ClosersCopy Lifetime Deal 2023 – Get 20% OFF on Best AI Writing Tool

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Are you looking for the closerscopy lifetime deal so that you’ll be able to save recurring payments on one of the most effective AI writing tools that are based on GPT-3? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place.

ClosersCopy is a GPT-3-based AI writing tool that uses advanced frameworks for creating different types of frameworks for different kinds of projects and giving you easy access to writing blog posts consistently.

But what makes ClosersCopy different than their rivals?

There is a good chance this question arises in your head at least once in a while, so if you want to know what makes closerscopy different from other tools, then please read this whole article.

In short, what closerscopy does is let you make your meals by yourself, and it’s up to you what you make and how you make it, whereas other tools only offer a ready-made meal, which makes them less reliable than closerscopy.

closerscopy deal, closerscopy discount, closerscopy free trial, closerscopy lifetime deal

Get 20% OFF on Lifetime Plan with “LIFETIME20” Coupon

In case you are simply looking for a discount of 20% on the CloserCopy lifetime deal, then your search has ended here. Please click on the button I shared above and use the “LIFETIME20” coupon code during the checkout process to get an additional discount.

Recently, they’ve announced a 30% discount on their plans with the “NUT30” coupon code which you can apply on the checkout page. This coupon is only valid for a few hours, so grab this opportunity now!

However, if you’re looking to find out whether a tool like ClosersCopy is ideal for you and whether you should really consider using it, then stick with me and read this post carefully.

We all want to save time and money when writing a blog post, especially bloggers like us who write thousands of words daily for our blogs and have to rank them on Google. By hiring cheap writers we are compromising on the quality of our content, which will result in much more expensive costs in ranking.

But now you don’t have to worry about these issues anymore, I’ve personally tested a few AI content writing tools, and the results were amazing. However, before continuing further, I would like to tell you about the growth of the affiliate site I started using AI writing tools from scratch.

closerscopy deal, closerscopy discount, closerscopy free trial, closerscopy lifetime deal
Amazon Affiliate Blog Created Using AI Writing Tools

Get ClosersCopy Lifetime Deal

This is the result of using an AI writing tool for one of my amazon affiliate blogs. I recently started using AI tools in May, and within 2-3 months the website is performing exceptionally well.

I know after checking these results, you’re very much interested in learning more about it – but before I share anything more about ClosersCopy and their lifetime deal, let’s understand…


What is ClosersCopy

ClosersCopy is one of the most advanced GPT-3 based writing tools that let you scale your content writing and copywriting works to the next level and also let you scale your business with the help of AI writing tools.

closerscopy deal, closerscopy discount, closerscopy free trial, closerscopy lifetime deal

The advantage of this is that you can build your own framework and then write according to that framework. Using ClosersCopy, you can easily speed up your writing works to ten times.

However, before we move forward, let’s take a look at some of the perks of this tool…

  • Create Your Own Framework: As I mentioned earlier, ClosersCopy is the only GPT-3 based tool that gives you the option of creating your own framework or installing one of the community frameworks to increase the efficiency of the output.
  • Write Long-form Articles: Using it, you can create long-form articles according to your interests and needs. To increase the efficiency of working with long articles, they also have their own proprietary API in addition to GPT-3 based API.
  • Save Time & Money: A tool such as this can significantly reduce the amount of time you spend on writing. According to my opinion, ClosersCopy is more cost-effective and easier to use than hiring a professional writer to produce an article or blog post manually.
  • Plagiarism-free Content: You don’t need to worry about plagiarism. I’ve personally checked the content of ClosersCopy using multiple tools, and no plagiarism issues were found.

Basically, what appeals to me about this tool is that it contains all of the features that make writing articles successful and efficient – something that all writers strive toward.


How to Grab ClosersCopy Lifetime Deal

Not sure how to get your hands on the lifetime deal of closerscopy? Don’t worry, here I’m sharing the step-by-step guide which helps you grab your closerscopy LTD without any hassle.

First of all, you’ve to click on this link to activate your discount code. Once you click on the link, you’ll be redirected to the ClosersCopy lifetime deal page.

closerscopy deal, closerscopy discount, closerscopy free trial, closerscopy lifetime deal
ClosersCopy Lifetime Deal

Once you’ve gotten to the lifetime deal page, scroll down until you reach the pricing page. Here you’ll find two different types of lifetime plans offered by ClosersCopy. These are;

  • Professional Lifetime Plan
  • Unlimited Lifetime Plan

Based on your requirements, choose any of them (I would recommend getting the “Unlimited” plan). Once you select the plan, click on the “Yes, Secure This Deal” button showing just below the plan name.

Since ClosersCopy is in great demand and it is limited in availability, the pricing for this tool increases all the time. It would be wise to not waste any time and just activate before pricing rises again.

closerscopy deal, closerscopy discount, closerscopy free trial, closerscopy lifetime deal
ClosersCopy Registration Page

When you click on the “Yes, Secure This Deal” button, you will be taken to a pop-up window where you will have to enter your personal information such as your name, account email, and password you would like to use for ClosersCopy.

Enter the information and then click on the “Checkout Now“.

closerscopy deal, closerscopy discount, closerscopy free trial, closerscopy lifetime deal
ClosersCopy Checkout Page

Now it will ask for your country and ZIP/Postal code. Fill in the details, then click on the next button. You will now be shown your cart value and the plan details you are about to purchase.

closerscopy deal, closerscopy discount, closerscopy free trial, closerscopy lifetime deal
ClosersCopy 20% OFF on Lifetime LTD

Here, you will be able to use a promotional code for an extra discount, if you apply the “LIFETIME20” discount code, you will receive an additional 20% off of your order (as shown in the image above).

You can now make the payment with your credit/debit card or via PayPal and you will be all set to go.


Why Choose ClosersCopy

Are you still unsure why it is wise to choose ClosersCopy? In that case, here are a few reasons why ClosersCopy is one of the most effective AI writing tools in the market at this time:

So let’s get started…

1. Create Your Own Framework & Browse Community Frameworks

The very first reason why I recommend ClosersCopy is that you can create your own framework which you can use for all types of content writing and copywriting projects.

You are only able to access this feature in closerscopy, which is not limited to building your own framework but allows you to browse the frameworks made by the community, which makes it really easy to use while writing your content.

Furthermore, the creators of ClosersCopy are constantly improving the tool so that it can be delivered at a reasonable price to content writers who have a budget and at the same time give them the best features.

2. Save Time & Money

One of the main reasons why you should use AI writing tools is because they save time and money for people like us & you. It is more efficient to use AI tools like ClosersCopy than hiring a writer to write your articles or blog posts.

With the help of this tool, you’ll only spend 20-30 minutes to produce one article (with some more editing work of course), whereas an inexperienced writer spends at least 15-20 more minutes on producing the same content for yours.

3. Plagarism-free Content

Just like any other GPT-3 based tool, ClosersCopy is free from content plagiarism issues. After checking the content of ClosersCopy using QueText, I could see that this tool produces 100% unique articles.

It means that you can produce 100% unique content, which definitely increases the authority of your blog posts and the number of high-ranking articles on your website.

You can easily know that ClosersCopy is one of the most recommended AI writing tools in the market right now.

Honestly speaking, I am really happy to have invested in this tool because I use it for almost all my new blog posts.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are the most common questions asked about ClosersCopy so that you can make an informed decision about whether it is right for you.

1. How much does ClosersCopy cost?

Currently, CloserCopy has three different prices for their tools which range from $29.99 a month all the way up to $79.99 per month,

However, they’re also running a lifetime offer of their tools, where you can buy the lifetime subscription of this tool for just $297 dollars

2. Can I go for the lifetime offer?

Yes, I strongly recommend you to select the “Unlimited Lifetime” plan which you will have to pay $247 dollars for. With this plan, you will be able to write unlimited amounts of content with unlimited words.

If you would like to grab an extra 20% off on your lifetime subscription, you can also use the discount code which I mentioned above.

3. How to make a payment?

In order to make a payment, you can select any of the plans from the website and then click on “Checkout Now”. When you do, you will be presented with a secure form where you can enter your personal details.

Once submitted, you will be redirected to the payment page where you can make a one-time payment using your credit/debit card or PayPal option.

Wrapping Up!

I hope you are now equipped with everything you need to know about ClosersCopy. This is definitely one of the most effective AI writing tools for beginners who are on a budget but also looking for their first-ever AI writing software.

The second reason why I recommend ClosersCopy is because it has a very good community and the best team of developers and support I’ve seen so far. It is definitely a good investment for you to take your blog posts to the next level.

So, I hope you found my ClosersCopy review helpful. If it helped, don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family who are struggling with the content writing task. You can also share your views about ClosersCopy in the comment section below so that we can engage in an interesting discussion!

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