Top 8 On-Page SEO Mistakes You Must Fix in 2019

Everyone wants to rank in search engine and that’s where the role of SEO comes into the picture. When it comes to search engine optimization, I have seen many people who are just running behind backlinks.

I do agree that backlinks are the very important factor for ranking but with only backlinks, you can’t do anything. You must focus on your On-Page SEO strategies to rank above your competitors. On-Page work is having equal importance as off Page Optimization.

I have seen many people who are doing some common On Page SEO mistakes while trying hard to rank. Such common OnPage SEO errors will lead you towards the degradation of whole SEO for your site.

So I am here to help you guys with the common mistakes that happen by many people in On Page SEO. Check out 8 on-Page search engine optimization mistakes and keep them in your mind. So you won’t repeat the same mistake for your On-Page SEO strategy.

8 On Page SEO Mistakes Which You Must Avoid to Rank Higher

#1. Duplicate and Spin Content

Content is King in SEO.

You need high-quality content to rank above your competitors and if you cannot generate high-quality content for your sites then your dream to rank high in search engine won’t come true.

No matter what Google update comes in future, content quality will always be on top for Google and other search engines.

There are many people who are using duplicate content or spin content on their site but they are not knowing that someday Google can ban their sites from the search engine for duplication of content.

Always produce original content and if you are taking something from somewhere, make sure you give proper credits to the original content.

#2. Long Meta Title and Meta Description

Meta title and Meta Description play an important part in the ranking of an article in SERPs.

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I have seen many people who are doing certain mistakes here. Either they are not writing Meta Description at all or if they are writing, they write a quite long Meta Description. Both of these approaches are wrong.

It is highly recommended that we write Meta Description for our articles and sites. Many research shows that proper length of Meta Description is 160 characters in the past but recently, Google has declared that they will be showing Meta Description with 320 characters in SERPs.

So make sure you write your Meta Description accordingly. Don’t copy it from your competitors and always write it to the best (Be Unique). It will also help you to increase your CTR and good CTR is always helpful to rank high.

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#3. Keyword Stuffing

One of the Black Hat SEO technique to rank high in SERP is to do a lot of keyword stuffing. It is a bad practice to rank high in the past and unfortunately, people are still following the same.

Google is updating its algorithm now and then and if you are using techniques which were working well for others before 10 years, you cannot rank today.

Keyword Stuffing is a bad SEO practice where someone tries to manipulate search engine by adding lots of keywords in an article. Your visitor will found those keywords unnatural and so does Google.

Google will lower down your ranking if you add keywords in your posts extensively. So make sure you are keeping your position secure by avoiding this on-site optimization mistake. As per Google guideline use only 1% density of keywords of total words


#4. Not Using LSI Keywords

LSI  stands for Latent Semantic Indexing keywords. LSI keywords simply mean that keywords which are related to your main keyword.

Usage of LSI keywords in your article is very necessary to rank higher in the search engine. Google and other search engines are using LSI keywords to identify your content and it will help you further to rank higher and better.

Google is using LSI keywords to determine the relevancy of your page and thus it will decide your page ranking in SERP.

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I highly recommend you to use 3 to 4 LSI keywords naturally into your 600 words content. It will surely help you to make better content for your readers and for search engine too.


#5. Missing Robots.txt File

Robots.txt is one of the most important files for any website. It is the file from which webmaster allows or denied the web robots to crawl the pages. Webmaster creates this file to instruct web robots on how to crawl his website.

If you are new to the SEO or website development then chances are that you have not created your Robots.txt file. Make sure you create one for yourself if you have not done.

The file clearly indicates that if certain user agents can crawl the website or not. You can define which pages you don’t want to crawl by search engine bots in Robots.txt file.

If you don’t know the importance of Robots.txt then please understand it first but never underestimate the power of this file.

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#6.Using Heavy Images

Images play a vital role in user engagement and it will clearly lead your page to rank higher in SERP. It is preferable to have a good number of images on your page but at the same time, an image can degrade your SEO a lot if you don’t take care it properly.

Images are heavy resources for any website. To load a heavy resource, you need good web hosting plan. Without a good plan, if you try to load heavy images, your site speed will affect a lot and lead your site to have lower SERP ranking.

Image optimization is a must for any website owner and there are sites from which you can optimize your images for free. Make sure you optimize your every image before you upload it on your server. Use sites like, for optimization.


#7. Ignoring Mobile Friendly Site

Its 2019 and Google is giving more priorities to the mobile-friendly site.

If your site is not mobile friendly then chances are higher that you will start losing your rank in the search engine in 2019. Among many other important ranking factors, mobile friendliness is having higher importance.

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Google has announced many times that they are moving forward to have a mobile-first search approach and if you are still not making your site mobile optimized, then you will surely go out of the market.


#8. Bad URL Structure

URL structure is one more important parameter in ranking and usually, people are ignoring it. The mistake of using Bad URL structure for your site will head your site towards lower ranking in SERP for sure.

If you are not WordPress then you can have options to choose proper URL structure in the admin panel. Make sure you choose the one in which you can place your keyword easily. It will help you a lot in ranking.

Good URL structure for any blog can be Make sure you write a proper thing in the post title and include keyword smartly.

You can check the best URL Structure here.

Final Words on On-Page Optimization Mistakes in 2019

Google is rolling out various updates each day and it is your up to you to cop up with it.

Make sure you don’t repeat them for your site and your SEO work. By avoiding these errors, I am sure you can easily rank higher.

What is your take away from this post? Feel free to share your mistakes and learnings via comments. Do share this post with your friends too so that they can avoid these most common On Page SEO mistakes.

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