How to Remove “Proudly Powered by WordPress” from Footer?

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It is not difficult to remove the WordPress footer credit “Proudly Powered by WordPress.” It can be quickly done through a WordPress theme customizer in lots of free or paid WordPress themes. Few free WordPress themes don’t provide you with the option to make changes in footer credit, but still, you can make …

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BionicWP Review & Pricing (2021) WordPress Hosting Redefined

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Currently, there are plenty of managed hosting solutions that you can buy. Users can easily choose from a variety of available hosting services. However, it becomes challenging for one person or a company to pick the right hosting service. Don’t go for little profit, the user must look for a smart long-haul choice. …

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5 Best SERP Tracking Tool for Tracking the Position of Keywords

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Are you in search of the best SERP tracking tools? Moreover, this is extremely important for keeping track of the keywords on the Google search engine page. Indeed, it’s tough to track thousands of keywords. Also, it takes a considerably more extended period as well to accomplish this process. Understandably, it is not …

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8 Ways To Make Your Website Look More Professional

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It takes only 10 seconds for a user to decide whether to stay on a site or leave. What makes them leave the site? Obviously, it can’t be content because 10 seconds is too little time for judging the content. That means they didn’t like the overall look of the website. No matter …

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