Top 200+ High PR Directory Submission Sites Lists (2020)

When you’re thinking to build high-quality links for your website using the directory submission website, then only choose the links which have a high DA and lowest spam score. You can use Moz Spam Explorer to check the spam score and domain authority of a website.

Here I’m listing some of the best lowest spam score websites which helps you to provide positive link juice to your website and help to grow your website ranking in SERP’s.

Directory Submission SitesPR
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Quick tip: While submitting your site on any of the above mentioned sites, do not prefer submitting to a website that requires reciprocal link back or banners on your site as it may harm your site’s SEO, and you’re unnecessarily passing your site’s link juice when you can easily find a ton of FREE directory submission sites.

What is Directory Submission Websites?

Directory Submission is a kind of website which is used to stores the business and their information. Simply we can say that the directory submission website is the process of adding a site to the web directory.

It is a process of OFF-Page SEO, In which you have to submit your website in a various high authority web directory to increase your domain authority and traffic. Submitting your site to high authority non-spammy web directories can help to improve your domain authority and traffic of your website.

It helps to increase your domain authority and increase your traffic if you regularly submit your website to these directory submission sites.

Benefits of Using Directory Submission Site Lists.

Directory submission sites are one of the most used link building strategies in OFF-Page SEO. Here are some of the most vital benefits of using directory submission site lists.

#1.) Increase in Domain Authority: If you use the directory submission site list for link building, it will increase the domain authority and page authority of your website. Moreover, it also helps to build TF and CF of your site. It is one of the easiest ways to build backlinks for your website. Just make sure to choose the right website for your link building strategies.

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#2.) Increase in SERPs Ranking: One of the main reasons for using Directory submission sites is that they help to increase your website ranking in SERPs. Directory submission websites give a boost an online exposure to your site and help in increasing rankings in search engines. Just make sure to pick the right DA sites to submit your sites or you can also hire people to do it for you!

#3.) Generating More Traffic: If you had targeted the right keyword at the time of link building. Then it not only increase the ranking of your website but also provides tons of targeted traffic to your website (also when your website isn’t ranking on the top of the search engine).


Directory submission sites are one of the best ways to increase domain authority and to increase ranking for a newly launched website. You can use these directory submission sites on your newly launched website to increase organic exposure to your website. Moreover, most of the SEO Experts won’t believe in free directory submission sites, but they work like magic for the newly launched website.

So what are your thoughts? Did you find this post useful? Do you have any questions regarding free directory submission sites? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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