How To Start Making Money From Social Media Account Using Famebit

How Many Articles Are There To Earn Money Online..?

Hundreds..? Thousands..? or Millions..?

Well How Much You Had Earned Through Them..?

Nothing..? Why..?

You Had Followed Each And Every Steps But Why Couldn’t You Earned Like Them…?

Where You Go Wrong..?

I Know You Suffered Alot And Wasted Your Precious Time In Searching a Way To Earn Money Online.

I’m Not Talking About Each And Every Article Related To Earn Money Online, But Most Of The Articles On Internet Are Fake And Creepy. They Are Created For Just Conversion Of Their Sales.

These Articles Featured Link To Any Web Seminar, or To Some Page Where You Need To Signup or Some Landing Page Where They Ask You To Purchase Any Reference Material.

Well No One Can Earn Through Those Creepy Methods.

I Could Say That Those Money Related Posts Will Give Bad Impressions To Online Money Making.

But Is It Really Possible To Earn Money From Internet..? Or Online..?

So My Answer Is Yes, You Can Earn Money Online. There Are Various Legitimate Way To Earn Money Online.

I Had Already Covered Various Online Earning Method. You Can Check Them Too.

In This Post I Had Cover Everything On “How You Can Earn Handsome Money Using Your Social Account“.

Im Going To Tell You About Famebit in This Post.

Acquired By Google, FameBit is The Premium Marketplace For Creators to Find Sponsorship Opportunities And Earn Money From Creating And Distributing Great Content.

Well I’m Sharing Here Today Will Provide You a Great Way To Earn Handsome Money Online.

And Hey…Stop… Stop…

No…No… You Don’t Need To Have A Blog To Get Started With This.?

Well You Don’t Need To Have a Blog.. Than What Should You Need To Be..?

Voila.. You Just Need a Good Social Media Account Which Have More Than 5,000 Followers or Subscribers. You Can Use Your Facebook Page, YouTube Channel, Instagram or Twitter Account. Even You Can Get Access Through Your Tumblr Account Too

It’s All About Sponsored Posts. Using Famebit, You Can Connect With Various Advertiser and Get Sponsored​ Post For Your Social Media Channel.

Or You Can Say That Famebit is a Network Through Which You Can Connect With Brands or Advertiser For Sponsored Posts on Your Social Media Channels.

What Is Famebit..?

Acquired By Google, Famebit is a self-serve advertising platform that has potential to do good things for small creators. Brands post products they’d like covered on the Famebit platform and creators bid on producing content for the campaigns.

This practice is fine so long as the creator is properly disclosing their relationship to the brand and/or Famebit.

Famebit Was Initially Started Focusing on YouTubers and Now It’s Support More Social Networks.

The Very First Thing You Should Have To Do After Signin Up Is To Update Your Profile Bio And All Links To Your Social Networking Account.


Famebit Pricing:

Famebit Wouldn’t Charge Any Amount For Joining Them. They Work Upon Simple, Transparent Pricing of 10% Service Fee.

They Only Get Paid If You Get Paid. Their Small 10% Fee Deducted Only Once Your Content Is Approved for Publishing And Payment Is Released.

Creators Can Get Access To Sponsorships, Flexibility and Control To Set Their Own Rates, Payment Protection, Super Fast Payments​, and Top Notch Support Team.

How To Make Money Online Using Famebit:

Once You Have Created Your Free Account on Famebit, You Can Access Their Marketplace Instantly.

Earn Money Online, Famebit Earning Method

Famebit Marketplace

But I’ll Suggest You To First Link Your All Social Media Account in Setting Page And Update Your Bio.

In Marketplace, You Can Browse The Brands Who Are Looking For Social Influencers To Talk About, Review And To Promote Their Products.

You Can Find Sponsor Post Related To Almost Every Categories. Either It Should Be Technology, Fashion, Beauty, Gadgets And Many Other.

Famebit Options, Famebit Social Options

Famebit Social Media

You Can Short Offers Based On Targeted Social Media Account or Category Or Even By Price They Offer. You Can Click On Product To Get Detailed Information About Each Campaign or sponsorship Listed Their. You Can Even Contact The Brand From “Send Proposal” Button With Your Idea For Promoting Them.

Click On Send Proposal And Share Your Idea With The Brand.

Write a Sponsor Post With Your Past Work Or Experience, It’ll Increase Your Chance Of Acceptance.

Their Is No Limit To Send Proposal.. You Can Send Proposal To Any Number of Company.

Well For The First Timer, Don’t Forget To Read Their Term’s And Conditions.

Tips of The Day: On Famebit, Sometimes You’ll Recieve Physical Products For Try & Review. So At Times, It’ll Okay To Keep Sponsor Price Low.. As You’ll Recieve Product For Free Too..

Wrapping Up

Famebit Is Not Limited Just To a Blogger, Anybody Who Have More Then 5,000 Followers Can Join Famebit, And Connect With Brands And Sponsor. Famebit Is Google’s Company So You Can Earn Handsome Amount of Money.

Have You Tried Famebit..?

Share Your Experience Below In Comment Section.

Know Anyone That Would Like To Make Money Online Using Their Social Media Account..?

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