How to Add “Buy On Amazon” Button in WordPress

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Are you interested in adding a “Buy On Amazon” button to your WordPress posts or pages? If so, you can continue reading this post to learn how to do it easily. By adding this button to your WordPress website, you can conveniently direct visitors to your Amazon product page, making it simpler for …

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Google Deindexing Your Site? Here’s What to Do (Plus Recovery Solutions)

google deindexing website, website deindexing in google

Getting your first website indexed is an amazing feeling, but it can be devastating when your website is suddenly deindexed after all the hard work you’ve put in. Just a moment ago, everything was going smoothly, and then, out of nowhere, your website’s organic traffic disappeared. However, this misfortune doesn’t happen without reason. …

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How to Add a Hyperlink in WordPress Website? (Step-by-Step Guide)

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Adding hyperlinks to the WordPress website is an essential thing. It helps increase the overall experience of the website and engages users. And not only this, but adding links to WordPress websites is also the best on-page SEO practice that helps to increase the website’s traffic and ranking in search engines like Google. …

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