How to Automatically Translate and Edit Translation in WordPress

Exploring an international audience can be a great way to scale your website’s success, only if done right. Going international can also be a lifeline for a website that is not doing well locally. Translations form the foundation of availing your website’s content internationally. With WordPress, this process has been greatly simplified. There …

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6 Best Practices For Effective Content Marketing

content marketing, effective content marketing

Nowadays, being a marketer means having a versatile set of skills and a higher level of adaptability. In an ever-changing and highly competitive market, it’s not enough that you know how to market. You also have to be in the know-how of the best practices that can help improve your craft. Speaking of …

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How to Manipulate and Acquire Featured Snippets in 2021

acquire featured snippets, featured snippets, how to get featured snippets

Landing a spot on the SERP for extremely competitive keywords is hard. If you want to compete for the best keywords in your niche, you’re going to need a lot of work put in content and link building. However, there is a trick you can employ to shine among the greatest in your …

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7 Key Steps to Build a Great Blogging Website in 2021

build a blogging website, build a website, building a great website, how to build a website

Building a website is a dream for everyone. It’s not just about building a blog and putting your thoughts in writing. It’s about getting traffic, making money; creating a business with tens of thousands of visitors each day. It sounds overwhelming, but it can be done! All you need is an entrepreneurial spirit …

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