TheGuideX Monthly Income Report And Traffic Stats : Jan 2018

Once again after two months of skipping my income report, I am going to share my January Earnings report with you all guys. (Because you all have asked for it)

Yes, as you guys said that you find it inspirational and it moves you in a positive way, I have decided to share it with you guys once again. was born on 1 September 2016 and now in Jan 2018, it has completed over 14 months of successful long run over the internet.

And as the days are passing by, my income report figures for each month have also kept rolling with the time and so will yours. (Keep Patience)

So let me show you the monthly income report stats and figures.

First of all, I would like to show you the traffic stats of TheGuideX for the last month.

No such changes on the UI of the blog because I have already got a positive response with the current theme and I am currently going to use it for some more time.

And also because I think the current theme on TheGuideX (DigitalPro theme) is super clean and quite attractive also. (Would like to know your response on this)

{Traffic Overview Image}

Monthly Traffic Stats of TheGuideX – Jan 2018

Monthly Income Report

As you can see the traffic figures have also increased compared to the previous month’s reports. (Which I shared)

Check October Income Report here.

This traffic stats are from 31 Dec 2017 to 31 Jan 2018. Which is quite better than the previous ones.

To get a better, in the month of Oct 2017 the traffic on my site was i.e. Pageviews (11,244), Users (6039), new users (5802), Sessions (8057).

I know, I have a very long way to go and I am also constantly working on it.

Let me also share the source of the traffic for TheGuideX with all of you.

Audience Acquisition of Jan 2018

The best part is that mostly the traffic is flowing through (85.5%) Google itself.

And because of that my affiliate conversions have also been very good. ( I will share you the numbers later in the post)

As you may have also noticed that my social traffic is not very great and I also know this. And I am trying to improve it in different ways and I hope to see some good results with it.

The effect of Facebook’s Algorithm Update has caused a little dip in the social traffic of the site.

Other than that, the source for the traffic this month is very similar to my previous month’s report.

TheGuideX Facebook Group: – Blogging for Beginner’s (TheGuideX VIP)

The Facebook group of TheGuideX has grown rapidly over time. And now we have an excellent group of people who share really helpful tips and tricks. Members at the time of writing this post (4.6K)

Like other groups on Facebook, our group is not limited to sharing only tips but you can also find people sharing paid themes, plugins, and tools for free of cost or at very low cost.

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So, I would definitely suggest you join the group in order to grow this community and its idea of “Sharing is Caring”.

Join the TheGuideX FB Group from here: Blogging for Beginner’s (TheGuideX VIP)


CLICK TO Join the Facebook group

Monthly Income Report for TheGuideX – Jan 2018.

I know most of you are eager to know how much I have made and what were the sources of the income.

So I am going to unveil it in a moment but before that, I would like to request you all who have just started out.

You guys should not get upset or too much excited by looking at these figures because these figures took me more than 1.4 yrs to make.

And with time and some hard/smart work you will also touch these figures pretty soon so just chill out.

So it’s revelation time now.

I made most of my bucks is through Affiliate Marketing in the previous month and that also through Commission Junction.

Let me just give you an overview of my earnings and their sources.

In total the earning was $1162. (Approx 73978.73 Indian Rupee)

The Income Breakdown:

#Commission Junction Income Screen Shot: ($822)

CJ Dashboard

#Two sponsored posts on TheGuideX in the previous months: ($150)

  • ResellerClub Hosting Review.
  • HostKarle Hosting Review.

I think that it’s not much and I can make it even better. And I am trying to improve it in every way possible.

Final Words:

Be focused and work with dedication to achieve your goals as early as possible. And always have patience in your work because there’s an old saying which goes like these…

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“Be Patient, Good things take time to happen”.

So always remember this and approach your journey with this mindset.

Try to keep yourself updated with the trends in the industry and it will help you a lot to outperform the competition.


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