How to Setup Custom Pagination in WordPress

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Are you searching for add pagination in WordPress? If yes, then your search ends here! This article will teach you to set up custom pagination in your WordPress blog. Pagination is an important aspect of any website, allowing visitors to navigate easily from one page to another. It’s even more important for WordPress …

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How to Create A Book Template in Google Docs

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As a beginner writer, creating a book template shouldn’t be that challenging, as it can demotivate you to start with the writing process. But it is a demanding task that takes up most of your time, even when you use specialized tools. That is why you should use a simple tool like Google …

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How to Install Progressive Web App (PWA) on WordPress

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Nowadays, mobile phones are used by more people than computers and laptops. Therefore, it becomes crucial for all website owners, especially WordPress site owners, to turn their websites into apps in order to increase their revenue and organic visitors. When an app is built from scratch, especially to be used on mobile devices, …

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How Much Does TikTok Pay For Content Creators & Influencers?

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TikTok is setting a new trend in the world of Social Media platforms. The platform has recently seen a rapid rise in its user base and has more than 1 billion active users. The driving force behind this platform is the content created by the users. From photographers to chefs and fitness fanatics …

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8 Best Books On WordPress & WordPress Development for Beginners

book on wordpress, wordpress book

WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system, powering over 34% of all websites. With its ease of use and flexible platform, WordPress is an excellent choice for beginners looking to create their own websites. But with so many resources available, it can be difficult to know where to start. To help …

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How to Add Ads.txt File in WordPress (3 Simple Steps)

adding ads.txt wordpress, ads.txt, ads.txt adsense

If you are monetizing your WordPress website with ad networks like Google Adsense,, Propeller Ads, etc., you would definitely need to add an ads.txt file to your WordPress website or blog. Ad fraud may easily happen in your WordPress blog and probably, and you may have to face the heat in your …

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How to Wrap Text in Google Sheets and Google Docs

wrap text, wrap text in docs, wrap text in excel, wrap text in sheets

While Google Docs and Google Sheets have user-friendly interfaces and share many similarities with MS Excel and MS Word, they come with a learning curve. You must have noticed that when you type in a long sentence in one cell, it overflows to the adjacent cell making the entire sheet look untidy. Do …

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