EasyWP Coupon Code 2024 – Get Upto 70% OFF on Hosting Plans

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EasyWP coupons are promotional codes or discounts by Namecheap that can be used when purchasing the EasyWP services. Let us find out how you can avail upto 70% discount by using EasyWP.


Avail 70% OFF on EasyWP Supersonic Hosting!

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Without a doubt, Namecheap is among the top companies for registering domain names and hosting. While thousands of companies offer domain registration and hosting, Namecheap distinguishes itself by providing its services at incredibly cheap prices. The most awaited one is–EasyWP.

Currently, you can improve your hosting experience with discounts of up to 70% OFF on several hosting plans. In EasyWP’s latest promotion, you will be able to enjoy managed WordPress hosting for FREE for the first month. Let’s start exploring EasyWP’s discount codes.

About EasyWP

easywp, easywp coupon, easywp coupon code, easywp discount

Namecheap offers EasyWP, which is a managed WordPress hosting. This hosting is particularly for beginners. Therefore, their team manages all the technical aspects of your website, including SSL to CDN, caching plugins, and backups. 

EasyWP is one of my favorites because it comes with a range of features and comes in handy for users who want to find an approach to both WordPress website creation and management.

Here are some more features that I liked:

  • Easy management of your site with a user-friendly interface.
  • Backup and restore feature that will maintain uniformity throughout the website.
  • It makes it easy for any level of user to create a WordPress website.
  • Has Free SSL (on some plans) and Free CDN (on all plans).

EasyWP Discounted Pricing

EasyWP provides monthly as well as yearly pricing plan choices, wherein you will have a lot to save when it comes to the option of subscriptions over one year. Monthly plans are created to provide an opportunity for users who lean toward having no long-time obligations and seek flexibility. 

Users interested primarily in saving some costs and not thinking about whether they paid their monthly subscription could use the EasyWP annual offers. Choosing an annual plan means additional savings on hosting costs for those who grab these options.

Enjoy up to a 74% discount on your first month to pay monthly plans and a reduced cost of the first year use with an annual billing plan.

  • Starter Plan of EasyWP – 1st Month at $1 Deal
  • EasyWP Turbo Plan only $7.88 per month – Save 35% on the First Year
  • EasyWP Supersonic Plan – 1st Month $3 | Grab the first Year with 50% Off

Opting for Monthly payment option leaves you with only offers on the EasyWP Starter and the EasyWP Supersonic plan. However, since Namecheap has a lot of product offerings, I will structure all the available prices in various sections below for ease of access.

How to Apply EasyWP Coupon Code?

To apply for an EasyWP coupon code, follow these steps:

easywp, easywp coupon, easywp coupon code, easywp discount

To get started, go to this link to start applying for an EasyWP coupon. As I explained before, there are different plans and prices. You can choose anyone of your choice.  Examine the hosting packages it provides and choose an appropriate one. There are choices such as Starter, Turbo, and Supersonic.

I’m choosing the “Supersonic” plan from “Monthly” pricing.

easywp, easywp coupon, easywp coupon code, easywp discount

When you click on the above link, you’ll be redirected to the Namecheap website. In setting up your website, give it a name. If you have not yet chosen a plan, then it will suggest choosing one ideal for your needs.

If your choice has been made, simply press Continue.

easywp, easywp coupon, easywp coupon code, easywp discount

Choose the domain of your website. By doing so, you will be provided with several options to select from, such as using a free subdomain or picking one of the packages offered by Namecheap (or any other domain provider).

Select the option that fits your requirements. In this case, I will use the subdomain option since I am just providing a quick and simple demonstration of it.

easywp, easywp coupon, easywp coupon code, easywp discount

Now, choose a theme for your website among the themes that you have been provided with. Select one from the WordPress repository or, in the future, get a different theme there, through your project’s dashboard.

easywp, easywp coupon, easywp coupon code, easywp discount

When you click ‘Continue,’ a screen with plugin options will appear. Choose to install these plugins or skip this step as well. Remember about the discounts available for certain plugins. I’ll select Brizy for demonstrating, but you can choose any one of your choices.

easywp, easywp coupon, easywp coupon code, easywp discount

Double-check all the details you have provided, particularly the subject’s name and address of your website, the type of plan and pricing chosen by you, as well as the theme along with plugins. After confirmation, you can go ahead to ‘Continue To Purchase’.

easywp, easywp coupon, easywp coupon code, easywp discount
easywp, easywp coupon, easywp coupon code, easywp discount

Time to sign in using your Namecheap username and password. We don’t know if you are a newbie in the Namecheap team, but all we can say is just create an account and start working. See the magic as your website gets prepared.

Once that’s complete – you have officially bagged your EasyWP hosting at a neat little discount. Want to rule your kingdom? Click WP Admin, or if you want to try out more settings, click Manage.

EasyWP WordPress Hosting Features

Surely, you are eager to find out which features EasyWP has under the hood. In this section, I’m going to address all the impressive aspects that come with everyone’s managed domain hosting service, EasyWP – features we’re definitely not likely to forget anytime soon.

Great Performance

While achieving ideal internet site performance, the use of hosting plays a vital role. With this in mind, I performed a hands-on test by launching my website on the EasyWP Turbo plan. These were truly impressive findings.

After the first loading of our website, I recorded an enormously impressive time to load – just 0.6 seconds, if you will. This reaffirmed my belief that a flawless optimization of hosting, as in the case with the EasyWP solution, can raise website speed to astonishing heights, giving users a speedy and flowing browsing experience.

EasyWP is characterized not only by its incredibly high speeds but also by its price accessibility. Although one of the cheapest options available within managed WordPress hosting, EasyWP is also one of the quickest providers. Such a combination of affordability and high output quality makes EasyWP an impressive option for individuals who want the best website speed value at a reasonably low cost.

Ease of Use

Since EasyWP offers only managed WordPress hosting, it can be used exclusively for the purpose of making a new site running on this CMS. Out of the box, managed WordPress hosting has a copy of the website and maintenance plugins.

Therefore, you do not need to concern yourself with WordPress and plugin installation.

99.9% Uptime

There is no compromise on the aspect of reliability in any cyber arena. However, EasyWP does better with a stable promise of a 99.9% uptime requirement.

The result? A website that is consistently available would definitely ensure online dependability for the visitors. This type of stability is fundamental to playing the part of any blogger or business enterprise, and in this aspect, EasyWP delivers.

Free SSL Certificates

There is nothing more important than security, and these free SSL certificates in EasyWP do realize this. In addition to encryption, such certificates help establish trust with the site’s visitors. In the age when non-SSL sites are flagged insecure on browsers, EasyWP simplifies SSL installation.

This makes browsing in my audience feel secure, hence building trust and maintaining data integrity.

Simple Backups

Indeed, web owners cannot afford to lose their data through unexpected changes. This is solved by EasyWP using an integrated backup solution, which has been developed with ease of use in mind. It allows users to back up their data with a single click of a button, which eliminates the need for third-party tools that users had to use previously. 

This offers not only a sense of security but also guarantees fast data backup in the unfortunate case. The easy-to-use backup management on EasyWP makes it possible for anyone, regardless of technical background.

Easy SFTP & Database Access

When it comes to managed hosting providers, SFTP and database access are mostly denied under the EasyWP system; this information can be accessed easily. Your database can be reached in phpMyAdmin, and your files by SFTP, the same as with lots of other hosting providers.

Besides the characteristics above, with EasyWP, there is a custom dashboard that focuses on some of WordPress’ core tasks, such as backup and restore, maintenance mode power, etc.

EasyWP Plans and Pricing

Below, I have listed all the EasyWP pricing to give you a rundown of each plan to select the most appropriate.

EasyWP has three different pricing points, including Starter, Turbo, and Supersonic.

EasyWP Starter Plan

The EasyWP Starter Plan is perfect for new users who are starting from scratch and only beginning to familiarize themselves with WordPress. If this is your first site or you just want to have a landing page, this starter plan will be the best for your domain.

A starter subscription provides 50k visitors a month and has the possibility of integrating with up to 10GB SSD storage.

EasyWP Turbo Plan

If your site experiences a high number of traffic, the ideal plan for you is the EasyWP Turbo Plan; it can support 250k visitors every month. Starter plan, and you will also receive 1.5x a CPU or RAM, respectively.

If you choose their Turbo plan, 250k visitors are allowed per month; hence, get the 50GB SSD storage.

EasyWP Supersonic Plan

EasyWP has a Supersonic Plan, which is the most advanced option and allows coping with 500k visitors a month. The Performance plans provide 2x more CPU and RAM than the Starter plan as well, but they also have an SLA for a server uptime of 99.99%.

The supersonic blueprint enables a maximum of 500k monthly visitors and gives you storage space in SSD with 100GB.

EasyWP Coupon and Promo Code


Avail 70% OFF on EasyWP Supersonic Hosting!

Multiply your website’s potential with EasyWP Supersonic hosting at an amazing 70% off! Quickly, benefit from our special coupon code to enjoy the best unbeatable price. Special limited offer – act now.

$5.74 / $19.88


Verified 24 uses today


Get Started with EasyWP, enjoy hosting for the FIRST Month FREE

Are you interested in EasyWP and would like to try them out? You’re in luck! Now get 1 MONTH of EasyWP hosting absolutely FREE!

FREE / $19.88


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Receive a 62% discount on hosting plans at EasyWP Turbo

Use the EasyWP Turbo plan to give your website a turbo boost and enjoy a 62% discount on the normal price. Lightning-fast website performance brings peaceful browsing to the lives of your visitors.

$4.91 / $12.88


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Enjoy a 58% discount on the EasyWP Starter hosting plans.

Obtain a whopping 58% off EasyWP Starter Hosting plans! This special limited-time offer enables you to get our robust hosting solution at a price that is hard to beat.

$2.91 / $6.88


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is EasyWP?

EasyWP by Namecheap is the latest breakthrough of A true cloud technology optimized just for WordPress that provides managed WordPress hosting service.

2. Does EasyWP offer promo codes?

On their plans, EasyWP offers some promotional discounts before launching. You can benefit from savings on EasyWP plans billed both monthly and annually.

3. What percentage discount does EasyWP offer?

EasyWP plans come with varying discount rates depending on the individual plan. Some of the available plans have discounts that range from 58% to 62%, while in the SuperSonic plan, discounts can be as much as about 74%.

4. Can I transfer my current WordPress blog from elsewhere to EasyWP?

Yes, EasyWP provides smooth steps for transfer. It does not matter if you are migrating from another hosting provider or moving your site away from a self-hosted WordPress address because EasyWP equips users with mechanisms and support to help them migrate their sites easily, avoiding any downtime for the web project.

Summing Up

EasyWP Managed WordPress Hosting is a beginner-friendly and budget-conscious solution for bloggers. It is characterized by simplicity to foster a smooth running for its users. So, with the EasyWP coupon codes above, you can save as much as 74% OFF on your hosting purchase. 

And, if you still hesitate, they also give you a chance at a 1 MONTH FREE TRIAL with no liabilities –a great opportunity to try their services and decide whether they meet your needs. If you found this EasyWP Hosting Review to be of help, then that’s my hope. Will you attempt EasyWP? Leave a comment below.

Get Started with EasyWP Coupon Code 0.0


EasyWP: Grab our special EasyWP coupon link and offer to get the Managed WordPress hosting solution from Namecheap at an affordable price.


  • Amazing deals on their monthly, annual, and three-year plans.
  • The dashboard is simple and easy to operate.
  • Free CDN and Positive SSL are available


  • Pricing is based on a 1x website.
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