How to Embed YouTube Videos into WordPress (Quick Ways)

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Embedding YouTube videos to your WordPress website is an easy task. You only need to go through some steps to show videos to your website visitors. However, you can do that in some simple ways. Because WordPress is the world’s most used content management system, its user-friendly interface is smooth and unique. WordPress …

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7 Best AI Image Generators to Try (Ranked & Reviewed)

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Are you looking for the best AI image generator tool that generates high-quality images from text inputs? We all know that images are an essential part of any blog post or article we read on the Internet – and we should have to use proper images in our articles, blog posts, and stories. …

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How to Edit Pages in WordPress? (Quick & Easy Way)

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You are looking for a way to edit pages in WordPress means you are entirely new to WordPress and just learning how to use it. Just for the newbie WordPress users like you, below I have shared the exact way you can follow to edit pages in WordPress. To edit WordPress pages, you …

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Where Are WordPress Pages Stored in Database? [SQL Lookup]

where wordpress pages are stored, where wordpress pages are stored in database

Ever come across the thought that WordPress stores all your pages and posts? It’s 2022, and WordPress is the most widely used CMS on the internet which powers nearly 35% to 38% of the internet and holds more than 60% shares of the Content Management System. It definitely has all the reasons to …

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How to Get User’s IP Address and Location in WordPress

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Are you looking to get the user IP and address of users on your WordPress website? As a WordPress site owner, I know you might struggle to grab the correct details for finding the user’s IP (Internet Protocol) address and location. This data can help site owners properly strategize and customize their content …

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How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Blog Traffic (Quick Ways)

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Have you ever tried to grow your blog traffic? If yes, then you must know that you need to work hard to make your blog popular. You can try several things to increase your blog traffic, such as writing quality content, hiring an SEO professional, running ads, etc. However, an explicit technique to …

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