11 Free Online Image Compression Tools: Boost Website Speed & Blogging

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Here are the top 11 free online tools that can help you reduce the size of your images. But before we dive into that, let’s understand why you need these tools.

Images play a crucial role in articles and blogs. People find it easier to read content that includes more images. Long, boring text can be a turn-off, right?

Images are also attention-grabbing. People may skip over sentences or phrases, but they can’t ignore captivating images.

However, having too many images on your blog can slow down its loading time and increase the bounce rate. This can negatively impact your blog’s SEO. In such cases, you’ll want to consider photo editing and compressing your images.

Today, I’ll share the best 11 image compression tools that can help you reduce the size of your images on your blog.

Keep in mind that simply resizing your images to medium, large, or thumbnail sizes won’t effectively reduce their file size.

You need to try out these 11 free online image compression tools. Trust me, I’m an expert in this field!

11 Free Online Image Compression Tools

1: ImageOptimizer

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Image Optimizer

ImageOptimizer is one of the best free image compression tools available for free. It uses smart compression techniques for image compression and reduces the weight of the images. For advanced users, they also have a feature named “Smart Mode” for better image compression.

As of now, this tool only optimizes JPEG and PNG images. This tool can let you compress your images in 3 preset modes (Lossless, Normal, and high Mode) and also let you set your own compression level. This Image Compression tool also facilitates you to fetch images from any URL or all images from any website.

2: TinyPNG5 free online image compression tools

It is the best free image compression tool online; it uses smart compression techniques and reduces the image size easily.

It smartly decreases the number of pixels and colors of the images and reduces it to the minimum size.

But It doesn’t lower the quality of the image; one could not differentiate between the original and reduced image on the basis of quality.

It’s the best among the other compression tools and is at the top of my list.

It only optimizes jpg and .png image files as of now.

3: Compressor.io

It is a powerful and free online tool for reducing the size of the image or photos. It results in a high-quality image with no difference in quality.

It is used to compress the file size effectively. It supports four types of file formats. PNG, JPEG, GIF, SVG. Of course, with the use of this tool, we can perform high compression.

It performs compression in two types: Lossless and Lossy.

4: Optimizilla5 free online image compression tools

This online compression tool uses a combo of the best optimization and lossy compression techniques to shrink the image. The best part is that it shrinks the image with minimal time i.e we can reduce up to 20 images at a time and give the best result.

It doesn’t compromise the quality of the image, and you could also upload a PDF file to reduce it.

5: Kraken.io5 free online image compression tools

The online tool comes with pro and premium tools. There are numerous features available with this online tool. The main advantage is we can choose what kind of compression we need here, what size we need, and resize the image with this tool by uploading the image or pasting the URL. Thus, it provides a great way to compress the image.

6: PunnyPNG5 free online image compression tools

It’s last but not least, PunnyPNG is also one of the best and most effective image compression tools available online.

They also have a paid version in which you could do lossy image compression and can compress 20 images at a time.it’s best for bloggers and designers and is highly recommended.

It supports JPG, PNG, and GIF image formats.

7: JPEGminicompressor tool, Free image compression tools, Image compression tools, image compressor

JPEGmini is also a great tool to compress your images online. It compresses your image without affecting the image quality. So you can enjoy the best image loading speed online.

Upload the Image on JPEGmini and see the result yourself. You’ll have a good experience for sure.

8: Resize Photoscompressor tool, Free image compression tools, Image compression tools, image compressor

Another great tool in this free image compression tool list. It allows you to resize your image online for free. It offers image compression on a scale of 1-100, depending upon the compression you want.

Simply upload the image online and compress it. You can upload those images online on your sites, forums & blogs.

9: Online Image Optimizercompressor tool, Free image compression tools, Image compression tools, image compressor

Online Image Optimizer is a great tool by Dynamic Drive. Allows you to easily optimize your Images online and supports various formats. So your images can load faster on your web pages.

It also gives you an option to convert your image format online.

10: JPEG Optimizercompressor tool, Free image compression tools, Image compression tools, image compressor

It’s a great free online tool to compress & resize your images. It’s a cool image optimation tool that allows you to upload and optimize your images online for free.

It also gives you a compression bar option to compress as you need.

 11: ImageRecyclecompressor tool, Free image compression tools, Image compression tools, image compressor

This free online tool can compress your JPEG, PNG, and GIF images, and the results are great. It also has the option to drag and drop the photos to get them optimized.

They also have a video presentation to understand more about their tool.

It also allows you to analyze your website and get the report that will help to understand which images need optimization for a good performance on your site.


In this guide on “11 Free Online Image Compression Tools “, we have included top 11 image compression tools available online for free.

Compressing images is very crucial in blogging as it affects the search engine optimization of a blog, not compressing your images will result in higher loading time and will increase the bounce rate of your blog.

I would suggest these 11 Free Online Image Compression Tools to compress images online.

Is there any other image compression tool ?? which I missed, kindly mention in the comment section below.

Have Queries ?? Feel Free to comment below.

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