Ways To Generate Facebook Leads With Little Investment

Love it or hate it, you can’t ignore social media platforms like Facebook when you have built an online presence and have been publishing since a long time. You should use the platform in various ways to set your business miles apart. So, with this in mind, we have collated some ways which can generate leads. You can think about marketing strategies with little investment.

Seven Ways to Generate Facebook Leads

Repost Blogs for Generating Leads

Never hesitate to push old blogs for the second or third time.  Make sure that the blogs contain links or Call To Action anchor texts. Move a step further and optimize the blogs depending on guidelines of the blogspot. This would actually help you fetch better leads through the organic lead generation engine.

Upload Videos that Speak About Offers

Instead of posting text along with an image, you can post videos that summarize deals and offers. Algorithms of Facebook actually support such an approach which aids for better user engagement. While the video progresses, you can embed a link to the offer page. Out-of-the-box thinking would help you promote services or products in the smartest way.

Use Facebook Events to Create the Buzz

Events held for a time span can be used to generate leads. The ‘Events’ option enables you to create time bound offers which continue to flash throughout the day. Remember to link the online lead generation form to event tickets. Grant entry only when the user has keyed in details or personal information.

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Upload Images with Links to Web Pages

Use photos from your blog posts or landing pages and include links. While you post them on Facebook, you would be diverting the reader to the landing pages and original blog post in just one click. Sharing such a kind of post is equivalent to making the audience aware of the services you offer. Informative blogs drives web traffic and entices customers for grabbing exciting deals.

Upload Albums with a Common Link and Theme

Effective engagement can be achieved by converting blogs into an album and linking it to the original post. If a reader likes a particular image, then he or she can go through the consolidated article. For gaining access to the entire blog, you can request the user to share personal details through a simple form. The results are tremendous if you follow the commandments of Social Media Marketing.

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Post Links for Directing Individuals to Landing Pages

If you have offers or you want to share deals with the audience, then notify them through your Facebook page. A single click on the image should take them to the landing page. Remember to be short, crisp and clear with what you want to communicate. Be sure to grab the attention and interest of the customer.

Run Facebook Contests Through Different Posts

Involve the audience to take part in contests running on Facebook. You can also hand over free e-books only when the details are filled in the lead generation form. Details should be gathered only when the web browser gets directed to the linked offer page.

So, here’s what we have for you. You can tweak every strategy and fetch more number of Facebook leads. Do share your story if you have implemented any other idea apart from the ones mentioned above.

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