What is SEO Copywriting And Its Secrets To Rank Higher

Composing any substance (Web-posts, commercials, messages, Blog Articles, and so forth.) Is known as a Copywriting and Unlike report or publication work, Copywriting is tied in with getting the user to take action.

That activity may be to buy, select in, or engage with an item, company, or service.

But if you wish for organic search traffic to increase your visitors then Copywriting is not going to work for you.

Because for search traffic, you need to rank on search engines and that’s where SEO Copywriting Comes to help you, so if you want to rank on Search Engines, you must learn about it.

And in this article, we’ll tell you about what SEO Copywriting is & its powerful tips to rank your content higher.

So if you are interested in ranking on google (search engine) then continue forward.seo copywriting tips

What is SEO Copywriting?

Composing or creating content which is optimized for search engines (Bing, Google) and easy to understand for your users is known as SEO Copywriting.

Benefits of Using SEO Copywriting.

  • It can help you to rank better in SERP (Search Engine result page).
  • You Can target keywords for which you want to rank.
  • Alongside your users, Search engines can also understand what your content is.
  • Get qualified traffic.

So if you want these Benefits, just use the SEO Copywriting tips and see the boost in your ranking & traffic.

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8 Secret tips of SEO Copywriting

1. Make Your Creation 4-5x More Compelling

Many freelancers, bloggers, think that SEO Copywriting is just putting words after words, but from an SEO perspective, your content structure is just as important as the content itself.

So you should focus on your content structure also, but you know what there is a place from where you can get free proven content structures for your content, and that place is “Udemy.”

(If you don’t know what Udemy is it’s a massive directory of online courses)

So how to use udemy for great content structure

Simple First of all Go to Udemy and search for your keyword.

(Suppose you are writing about Marketing then search on Udemy for “Marketing”)udemy-marketing-courses

Now Udemy will show you all of his Courses for that Keyword.

So now just select a course which has a very good rating & a lot of reviews.

After that scroll down and That’s where you’ll find the proven structure which you can use for your content to make it more Compelling.

2. Readability

Readability depends on How simple and clear is your writing for your readers, and it’s one of google ranking factors so make sure you have a good Readability score.

And if you want to pass this factor use these 5 tips to make excellent Readability content.

  • Write about only one topic at a time.
  • Make your sentences short. The fewer words in periods, the better your score.
  • Six sentences per paragraph is a good amount. But try to make few shorter, a few longer but break up text often for excellent ease of reading.
  • Include conversation in your writing whenever possible. Because Natural conversation tends to be short and straight. It also adds interest to an article.
  • Try to use words with as few syllables as much possible. For example, use the word huge instead of gigantic.

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3. Short URLs tend to rank better

Does short URL improve rankings?

The Answer is Yes.

You should apply your keyword as your URL to make it small and relevant.

And by doing this, you tell the search engine (google) about what this post is, and you make google job easy to understand your content.

That’s why a URL like:


Is far better than:


(Note: if your old content URLs are long? I don’t recommend converting them at present. Simply use this formula to future web pages that you add to your website).

4. LSI Keyword makes Google happy

After new Google updates keyword stuffing doesn’t work anymore, instead it can harm your site. But it uses Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI), And these keywords help Google to understand what your content is all about.

(LSI keywords are simply like: “synonyms/closely related words”)

Then how to find LSI keywords?

Ans: Go to google and search for your keyword, then scroll down to the bottom of Google search, there you will find “Search related keywords.”

All of these are LSI Words for your targeted keyword so just add them to your blog post.

2nd Method

If you want more & better LSI words, then you can use this free tool (Lsigraph) to find your LSI Keywords.

Go to Lsigraph Enter your Targeted keyword, and under 10 Sec. It will show you a list of LSI keywords which you can use for your targeted keyword in your content.

5. One addition to Increase Traffic & Ranking

You published a post made it rank in the top 3 but still not getting the traffic than this one is for you.

Trick: The trick is simple you just need to make minor changes in your title tag.

Add some number or power words in the title, like:

  • Awesome
  • Best 7
  • With proof
  • Easy Beginner Guide

And just after doing this your CTR will increase.

CTR Ranking Effect: It’s simple when people will click on your link, your CTR (click through rate) will increase and “google” will think that user like this content more and that time google will promote you in SERP.

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6. Content Quality always matters

Content is one of the main 3 parts which Google uses to rank a page. So make sure your content is excellent & helpful for your readers.

How to Write Quality Content?

  • First of all, use technique no. 1 to make your content compelling.
  • Look for your keyword on google and watch what your competitors have written, and make your content better than them.
  • Research about your content and make it valuable, actionable, for your readers.
  • Make sure you have no grammar, spelling, punctuation error in your content. 

Make your Content Error Free.

On the web, there are so many Proofreading tools, But if you use English as your writing language, then the Grammarly is the best proof-reader tool for you in the market.

It Analyses your texts and understands your writing style, and automatically identifies your grammar, punctuation, word choice, spelling and style mistakes in your writing. And shows you Solutions for your mistakes.

And you can use Grammarly tool via the online app, Browser Extension, MS Office add-ins, to make your writing work more easier.

Content Research tip: Simply use Wikipedia and your Competitors content to get more info About your article after that make a content which can outrank your competitor content & can provide more value to your readers.

 7. Some important Factors

These are On Page SEO factors, but every SEO Copywriter should know these to make his content more valuable.

  • Include internal links – including internal links makes your content more valuable in front of Search engines & provides more value to your readers.


  • Include external links – External link does the same thing as an internal link so add at least two quality external links on every page.


  • Meta descriptions are important – adding meta description in your content provides info about your content


  • Don’t focus on keyword density! – Don’t use keywords too much instead of it use LSI keywords and make it clear that what you want to say to your readers.

8. Find awesome Long Tail Keywords using Bloomberry

Require a list of long tail keywords that your competitor doesn’t know? Look no further than Bloomberry.

Here’s how it all works:

Go to Bloomberry, Enter a keyword into the tool:

Then it will scrape the internet to find questions & topics around your seed keyword:

And after some time you will give have a great list of long tail keywords.

So now implement these SEO Copywriting tips in your content and let me know some feedback in the comments.

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