2022’s Best WordPress Hosting Providers – (Pros and Cons)

Best wordpress Hosting

No internet surfer ever wishes to browse through a website that is slow and is known to face frequent downtime. Therefore, having a hosting plan for good quality is essential for any online business. However, when it comes to choosing the right WordPress hosting provider for your personal company, it is an extremely …

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Top 11 Free Online Image Compression Tools You Must Know

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Here are the best 11 free online image compression tools for reducing image size, before knowing them you must know Why you need them? Well, images are the vital part of an article or blog.people find it easy to read the tutorials or articles that are having more images. Nobody wants to read long boring …

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How To Take Care of Your Health as a Blogger?

Many of you might be looking at blogging as a simple business. No it isn’t! It takes hours of keyword research, article curation, styling, proofreading, outreaching and what not. Many of us do not realize that over a period of time, we are sacrificing a lot over our health for blogging. This is …

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Canonical Issue in SEO And How To Fix Them

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A Canonical issue is an undesirable Search Engine Optimization consequence which can arise if your website is accessed by the search engine or your visitors from different URLs. This will not only make your work appear as duplicate content to search engines, but it can also make your visitors land to different pages …

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