification of our account, we need a Paid VPN service. We’re not going to use free VPN as they won’t mask our identity and country. So to mask them and to connect with the desired VPN country we need a paid VPN here.

In this process, we’re going to use HideMyAss Pro Plan, You can subscribe to the monthly plan of this VPN at a discount of 75% OFF (You can also use the NordVPN to bypass your Facebook verification easily, Check our exclusive NordVPN Coupon and save up to 75% OFF on VPN plans).

For a more complete selection of paid VPNs check out

Photo and Government ID Verification Bypass

Steps to Follow:

You need to follow these steps to regain access to your facebook verification ID.

Step #1: Buy a HideMyAss Paid Plan (for 1 Month Only)

This is a very first step in bypassing your facebook account verification. You first need to purchase a HideMyAss Paid Plan to mask your IP and country (Don’t use free VPN and other VPN’s here, Some of them won’t mask your IP’s).

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HideMyAss VPN Plans

Get 75% OFF on HMA   Buy HMA (1-Month)  Go to HMA

You can use this VPN to mask your IP and bypass your verification in the whole process. In this process, I’m going to buy the monthly plan for this VPN, as we need this VPN just for a few minutes or hours.

You can also use this method to get 75% OFF on this VPN if you acquire a 36 Month plan from here.

Important Note:

We only tested this method with HideMyAss Pro VPN Subscription and If you’re using any other VPN provider, please ensure that your VPN can block webRTC request and provide full DNS Leak Protection.

Else I’ll recommend you to buy HideMyAss premium VPN subscription to bypass this facebook verification process.

Get 75% OFF on HMA Pro Subscription

Step #2: Downloading and Installing the HideMyAss App

Once, you purchased the license of HideMyAss VPN plans; you need to install the HideMyAss app from PlayStore or Apple Store. Once you downloaded the HMA app, you need to log in with the same Email ID and Password you use during the process of buying HideMyAss License.

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After you are done logging in, connect your phone with the Japan VPN location in HMA app!

Important Note:

To bypass the facebook verification method, you can also download the HideMyAss premium software on your Desktop/Laptop. To do so, click on the above link to buy HMA Pro Subscription at 75% OFF then visit their download page to download the software.

Step #3: Connect to Japan Proxy and Open Facebook

As we mentioned earlier in step #2, once you logged into your HMA account, Click on the “Japan” proxy to connect to the proxy. It will now ask for confirmation, “allow” it and you’re connected to the Japan VPN.

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Choose “Japan” and Connect

Now, you’re connected to the Japan IP, Type in the address bar, and open the website (I prefer chrome browser here). Once you open, now log in with the same ID you get an issue of photo verification.

Step #4: Login to Account and Verification

Once you’re connected to “Japan” proxy,  Type in the address bar and open the website. Once you open, now log in with the same ID you get an issue of photo verification.

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Now as you’re on “Japan” proxy, It will automatically show another verification method to bypass the photo and government ID verification. Just click on “verify using the mobile number” and enter your country code and mobile number in the given box on the facebook.

For example; Enter (+91) as country code following with your mobile number and click on “Get OTP” to receive OTP verification on your mobile number.

We are also going to share another method to bypass the phone number verification below.

Method #2: Bypass Phone Number Verification on Facebook

So ever wondered how you can bypass the facebook phone number verification? Here I’m sharing simple steps you can use to bypass the phone number verification in your facebook account.

The method is quite similar to the process which we used in photo and government ID verification. But there is a slightly different method you need to follow in this step.

Bypass Phone Verification

Step #1: Install “textPlus – Free US Number” App

The very first step which we’re going to follow is installing an android application. You can install the “textPlus” app from your apple or play store. This app lets you create a free disposable mobile number.

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This is a free app which helps you to get your personal number of US region for free. You can use that number to send and receive text messages free of cost.

After installing the application, create your account on “textPlus” to start using your personal number.

Step #2: Open “HMA VPN” and Connect to Japan Proxy

After you get your free personal number from “textPlus” app, now you need to open your “HMA Pro” app and again connect with the “Japan” proxy.  Once you’re connected to the Japan proxy, again enter in the address bar and login with the same ID and password.

facebook government bypass, facebook government id bypass, Facebook OTP Bypass, Facebook Verification Bypass, Facebook Verification Bypass Process, Facebook Verification Process
Choose “Japan” and Connect

I don’t think you face any kind of issues following this step, as we followed the same step in method 1 of photo verification.

Step #3: Enter Your TextPlus Number and Verify OTP

After you are done connecting to Japan proxy, you need to open facebook and log in with the same ID. Once you log in to your account, it will ask for phone number verification.

Enter the disposable phone number you got at “textPlus” app. Once you enter the number, facebook will now send an OTP for verification.

Verify your OTP and Bingo! You’re done bypassing the facebook phone verification.

Bonus Tips: Bonus Apps You Can Use to Get Disposable Number

In this bonus section, I’m going to share some more awesome android and IOS apps which you can use to create free disposable phone numbers. You just have to signup and verify your phone number and email ID to get these disposable numbers.

These apps help a lot in creating a disposable number for your phone number verification at facebook and at any other media.

Bonus Tips

1. TextNow: Free Texting & Calling App

This app is freely available in all stores. You can grab this app from Google and the IOS marketplace. This app lets you create free US and Canada region numbers. You can use those number at any media and also make calls and messages from that number.

TextNow offers low-cost, international calling to over 230 countries. Stay connected longer with rates starting at less than $0.01 per minute.

2.  Text Me: Text Free, Call Free, Second Phone Number

This is also a similar app to “textPlus” and “TextNow”. With using this app, you can also get free disposable US and Canada region personal number. This app also lets you make free calls and messages to your friends and family.

This is a perfect app, you can use to create free disposable numbers.

3. Next+

Next+ is similar like textPlus. It also provides you with a virtual number which can be used to making calls and SMS with US number in any country without any cost.

This app also provides you a personal US number on which you can receive unlimited messages too!


There are tons of other methods to verify your facebook account and bypass the photo and phone number verification. This method works perfectly with most of the facebook account we tested.

To make these steps work perfectly with your account, you need to follow all the above steps carefully. There are even tons of more disposable phone number service providers, which you can use to bypass the Facebook OTP.

But as this post is only for education purposes, we don’t take responsibility for anything. If you’re trying these steps to bypass your facebook verification, then I’m not responsible for anything. Also, I’ll let you know that these steps only work for a few Facebook account.

Let me know if you’ve any other queries in the comment section below.

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  2. If I could log in to FB per Step 2 instructions, I wouldn’t need to bypass ANYthing!! I am locked out of my business because I used the same phone number for one of my clients … now we’re both locked out. How do I bypass THAT?!

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    None of the disposable phone numbers work, like Text Now or Text Me or Next+ or Text Plus (or anything else), none of them work. I even signed up for phone numbers on Hush or other paid services and they all say “Invalid Phone Number” when you try to use them on Facebook (or Twitter or gmail).

  6. I have already verified my photo ID and FB accepted it but now to log in FB wants me to confirm my identity and every time I complete one of the verification options the site says,
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  8. thanks for the great information, I dowloaded HideMyAss and paid for a subscription and it still won’t work. It still asks me to confirm my identity. The weird thing is that I can still log in on my old iphone but any other device will not let me log into FB and is asking for the photo ID. Please help sir.

      • i need help my account was just hacked somehow they got in and set phone numbers with 2 step verification code generator,
        i can login with my email and password because i reset them but as soon as i log in i get 2 step verification code generator asking me for 6 digit number, i have sent my id in 5 times to facebook explaining what has happened with no response, is there anyway to bypass this?

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    I tried already all the bypass tricks in google such as downloading different VPN’S and mobile number generator app but it is still nonsense. Because I don’t have any option to put other mobile number or email. It only shows here the list of my old phone number which is I’m no longer have access.

  10. hi. I have facebook phone number in account that does not work anymore meaning I am not using that phone number anymore. whenever I try to login to facebook it tries to send my old phone number a security code but I don’t use that number anymore. Ive chanced my email password like three times already to get thru the security check which worked but it then sends me to the old phone number window for a code to send back. what do I do?

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    • Hi, I am having the exact same problem. I cannot generate a code because I can’t log in. I sent my ID and got a message the image was too large so I resized it and sent it back in and that was 5 days ago. Did you ever get your issue resolved.

  13. I have done verification…of photo and phone number…now it shows we are reviving your submission …I have been waiting for several days … what to do now..

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    That Was My Real Facebook Account. I Believe Me Me Facebook Account Disabled By Mistake. Please Give Me Back My Disabled Facebook Account.

    How can I solve please reply back.

  19. Facebook now block second line app phone numbers for verification.
    Unless you get a second phone you cannot create 2 accounts.

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    I deleted my number from fb account now I am getting verification from fb account and my number is colsed last year . Now what I do plz help me

  21. My fb and ig as well as my email account has been hacked I log onto fb it ask for me to confirm my identity with only 3 options phone number (which the number they have in place isnt mine) email (which is the one that has be compromised ) or use another device u recently logged in from (which is obviously the device the hacker used ) there is no option to use photos or comments … Is there anything anyone can do to help … My ig is similair as well they want to send a code to a number that isnt mine and a email that isnt mine how do I get past all this … Ive been trying to contact ig thru email but they keep sending me a link to log into but it lets me log in but sends me back to the verification page … Fb pretty much the same says my acct is locked until I can verify its mine … Please help

  22. It is obvious from these comments that the people who now control us (Google, Facebook. Microsoft etc) can do as they please. In the REAL world if you get banned or blocked from any organisation for no good reason you speak to a person and sort it out. In this New World of Internet Dependency we just have to accept everything – with very little rights of appeal. The BEST solution is to abandon these organisations (STOP using google (search with duckduckgo for example), STOP using Facebook (just get REAL friends!), STOP using Microsoft if possible (at least just keep deleting the rubbish they add to our computers every time they force an update) and get back into the Hands of the People the Power we have now given to these organisations. If we don’t then the future means it will be pointless electing governments as they will no longer be in control – the controllers of the internet will be our new masters and we will not even have a vote!

  23. It worked, I was able to log in with my dummy account. Trying to remove my email address and replace it with a new created gmail account. Unfortunately while trying to remove the email address it keeps on asking fir verification ID, or approved other PC access which was denied, I can no longer gain access again. Too bad.

  24. It worked, I was able to log in with my dummy account. Trying to remove my email address and replace it with a new created gmail account. Unfortunately while trying to remove the email address it keeps on asking fir verification ID, or approved other PC access which was denied, I can no longer gain access again. Too bad.

  25. This account will be disabled in 22 days
    Are you sure that you want to log out?

    You only have 22 days left to request a review. After that, your account will be permanently disabled.

  26. With Facebook you are the product and they unlike Apple (not my favorite either), have you millennials and zoomers thought this through very carefully and completely? You are even considering providing the head puke at Facebook Zuckerberg a copy of your governmentally issued photo ID (your drivers license or passport)? He’s got your name, your address, your e-mail address, your date of birth and now your even thinking of giving the folks that have made you the product the last piece of what they need (its got your signature). You say he doesn’t have your SSN, that’s fairly easy to get off the dark webb. Have you guys thought this one through? Do you know anyone that’s had their personal id stolen and fraudulent loans taken out in their name? Is being on social media worth screwing your self over?

  27. I think this method will not work if we’ve connected our phone number before but we don’t have the number any more. We won’t be able to get the code. In this case the only way we can use is by submitting our ID card photo and this now can take quite long until you get respond from Facebook. CMIIW.

    • Well, I’ve also got the option to edit comments. If generating revenue through these VPNs is the only thing I want, then you’ll not see negative comments along with positive ones in the comment sections.

      I’ve already told you, it works only for a few peoples and the chances for bypassing this restrictions is low because mostly this method works with old facebook accounts 🙂

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