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The main objective of our blog, TheGuideX, is to provide high-quality content to the community of individuals who have a strong interest in Blogging, WordPress, Digital Marketing, Full-Stack Development, etc.

If you have a valuable resource and you would like to share it with our readers, then you’re warmly welcome to write for us and contribute your useful insights to help others.

You can simply reach us at: [email protected] for this.

Benefits of Submitting Your Guest Posts on TheGuideX

Submitting guest posts on our website has lots of benefits that can’t be ignored. But before submitting your article with us, you need to make sure if its suitable for our website or not. If it is, then here I’m sharing some remarkable benefits you’ll get from us;

  • High-quality backlink
  • Okay, but consistent traffic from our website
  • It is a great way to build relationships.
  • Guest posts from high-quality and niche-relevant websites will automatically help your brand rank higher.


While we do allow submitting guest posts on our website, we don’t guarantee its publications. Your submission will be manually reviewed by our team to ensure it meets our quality checks. And once the article is published on our website, we own full rights to modify/delete the articles.

Also, sometimes we do charge brands and sponsors for guest posting, which we will further discuss via email. Therefore, unless we specify lifetime pricing, the price we mention is valid for one year of link insertion or guest post. And in case, your link is removed after 1-year, we’re not eligible to make any refund for the service. We only provide full refund within 6-months of removal and partial refund from 6-12 months of period.

So before reaching is, make sure you follow these terms.

Style Guide To Be Followed:

Till now, we have discussed the benefits you’ll get from this blog. Here are some other details you need to know before submitting your article for review.

  • Article Length: The article should be 1500 words or more. The word count can be exceeded based on the topic and insights, but we don’t accept articles below this word count.
  • Post Formatting: Usually, we reject articles that don’t add value or are written in just listical ways. So, try to format your article properly with images, headings, subheadings, listicle points, etc.
  • Images: Instead of using stock images, try to use custom-created images for a better chance of publication on our website.
  • AI Content: Make sure the article you provide is written using hands and no AI. If we detect an article with AI content, we instantly remove it from our blog without any refunds.

    For AI detection, we use Sapling.com, so make sure to use this same tool before submitting your article.

What Kind of Content Do We Accept?

Any content that is beneficial to my readers is considered good for a guest post here. It should be relevant to blogging and Internet marketing as a whole and can also be based on your personal experiences.

To ensure approval, please submit an in-depth article, typically consisting of over 1,500 words.

Here are some general topics to consider for your guest post pitch:

  • Traffic Generation
  • Link Building and SEO
  • List Building and Lead Generation
  • Monetization Strategies
  • Blog Auditing
  • WordPress Tutorials
  • Blogging, Writing, and Copywriting
  • Content Marketing (Creation/Promotion)
  • Blogger Outreach and Influencer Marketing
  • Basically, anything that will help the blogger grow.

Types of Content We Publish on Our Blog

I have put together a quick list to give you an idea of what type of content we accept on our website, TheGuideX.

  • Case Study – where you basically show a detailed study of your website/theory.
  • Research with Original Data – which can be put together almost like a case study.
  • Interview – where you ask an industry expert a series of questions around a single topic.
  • Expert Roundup – where you ask industry experts an interesting question.
  • List Posts – This is the most popular type of post having article titles like “Best XYZ in WordPress”
  • How-to or Ultimate Guide – where you basically show us how to do something.

How to Submit a Guest Post Article?

In case your article meets all these criteria we shared above, you can send us your article (in Google Docs format) along with a clear subject line to [email protected].

At the end of the post, please provide your social media links, website link, email (Gravatar), and a brief author bio.