How To Setup Your Own Customized Short URL For Your WordPress Blog

Do You want to create your own Branded Short URL For your WordPress blog? These short URLs are easy to remember and strengthen your brand recognition among users. In this article, we will show you how to create your customized short URLs for your blog easily.

Why Branded Customized Short URL For WordPress??

Have you checked most of the popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, TechCrunch, uses their customized branded short URL on social media.

If you have a website that you should have to create a brand for it. Custom Branded Short URL use to build up a social reputation and brand of your business.

These branded domain names are also called domain hack. They are created by combining a brand name and domain TLD to spell a brand name cleverly.

Steps To Follow To Create a Branded Short URL..!

  • Setup Your Custom Domain in Bitly:

    Bitly is a popular URL shortener service that allows you to manage and track links. Most of the leading brands use Bitly Services.

    First, you will need to create a Bitly account. If you have an account then just log in. After that click on account settings.

    Bitly Account Setting Page To Setup Branded Short DomainOn the setting menu, you should have to click on Advanced Settings » Branded Short Domains and then add your custom short domain and click on Verify.bitly custom branded domain setup Here You’ll see instructions on how to point Domain name to bitly. Just Follow Those Instructions and point your DNS To Bitly. Now before you can click verify, you need to set up DNS records.

  • Purchase a Short Domain Name:

    Most of us don’t have a short domain name. If you want to create a branded short URL, then you should have to register a short domain name.
    For Example: When Choosing a Branded name for, Let Assume we register It is a 6 Word Short Domain name which is easy to remember.

    I’ll Suggest You To Purchase Domain Name Through BlueHost, As they are leading providers In Domain and Hosting services.

  • Setup a DNS A Record To Point Domain Name on Bitly:

    Go for your domain DNS Management area and lookup for DNS A Records. Here I’m Using Domain name on NameCheap Hosting.setting up DNS A Record Add the IP Addresses you copied from the Bitly website as A records under DNS.
    If you’re using Subdomain, Then don’t forget to change your CNAME to 

    After adding DNS records, you can return to the Bitly website and click on the verify button. If you see an error, then wait a couple of hours and then try again.

  • Setup a Short URL on WordPress:

    First, the thing you need to do is install and activate the WP Bitly plugin. Then Go To Settings>Reading and scroll to Bitly Setting.bitly wordpress custoisation Here You’ll Configure Your Bitly Settings and Connect with Bitly.
    First, you will need to provide an access token. You can find it by visiting your Bitly account and clicking on Settings » Advanced Settings. At the bottom of the menu, you will see a link to OAuth apps.
    Then they will ask you to enter your Bitly Password To Verify and then click on generate a token

Bitly will now generate an access token, Just copy it and paste it on your WordPress access token setting.

The plugin will now start generating your custom branded short URLs. You can see them by visiting your Bitly dashboard.


That’s all, we hope this article helped you learn how to create your own customized short URLs in WordPress. Share Our Articles with others to help them create their branding.


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