Poor SEO Practices That Will Get Your Site Penalized

Today, Digital Marketing plays an important role in ensuring great success for our business. It is the current trend of the market to promote our brand or business world widely using the digital channels mainly Internet.

Using digital marketing, you need not go anywhere. Simply go online and strengthen your business with the power of digital channels. Several techniques of digital marketing are available in the market namely Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Online Reputation Marketing, and more.

The most powerful digital marketing technique is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which is organically free and completely based on the knowledge as well as the skill of the SEO personals. Any wrong step in analyzing business requirements and targeted audience types can have adverse impacts on your brand goodwill. Thus, while selecting the SEO provider (JanBask Digital Design), you need to deeply analysis and verify the background of the service providers.

Is your SEO provider unable to get huge traffic to your website? Or Is your website is penalized due to poor SEO techniques?

The main mission of all SEO techniques is to ensure higher ranking over the search engine. You can earn higher ranking by strictly following all the guidelines and rules of the search engine. Using a search engine, we can give main focus on the following elements of a website:

  • Quality of a content including relevant keywords
  • Placement of website elements like graphics
  • Links associated with the website
  • Google’s guidelines and rules
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Sometimes, it may happen that our efforts are going in the wrong direction. Our SEO professionals are failed to impress and gain the attention of targeted audience. Additionally, in some cases, our website or business get penalized due to misrepresentation and use of guidelines as well as rules of the search engine.

Why Your Website Get Penalized?

#1: Linking to your homepage

Most of the people are thinking about that if they link their homepage widely then they can ensure higher ranking for their website over the search engine result page. But they forget that ranking doesn’t belong to the website but it is related to the web pages.

Thus, we should include quality content if we want to get higher ranking rather than linking homepage increasingly. If your SEO provider links your homepage without following rules and guidelines then it may happen that your website gets penalized for the same.

#2: Linking from penalized websites

We should always remember that we should not link our website or its web pages to those websites which are penalized by the Google or sandboxed by Google. There are several reasons due to which Google sandboxed some websites and if we link our website with them then it surely will hamper the ranking of our website.

Thus, our SEO provider should take care of the website external as well as internal links and ensure that all these come from trusted sources.

#3: Buying Links

If you buy links for your website rather than acquiring those links through natural sources then it is against the Google rule and called a violation of Google guidelines as well as policies.

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Thus, you should try to enhance and improve the website as well as its elements presence to get natural links through valid and trusted sources.

#4: Breaking Rules and Guidelines for Search Engine

Search engine builds some rules and guidelines through which a website ranking can be decided. Thus, you should follow all these rules and build a website that can easily get the trust of the search engine.

Some of the basic points which you need to remember is as follow:

  • Should use quality content
  • Should provide your own and fresh content (not copied content)
  • Should acquire the link from natural sources
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  1. You are utterly right about all these seo practices listed here. Linking to penalized would surely have bad effects to our sites.



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