The 12 Best Domain Registrars for Cheap Domain Names

Are you looking for the best domain name registrars in 2020 to register your domain name? Here you can find top domain name registrars through which you can register your first domain name.

The first thing is to get a domain name for your blog or business, or sometimes it might be a second step to choose a perfect domain name after choosing an ideal hosting plan because some hosting giants offer TLD’s domain name free with their hosting packages.

As I already told you, some web hosting giants offer a free domain name with their hosting plans. So these types of offers attract new customers to their platform. GoDaddy, BlueHost, and some of the biggest web hosting giants also offer these types of stunning offers and deal for their users.

Most of these domain name registrars come with similar sets of features, but they also have their advantages and disadvantages. So, if you want to purchase your domain name from reliable sources, then you have to dive into their features, offers, customer support, and many more things.

Here In this post, we are going to share every necessary step to keep in track before buying a domain name; we will also go deep into what are these domain registrars, how they work and how to register your domain name with most trusted, and reliable domain registrars along with their pros and cons.

But before going deep into the post, Let me share my top domain name registrars who are most reliable and trusted for me. I always prefer using them for my all domain name registrations and believe me you also love using them.

My Favourite Domain Name Registrars

Recently Cloudflare also launched a low-cost domain registrar. This new domain registration service promises only to charge the wholesale price that the top-level domain registry (think Verisign) charges. Typically, registrars charge their fees on top of that and try to upsell you to a hosting plan or other services that you likely don’t need.

Watch Out These Things Before Buying a Domain Name

I already shared some of the notable features you should have to look for before buying your domain name from any registrar. Here are some other notable features you also need to check out before buying your domain name.

Some domain registrars offer free add-ons along with their hosting platform with free privacy protection, wheres some other registrars charge for add-ons and privacy protection.

Here I’m sharing some major notable features you need to take care of before choosing a domain name registrar. Taking care of these little things is worth it, and you’ll end up with even a better domain registrar.

  • Domain Renewal Cost.
  • Privacy Protection (Free or Paid).
  • Transfer Fees.
  • User Interface (UI).
  • Freebies

Best Domain Name Registrars Compared

So are you in a hurry? Then take a look at this table below to get a quick idea of the best domain name registrar. You can browse a detailed guide on these domain registrars below.

Best Domain Name Registrars

Major FeaturesDomain RegistrarPricing of TLD's (1st Year)Website
Google domains offer free privacy protection.Google DomainsCOM TLD at $12/yrVisit Wesbite
Get your first .COM domain for just $0.99/yrGoDaddy.COM TLD at $0.99/yrVisit Wesbite
All domain name for just $6.99/yr with free privacy protectionNameSilo.COM TLD at $6.99/yrVisit Wesbite
You'll get free whois protectionNameCheap.COM TLD at $8.8/yrVisit Wesbite
Custom email with G Suite for $5/mo.Bluehost.COM TLD at $11.99yrVisit Wesbite
Privacy Protect for $8/yr, and G Suite for $5/mo.Enom.COM TLD at $13.95/yrVisit Wesbite
You'll get your first .COM domain for just $0.99/ TLD at $0.99/yrVisit Wesbite
Free $100 Google Ads credit.Hostgator.COM TLD at $12.95/yrVisit Wesbite
FREE WHOIS privacy included*Hover.COM TLD at $12.99/yrVisit Wesbite
Free SSL and 2 Email AddressesGandi.COM TLD at $15.50/yrVisit Wesbite
FREE URL and email TLD at $7.99/yrVisit Wesbite
Prevent unauthorized domain transfers using domain lockNetwork Solutions.COM TLD at $9.99/yrVisit Wesbite

Now, let’s see the detailed review of all these domain name registrars with their advantages, disadvantages, and features.

1. Google Domains

Google Domain Registrar

Google Domains is a domain name registrar that is operated by Google itself and was launched in 2014. This product is still in beta version and only available in limited countries.

Google Domains only offer the domain name for your business; they wouldn’t recommend you any hosting nor any other service. You can quickly get your domain name from Google Domains. The domains you register at Google Domains comes up with free privacy protection and provides the same DNS lookup time as does.

Moreover, you can easily manage your DNS, Email Forwarding, and many more thing directly from they’re easy to use control panel.

Major Highlights of Google Domains

  • Simple and Transparent Backend UI.
  • Free Privacy Protection Along with Your Domain Name.
  • Low TTL for DNS Lookup.
  • Integrations with Google Apps for Business.
  • Transparent Domain Pricing and No Extra Renewal Costs.

2. GoDaddy


GoDaddy is one of the largest domain name registrars in the world. They also provide a .COM domain name for just $0.99/yr for the first year to their new customers. The thing I love the most about godaddy is their easy to manage DNS and also their reliable customer support and the cons of using godaddy as domain registrar is domain privacy protection. Unlike Google Domains, GoDaddy charges extra for Privacy Protection.

With GoDaddy, you can get world-class customer support, and according to a recent survey, they have more than 17 million customers.

Moreover, Godaddy also offers free domain name (On selected domain extension) with every hosting plan. If you have a limited budget, don’t worry! You can still get hosting and the free domain name from godaddy starting at just $1/month. Additionally, you can get MS Office 365 Business Email, Email Forwarding, cPanel Based Control Panel, and Full SSH access with every hosting plan.

Major Highlights of GoDaddy Domains

  • Simple and Transparent Backend UI.
  • Domain Name Promos.
  • Top ICANN-Accredited Domain Registrar.
  • 30-Days Money Back Guarantee.
  • Additional Services Like Hosting, SSL, and Emails.

3. NameSilo

namesilo domain registrar

Founded in 2010, NameSilo is one of the most flexible ICANN-Accredited Domain Name Registrar. The reason why I placed NameSilo at the 3rd position is that of the most flexible domain name pricing they offer. Here you can get a top-level domain name at an unbelievable price of $6.99/yr with free privacy protection, no ICANN fees on the domain name, and more powerful security features. Moreover, their renewal charge is as same as their new domain name. They wouldn’t charge any extra bucks for the renewal of the domain name.

Most of the customers are moving to NameSilo because of their flexible and most affordable domain name prices and their straightforward domain renewal charges. When I checked the user opinions on Quora about NameSilo, 100% of customers are satisfied with their service and are affectionate about using NameSilo as their primitive domain registrar.

Major Highlights of NameSilo

  • ICANN-Accredited Domain Name Registrar.
  • Straightforward and Most Affordable Domains at Unbeatable Price.
  • Lifetime Free Privacy Protection along with Domain Name.
  • Straightforward Domain Renewals Charges.

4. NameCheap

NameCheap Domain Registrar

NameCheap was founded back in 2000 by Richard Kirkendall. They are one of the independent ICANN-accredited domain name registrars who isn’t owned by EIG group or GoDaddy. Namecheap is one of the most trusted and reliable domain registrars which I’m using. With their clean interface, you can easily manage tons of domain settings and DNS.

Namecheap also offers various exclusive offers on the domain name and hosting plans. Oops and I forget to tell you that Namecheap also provides web hosting, emails, SSL, and many more services. I tried their starter hosting package, which offers cPanel and SSD based hosting for three websites at an incredibly low price.

They also offer free website migration to Namecheap, and additionally, they also offer free privacy protection for the 1st year, and my overall experience with Namecheap is incredible.

Major Highlights of NameCheap Domains

  • Free Domain & Migration.
  • Lowest Price Offer.
  • 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee.
  • Provides 99.9% Uptime SLA.
  • Offer Additional Services Like Hosting, SSL, and Email.

5. BlueHost

bluehost domain registrarBluehost is a well-known brand for its web hosting business. They are one of the biggest web hosting brands which are owned by EGI Group. officially recommends them. Bluehost is known for their web hosting, but you can also purchase top-level TLD’s with them. (You may like to read the full review of Bluehost hosting in another article at TheGuideX.)

However, Bluehost only has limited TLD’s available for registration, which is one of the cons of using Bluehost as a domain registrar. Limited availability of TLD’s limits you to register only some of the top-level domain extensions, and for other TLD’s and gTLD’s you’ve to look for some other domain registrars.

My overall experience with Bluehost ( is excellent. The support team at Bluehost is reliable and knowledgeable, but they fail to deliver the same experience with their Bluehost India ( site.

Major Highlights of BlueHost

  • Offer Free Domain Name with Hosting Plans.
  • Domain Privacy Protection for $11.88 per year.
  • A custom email with G Suite which costs $5/mo. Per-user.
  • Exciting Promo Codes Available (Up To 60% OFF).
  • Additional Services Like WordPress Hosting, SSL, and Emails.

6. eNom

enom domain registrarFounded in 1997, eNom is one of the leading ICANN-accredited domain name registrars in the world. They are the world’s second-largest domain name registrar after godaddy, with over 15 million domains name under their management. eNom provides several services like shared hosting plans, reseller hosting plans, and domain name registration. You can register every new TLDs, gTLDs, and classical domain names with eNom.

eNom is the best marketplace for domain name sellers and investors. If you’re bored with the current look of your domain registrar or want to try some other registrars, then I would surely recommend you to check eNom once. eNom comes with some advantages like integration with Google Apps for Business, and simple easy to transfer domain option, but with these advantages, eNom also has some disadvantages like they charge $8/yr for Privacy Protection.

Major Highlights of Enom

  • All Top-Level and Classic TLDs Available.
  • Second Largest ICANN-Accredited Domain Registrar.
  • Privacy Policy Cost $8/yr
  • Additional Services can Includes Shared Hosting, SSL, Emails and Website Builder.

7. 1and1

1and1 domain registrar1and1 is another best reliable domain name registrar in the world. They have hosted more than 5 Million of the domain name under their management. They’re one of those domain name registrars who is providing domain name at a massive huge discount for the first year. Moreover, 1and1 isn’t only providing a cheap domain name but you can also get cheap hosting plans.

They also run similar offers like Godaddy; here, you can also get a domain name for just $0.99/yr for a new customer. Moreover, here, you can also get hosting for the extensively low price. You can get free privacy protection (whois protection) along with your domain name, which makes 1and1 one of the most affordable domain registrars.

Major Highlights of 1and1

  • ICANN-Accredited Domain Registrar.
  • Free Privacy Protection with Every Domain Name.
  • Free Business Email Addresses.
  • Additional Services Including Hosting, SSL, Emails, and 1&1 Website Builder Plus.

8. Hostgator

Hostgator domain registrarOwned by EGI Group, Hostgator is one of the biggest web hosting brands. They’re well-known for their web hosting business. At the hostgator, you can get shared hosting, wordpress hosting, and some more types of hosting plans according to your needs. Hostgator is a great place to register your domain name. Unlike other hosting giants, the hostgator won’t provide a free domain name with their hosting plans, but you can get a discounted domain name at just $4.99/yr (On selected domain extensions).

If you’re looking for reliable hosting with your domain name, then the hostgator is one of the most trusted and advanced web hosting technology on which everyone can trust. {I had also compared Hostgator and Godaddy on another article at TheGuideX! Don’t forget to check it out.)

Major Highlights of Hostgator

  • ICANN-Accredited Domain Registrar.
  • Up To 70% OFF Promo Codes.
  • Same Backend User Interface (UI) as Bluehost.
  • 45-Days Money Back Guarantee.
  • Additional Services Included Shared Hosting, SSL, and Emails.

9. Hover

hover domain registrarHover is one of the best straightforward domain name registrars because they only help you to register your domain name. They are the third-largest ICANN-accredited Domain registrar. The backend of the hover domain dashboard is quite easy and impressive. You don’t have to mess with those bulky domain settings with hover. With the clean and straightforward look of hover, you can easily manage the DNS settings.

As they’re straightforward in just domain registering, they won’t provide you with a hosting plan, SSL, or any email if you need any of these things, you’ve to check them somewhere else. The .COM price at hover starts from $12.99/yr for the first year, and the renewal costs add $2 more, i.e., $14.99/yr.

Major Highlights of Hover

  • Third Largest ICANN-Accredited Domain Registrar.
  • Simple and Straightforward UI.
  • Easy to Use Domain Name Setting.
  • .COM Domain Name Starts from $12.99/yr.

10. Gandi

gandi domain registrarFounded back in 1999, Gandi is another top domain name registrar in the world. They manage over 1.5 Million domain name and provides over 700+ domain extensions for registration. Gandi also offers 2 mailboxes with 3GB of storage each and with Unlimited email forwarding and aliases. You can also get some security benefits free with your domain name at Gandi, some of them are like a free SSL certificate with every domain name, and also Privacy Protection to save your identity from getting spammed.

My experience with Gandi domains is excellent. Using their LiveDNS tool, you can instantly set the DNS in your domain name. Moreover, Gandi also offers hosting plans, emails, SSL, and many other services along with their domain name (Yes, you have to pay to avail of these services).

Major Highlights of Gandi

  • Top ICANN-Accredited Domain Registrar.
  • More Than 700+ Domain Extensions Available.
  • LiveDNS Tool Allows Instant Record Changes.
  • Offer Additional Services Like Hosting, SSL, and Emails.

11. domain is one of the top ICANN-Accredited domain name registrars who offers top-level domain names at a cost-effective price. Beyond offering domain name, you can also get a hosting plan, emails and DIY builder from So if you want everything to be managed at the same hood, then is another good option for you.

I hadn’t tried this domain name registrar, but peoples claim to have a good experience here — the starting price of.COM domain name will cost around $12.99/yr, and unlike some other registrars, the renewal cost at is straightforward. However, their customer support isn’t available 24×7. So, for any customer support, you’ve to wait along.

Major Highlights of

  • Simple and Easy to Use Backend UI.
  • Straightforward Domain Name Price.
  • ICANN-Accredited Domain Registrar.
  • Lack of Customer Support.
  • Offers Additional Services Like Hosting, SSL, and Emails.

12. Network Solutions

network solutions domain registrarBefore Godaddy, Name Solution is one of the largest domain registrars who offer top-level TLDs like .COM, .NET and .ORG. They offer flexible domain name and hosting packages on their server. Basically, Network Solutions is an American based company which is founded in 1979. According to their recent survey, they have hosted around 7 Million domain name on their server.

In addition to their domain registrar, they also offer hosting plans, email hosting, DIY builder, and many more online marketing services.

My experience at Network Solution is good; I registered some of my domain names using their exclusive .COM domain name coupons. The Backend of the website is quite complicated, and it takes some time to understand how to use their features. But as all domain registrars have their advantages and disadvantages, a complex UI is the disadvantage of Network Solution, but their flexible domain rates and customer support also adds a good advantage of using them as your primary domain registrar.

Major Highlights of Network Solutions

  • Backend UI is Complex.
  • Largest ICANN-Accredited Domain Registrar Who Offer Top-Level TLDs.
  • Flexible Domain Rates and Knowledgeable Customer Support
  • Also Offers Additional Services Like Web Hosting, SSL, and Emails

Bonus – Best Domain Registrar

Apart from these top 12 top domain registrars, there are various other best domain registrars through which you can register your domain name.

These domain registrars also provide various freebies, and even some of them offer free whois protection with your domain name. You can use them to register your domain name without any hassles.

1. Cloudflare Domain Registrar

domain registrar, best domain registrar, best domain registrar india 2019

Popularly known for their CDN services, Cloudflare recently launched a new domain registration service through which you can register your domain name at the wholesale price with free whois protection.

They provide domain names at the lowest price with tons of features and free whois protection. But as of now, they only offer you to transfer your domain name from the current domain registrar to Cloudflare.

The overall experience with the Cloudflare domain registrar is fantastic; you can easily link your debit and credit card and make an instant transfer of your domain name to Cloudflare at the lowest price in the market.

Major Highlights of Cloudflare Domain Registrar

  • Well known for their Awesome CDN Service.
  • Offer Domain Name at Wholesale Price.
  • Free Whois Protection with Every Domain Name.
  • Only Transfer of Domain Name Available from Current Domain Registrar.

What is a Domain Name Registrar?

Domain name registrars are nothing but internet service providers who allow you to purchase and register your domain name. A domain name registrars have been accredited by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) or a national country code top-level domain (TLD) (such as .uk or .ca) to register domain names.

In simple language, If an entrepreneur wants to get his business online on the internet, he would first go to these registrars and approach for the respective online name for his company. If the domain name is available for the registration, he would instantly get his domain name after paying the nominal fees.

During the time of domain name registration, you will have to choose a perfect domain extension. You can select the domain extension from available TLD’s and gTLD’s, i.e., .com, .org, .net, and many other extensions.

Most of the domainers and people who do business choose a domain name with .com extensions. This domain extension is perfect for Startups, Blogs, Business, and many other niches.

How To Choose The Best Domain Name Registrar?

Well, most of the domain name registrars offer top-level TLD’s like .COM, .NET, .ORG and many more, but keeping this technical stuff aside, here are some other important factors that are equally important in selecting a domain name wisely.

Once you’ve found your perfect domain name, you need to take care of purchasing it from a good domain registrar. Below I highlighted some of the major noticeable features you should have to take care of before buying a domain name.

  • ICANN Accredited.
  • Domain Pricing & Renewal Costs.
  • Customer Supports.
  • Domain Transfer.
  • Additional Services.

ICANN Accredited

Make sure to register your domain name from valid ICANN-Accredited sites. ICANN-Accredited domain registrars mean the domain name registrars who are officially permitted by ICANN to register a domain name.

Some resellers and white-labeled domain registrars offer domain names, but they fail to provide some security, support and they aren’t reliable.

In this post, I’ve only listed top domain registrars who are officially approved by ICANN, Make sure to check them out.

Domain Pricing & Renewal Costs

Some domain registrars offer a massive discount on their domain name for one year to attract more customers, and some may provide straightforward domain renewal charges. If you want to own your domain name for more than one year, then make sure to check out their domain renewal charges.

Some biggest domain registrars like GoDaddy offer domain name for the first year at just $0.99 for their new customers, but charge $14.99/year for renewals where’s when it comes to NameSilo (another top registrar) they offer straightforward price of $6.99/yr for the first year domain name registration and also same on renewal of your domain.

Customer Support

You need to make sure that customer support is responsible and knowledgeable enough to solve your all technical glitches. If something goes wrong with your side, they have to be responsive and helpful to answer your technical glitches.

While examining the customer staff, you need to read the website review and about their staff online from real customers. Quora, Facebook, and forums are the best place to find the actual customers’ reviews about the domain registrars.

Domain Transfer

Well you don’t want to move your domain name from one registrar to other (at least when you had done enough research in selecting best domain registrar), but if anything happens in future, and you want to move your domain name from one registrar to other then make sure they have a domain transfer option available.

Domain transfer lets you quickly transfer your domain name (Your domain needs to have 60 or more days older for eligibility of domain transfer) from one registrar to another. Make sure to check out their privacy page for domain transfer.

Some domain registrar might charge some fee for domain transferring, where’s some don’t allow to transfer your domain name within 60-Days of domain registration, and some allow free domain transfer. Make sure to research more about them before choosing the best domain registrar.

Additional Services

Many top domain registrars like NameCheap, GoDaddy, etc. offer other services with their domain name. If you want to build the whole website or wish to have site builder, SSL, and hosting along with your domain name in the same roof, then make sure to check their bundle price.

Some popular web hosting giants offer free domain names with their hosting plans, and some may even offer Google Ads credit along with lots of additional offers.

So, if you’re looking for all-in-one domain name registrars to keep everything including domain, hosting, site builder, email, etc. on the same roof, then you’ll have to compare their pricing of these bundle plans.

Wrapping Up

Having a good domain name registrar is the key to success. Always choose a domain name that provides fast DNS lookup and with a lot of security and benefits. I still prefer using Google Domains, Godaddy, and NameCheap because on these platforms; they offer the fastest DNS lookup with a bunch of benefits. Moreover, I love their simple and easy to use control panel.

Even if you’re a noob in domaining and managing your domain name, you can still use to explore lots of setting using their simple to use user interface and domain managing dashboard.

You have known the difference between all these domain name registrars and their advantages and disadvantages. Now, you can easily make a clear decision on which domain registrar you should have to choose.

All of the listed domain name registrars are best regarding performance and are good enough to fulfill your needs through your website’s lifespan while providing you with your desired domain.

We recommend you to take a look at all these domain name registrars from the list and find the one which fits your requirements.

You can also share your experience in the comment section below.

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Best Website Domain Registrars for Cheap Domain Names
  • Google Domain
  • GoDaddy
  • NameSilo
  • NameCheap
  • Bluehost
  • eNom
  • 1and1
  • Hostgator
  • Hover
  • Gandi
  • Network Solutions


Are you looking for a best domain name registrars to register your domain name? Here you can find top domain name registrars through which you can register your first domain name.

In this post, we are going to wide into these domain name registrars and will find out the best amongst them. We also compare them on the basis of features and their top-level domain price.

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