Top 10 SEO Tools To Get Decent Traffic in 2019

Ranking a site in search engine and making the hell lot of money from it is the dream of any webmaster today in our online internet industry. With the upcoming algorithm updates in Google, ranking a site in a search engine is becoming even hard.

Without good ranking it is impossible to have decent traffic or your website, and without traffic, you cannot make money from your site, , regardless of whether you relay on selling dog food or high paying tech affiliate programs.

So if you’re serious and really want to grow your search engine traffic, you should comsicon Ranking your site and that can only be possible if you start using Some of the best SEO tools.

If you give a try to search on Google about best optimization tools then you will get tons of tools and I am pretty sure that you cannot try each tool to find out which works for you and which don’t.

So I am here to help you out with top SEO tools in 2019. I am not going to list 100s of search engine optimisation tools but I will just provide some amazing tools here

So let’s dive into the list of SEO optimization tools now…!!!

10 Best SEO Tools To Improve Ranking in 2018

Google Search Console (Google Webmaster Tool)

Google Search Console Tool

Google Search Console is the must have tool for any SEO and you cannot do SEO on your website with this tool from Google. This is indeed one of the great Google SEO tools. I am sure almost all website owner, SEO specialist and webmasters are using this free tool from Google.

In simple words, Google Search Console is a collection of tools that helps you to monitor your website performance and ranking in Google search. You can check various things like search traffic, search appearance, website crawling status, Google indexing status, security issues on your site and a lot more.


Google Analytics

You need some tool where you can see your website traffic and monitor each bit of traffic as per your requirements. Google Analytics is the second Google SEO tool in our list which helps you to monitor your website traffic in greater details.

With Google Analytics, you can find out real-time visitors on your site, take a deeper look at your audience, and differentiate your visitors on the basis of various factors such as gender, demographics, GEO, technology and a lot of others. You can check your traffic acquisition from various sources such as social media sites, organic traffic, and referral traffic. Apart from traffic monitoring, you can set your conversion goals in Google Analytics and see if you can achieve it or not. This is also free Google SEO tool so you can use it without spending a single dime.

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Google Page Speed

Google Page Speed

Page Loading Speed impacts a lot on your site ranking and Google is giving priorities to page speed in their search algorithms. So you must consider your page speed while optimizing your site. To measure your page speed and improve it, Google provides Google Page Speed tool to you.

With Google Page Speed, you can get your page speed score on a desktop and mobile devices. You just need to add your site URL and rest of the work will be done by this cool tool from Google. Along with score, you will get lots of suggestions and feedback from Google to improve your site speed. You can easily work on them and make your site a lot faster. This my favourite free on page SEO tool from Google Search Engine.

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Google Mobile Friendly Test Tool

Google Mobile Friendly Tool

Google Mobile-Friendly Test tool is another free SEO tool in our list. Mobile friendliness is one more important factor to rank a site in 2019. If your site is not mobile friendly then I am sure you can’t rank for it.

With Google Mobile-Friendly Test Tool, you can check out mobile-friendliness of your site in Google. This simple but effective tool can help you out to identify the resources which are not loaded in the mobile version of the site and you can get rid of such resources or do some improvement to make your site more mobile optimized.


Bing Webmaster Tool

Bing Webmasters Tool

Bing Webmaster tool is Free SEO tool from Bing Search Engine. If you are giving priority to Bing, then you should use this tool more often. Bing Webmaster tool is the best place for you to check your website visibility in Bing. You may find great keywords from Bing Webmaster tool which you won’t find from Google Webmaster tool if you master Bing Webmaster tool.

Bing Webmaster tool is a great tool to use but it is not as effective tool as Google Webmaster but still, you can use it for SEO purposes if you are targeting Bing Search Engine.



Copyscape tool

You can rank higher in any search engine if you have original content on your site. Original content is must for any website and if search engine found your site with duplicate content then chances are that they will penalize your site and it won’t rank anymore anywhere in any search engine.

So CopyScape is here to help you out. CopyScape is the best plagiarism detection tool out there in the market. Many SEO executives are using CopyScape to check content originality. CopyScape is a freemium tool where free version comes with limited use and you can easily upgrade to the premium version for more advance and unlimited features.

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I highly recommend you this tool to make your content original and easy to rank in search engine.


Siteliner Tool

Siteliner is one more SEO tool in our list for 2019. You can perform a lot of analysis with Siteliner for your site. You can scan your entire site and get useful insights from this tool.

Siteliner will let you know things like duplicate content on site, average page load time of the site, number of words per page, text to HTML ratio, common content on site, internal links per page, external links per page, total links per page, broken links on your site and a lot more.

Siteliner comes in a freemium model where you can use the free version for the site having up to 250 pages and in the premium version, you can scan site that has up to 25,000 pages.

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Small SEO Tools

Small SEO Tools

If you are looking forward to have all in one SEO tools, website management tools, image editing tools, website tracking tools, proxy tools, domain tools and lot more other tools at one place then SmallSEOTools is your choice.

SmallSEOTools provide wide range of tools for free of cost. They are quite simple to use and perform wide range of analysis for you.

You will find simple guidelines to work with that tool and it’s all done. You can simply use tool as per your need.

Small SEO Tools have lots of tools in each of the above categories. You just need to check them out and use your preferred tool.


Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is one more tool from Google in our list. There are lots of tools in the market today for keyword analysis and many of you might not be able to purchase it. Google Keyword Planner is a completely free tool to find out good keywords for your website.

You just need to enter one keyword which you want to target in your content and rest of the work will be done by this awesome tool. Google Keyword Planner will provide you lots of stats including monthly search volume and competition. By careful usage of Google Keyword Planner, you will be able to find keywords which you have not considered but they are really worth to target.

I highly recommend you to use Google Keyword Planner to find out right keywords for your site content.


Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin

Yoast SEO Tools

The last tool in our list of Top 10 SEO tools is Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin. If you are on WordPress then Yoast SEO WP Plugin is the must have plugin for you. It is a completely free plugin to use and all you need to do is just install and configure it.

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Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin will give you suggestions regarding your keyword density, information about Meta description and link usage and help you to write better content. With Yoast SEO WordPress plugin, you can simply create your sitemap, add your social media profiles and easily make your site visible in search engines.

Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin is highly recommended plugin for WordPress sites. So I also recommend you to use it for yourself and improve your SEO on your site.

Bonus Site:


Linkio is like the love child of Ahrefs and an SEO expert. It is designed to give SEOs the right anchor text to build next, by using insightful data to help you make better-informed decisions. It’s flexible, automated and remarkably easy to use.
With Linkio your job will be easy. It makes it easy to know what anchor text to build next by analyzing all existing backlink data. It takes just seconds to go from analysis to having an anchor text profile plan that users can feel confident with.
Users can easily set the target anchor text percentages they want based on Linkio’s presets, competitor data or your preferences.

Final Words on Top Tools For SEO in 2019

SEO Tools are needed for any site irrespective of year. Google and other search engine are becoming smarter and they are giving higher priority to the user experience. So to perform SEO analysis on your site, you should understand user experience of your site and then only you can do changes.

Above listed tools is a great tool for you to get started. For research, you may want to consider a VPN to change Server locations. I am using all of these tools for various purposes and I recommend you to do the same. Most of them are free so you don’t need to buy them.

Start using the above tools and let me know your results via comments. Did I miss any tool? Feel free to remind me and I will add it to the list J

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