Weird Website List: Top 11 Most Weird and Funny Websites of 2017

Here’s an interesting list of the best Funny, Weirdest and Strange Websites.

So if you are in stressed, tensed or in kind of problem or if your mind is not fresh, then this post is surely for you. This list of Top 11 Most Funny, Interesting and Strange Weird Sites will surely freshen up your mind.

Top 11 Weird and Funny Website List:

Endless Horse:

The Name Itself Said Everything.

When You Visit The Website, There​ Will Be a Horse which Is Made By Text. But The Loop Made The Horse To Never End.

Endless Horse, Weirdest Thing, Funny Websites

Endless Horse

You’ll Die Scrolling, But Horse Will Never End. ?

Eel Slap:

Eel Slap is Basically a Website, Where You Slap a Person With Eel Using Your Mouse.

The Majority Of People Believe That It Is Fun To Slap a Person With Eel.

Eel Slap, Weirdest Websites

Eel Slap

So What Are You Waiting For..? Lets Slap a People With Eel ?


When I Visit ZoomQuilt, I Observe That ZoomQuilt is One Of The Great Illusion I’ve Ever Been Observed.

ZoomQuilt is Basically a Never Ending Infinite Zooming​Illusion Produced By Flash Technology.

ZoomQuilt, Weird Websites, Top 11 Weird Websites


Without Any Doubts, This Is One Of The Best Available Design Illusions On Internet.

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Why You Stayed​ Here..?

Just Go And Find Yourself ?

Feed The Head:

The Most Amazing Website, Where You Play a Game in Which You Do Weird And Strange Things With Head, Eyes, Nose, Ears etc.

In The End You’ve To Make Them Disappeared. Game Is Superb Yet Hard To Win and I Believe You’ll Get Addicted.

Feed The Head Game, Weird Websites, Weird Websites List

Feed The Head

So Why To Waste Your Time Here..?

Check Them Out ?

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I’m Not a Pianist, So I Don’t Know Much About This Site Even Don’t Know About Your Hardships.

TouchPiano Weirdest Website, Weird Sites


If You’re Bored..And Out Of Your Piano Sight, Then You Can Use TouchPiano To Play Piano Online.

How Old I Look:

If You’re Dying of Boredom, Then It Is Another Yet Amazing Website You Must Have To Visit.

All You Need To Do Is, Go To Website And Upload Your Photo. After That It Will Tell You Either You’re a Male or Female And What’s Your Age. ?

Top Weird Websites, Weird Websites, Funny Weird Websites

How Old I Look

I’m Getting Addicted To This Website, And Yayyy I’m 19 Years Old According To This Website.. Accurate One ?

Black and White To Colorful:

Yet Another Weird Website. You Can Beautifully Colorized Any Black and White Pic in Colorful One.

Weird, top 10 weirdest websites, weirdest websites

Source: DevianArt

Ideal For Those Who Have Black And White Photo of Their Granny And All.

Staggering Beauty:

Have You Ever Seen a Worm Shaking With Your Control..?

If Not, You Can Control A Worm Along With a Click of Mouse on The Internet.

Best Weird Websites, Strange Website On Internet, Website Weirds

Staggering Beauty

If You Move Your Mouse Fast, So Fast And So Fast. You’ll See a Magic Happened Their.

I’ll Not Tell You What Will It Be.. Go And Find Yourself ?

Pointer Pointer:

When You Visit The Website And Move Your Cursor To Any Particular Place And Then Stop,

You’ll See an Image Will Come And Particular Image Will Point Out On Your Cursor.

Pointer Pointer Weird Websites, Weird Websites, Weirdest Thing Happens

Image Source: HD Images Download

Yet Amazing One ?,

Bole To Main Fan Ho Gya Iska (Its Seems Like I’m Getting Addicted To It)?

The Zombies Dance:

Have You Ever Seen a Zombie Dance..?

I Swear, Never.

But This Zombies Dance Website Will Show You Zombies, Who Are Dancing.

Zombie Dance, Weird Websites On Internet

The Zombies Dance

Let’s Take Some Popcorn And Enjoy Dancing Them.. Even You Can Dance With Them Too ?

Yeahh If You’re Zombies ?

So Bookmark Us And Checkout Zombies Dance

Gay Test:

Are You a Gay..?

OMG What Happens If You’re a Gay..?

Earth Will Tolerate You ?


Gay Test, Wierd Thing, Weirdest Thing

Gay Test

Hey Listen.. Wait..But Why..?

Why I’m Saying This..? Go And Checkout This Website Why I’m Saying All These ?


So These Are Most Weird and Funny Websites Of 2017.

I Hope You Enjoyed Each And Every Weird n Funny Websites Listed Here.

Soon I’ll Try To Add More Websites To List.

If You Loved Enjoying Top 11 Weird and Funny Websites, Please Comment Below Or Share It With Friends ?

So That I Can Update Some More Weird Websites List To Kill Your Boredom ?

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