6 Reasons: How VPN Can Help Secure Your Blogs?

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Your blog is your online identity. It’s your voice, and it represents thousands of hours of hard work. If you’ve played your cards right it’s an income stream or aims to be one. But how secure is it? Did you code the site yourself after watching a few YouTube tutorials? Are you using …

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Stromonic Managed WordPress Hosting Review: Should You Go For It?

stromonic, stromonic hosting, stromonic review, stromonic web hosting

Web hosting is a prominent pillar behind every flawless running website. Although it is a must for all website owners, there are hardly a few who really focus on choosing a reliable hosting partner. Simply going for the cheap pricing shared hosting is one obvious move to find WordPress hosting provider. But, trust …

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How to Easily Change FontAwesome Color in HTML & WordPress?

change color of fontawesome, change font awesome color, change fontawesome color

Changing the FontAwesome icon color is not a challenging task, but it may confuse you like me? Last night while making changes on my website, I got stuck at changing the icon’s color, even when I have already done it before. Once I was done with my website development, I decided to write …

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How to Get Google AdSense Approval (Tested & Tried Method)

google adsense approval, google adsense approval trick, how to approve google adsense

Google AdSense is one of the best and most used ways to monetize your blog to start earning. But when a new blogger sends his blog for AdSense Approval, their application gets rejected because of a few mistakes. Here in this article, I have shared everything you need to take care of to …

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How to Create A Landing Page In WordPress?

create landing page, landing page, landing page in wordpress

Are you thinking of creating a landing page in WordPress? If yes, then this article is for you. Below we have shared how to create a landing page using Elementor in WordPress. Follow the below instructions carefully, and you will be done with your landing page. You can also use other tools, for …

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