TheGuideX: March Month Income Report

Hey, how you have been doing?

I hope, Great!

So the month of March has passed. And I know, some of you are waiting for TheGuideX Traffic and income report for the month of the March 2018.

So here, I am with my March month traffic and income report.

Let me confess, it has been quite a learning month for me. Because my earnings dropped a little.

Yes, you heard it right. The earnings were dropped a little in the month of March.

But the traffic figures were still good. And actually, the traffic has gone up compared to the previous month.

No changes in the UI of the website. I am using still the same theme.

The changes are only in the traffic and the income of my blog. And therefore, let us start discussing the traffic and income reports of TheGuideX for the month of March 2018.

So let’s get the ball rolling!

Traffic Report of TheGuideX for the month of March 2018

Monthly Income Report TheGuideX: March Month Income Report

So this is the traffic report of TheGuideX for the March month.

Here you can see that the page views have increased from 16,925 to 18,241 compared to the previous month.

And if you don’t know when this is the all-time highest page views of TheGuideX. Yes, so in terms of page views, we are on the positive side of the coin.

In February month the users were around 8,959 and in this month it is 9,679.

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So in terms of traffic, my website TheGuideX has shown a good and a positive response.

As some of you may know that Google came up with an Algorithm update in the month of March. And that update has caused a positive effect on TheGuideX rankings.

And therefore, the traffic report is looking good.

Traffic Sources:

Monthly Income Report TheGuideX: March Month Income Report

None of any big changes in the traffic sources.

All of them are quite similar to the previous month traffic sources.

And like as always, the search traffic is the biggest source of traffic for my blog TheGuideX.

Everyone knows the importance of search traffic. It is one of the best sources of traffic for any blog.

Because it is free and it is highly targeted traffic.

The second best source of traffic is the “Direct Traffic” for my blog TheGuideX. And for last so many months it has been the second best traffic for my blog.

And search traffic and the direct traffic are the only two traffic sources which remain consistent with the time.

Income Report of TheGuideX for the March 2018

In terms of earnings, the month of March was not so good.

Commission Junction deducted some of the earnings back from my account. Although I am not very much satisfied with their reasons.

Other than that everything was pretty similar to the last month.

There were 6 sources from where I generated earnings through my blog. Viglink is not part of it for the month of March.

The Six Sources from where I generated earnings through my blog are as follows:

  • Commission Junction Affiliate (CJ): $578
  • Google Adsense: $109
  • MyThemeShop Affiliate: $32.4
  • ThemeForest Affiliate: $30.10
  • Sponsored and Paid Post: $170
  • WordPress/Server Setup: $50
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So these are the sources from where I generated my income for the month of March.

So in total, I have made around $969 (Rs. 63038.30) in March 2018.

Which is quite less than the February Month. In February month I made somewhere around Rs. 79,576. So if you can calculate it is approx. Rs 16,000 less than the month of February.

All thanks to CJ.

No Worries.

It happens, and now I am looking forward to the month of April. This month is quite important to me. Because I am also working on my new project.

Which I cannot announce now. But I will let you know all about it hopefully in the coming month.

So let us see that how good that turns out for me.

Final Words:

The first three months of this year has passed. And if you have still not started working on your goals then you should start working on it as soon as possible.

Don’t repeat the mistakes of not working on your goals. Start small and then scale it to big.

You will get to see success is not a promise that God has made to you. So don’t lose hopes and focus on your work.

I am looking forward to the month of April and I am ready to dominate the month of April.

And I will make sure that April month turns out to be the best month for my blog TheGuideX.


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Monthly Income Report TheGuideX: March Month Income Report
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