How to Unfollow on Instagram: Clean Up Your Feed & Customize Your Experience

instagram unfollow, unfollow

We occasionally encounter an account that keeps posting irrelevant content on our feed, even though we initially believed that they would publish interesting content when we started following them on Instagram. This is when many of us begin to wonder whether or not we can mass unfollow users on Instagram and how many people unfollow at one time.

You might want to stop following people who submit content that you consider spam or irrelevant to your interests. It is unpleasant and annoying, and it makes one wish that Instagram would at least provide an option to delete all of those accounts at once.

In the initial periods of Instagram, users were free to unfollow any account they wished; they were not limited from unfollowing any accounts. On the other hand, due to recent developments and improvements in the app’s security features, users can no longer unfollow multiple Instagram profiles simultaneously. In point of fact, there are policies that have been established, and all users are expected to conform to the guidelines.

Suppose you are planning to unfollow a huge number of individuals on Instagram and are curious about the platform’s limits in this regard. In that case, the fact of the matter is that Instagram will not permit you to unfollow thousands of users instantly. However, the boundaries can shift depending on a number of different considerations.

You will be glad to know that Instagram makes it simple to discover your individual unfollow boundaries and develop strategies to avoid going over them. Anything that you need to understand will be discussed in detail in the article below!

How Many People Can I Unfollow on Instagram?

Instagram users who have had their account for less than three months are subject to a lower follow limit than those whose accounts have been around longer.

If your account is new, you are only allowed to unfollow approximately 100 accounts per day. Following that, if your account has been around for a while, you are permitted to unfollow around 200 accounts per day.

instagram unfollow, unfollow

Please keep in mind that these are just approximated figures rather than strict regulations. You can unfollow up to 200 people in a day, but doing it repeatedly over several hours could get you in trouble. It is also possible that Instagram will allow you to follow a different number of accounts than those listed above. Still, the two sets of numbers will generally correspond with one another.

You are required to keep in mind the following restrictions, which are presented below.

  • The permitted amount of unfollows for the 1st week: 50 per day
  • The permitted amount of unfollows for the 2nd week: 100 per day
  • The permitted amount of unfollows for the 3rd week: 150 per day
  • The permitted amount of unfollows for the 4th week: 200 per day

Note: It is highly suggested to unfollow inactive accounts on a regular basis. People who unfollow a large number of accounts all at once are more likely to be affected by this problem.

What happens when you unfollow too many people on Instagram?

More than a billion people use Instagram every single month. More than 500 million Stories are read daily on the Internet, according to the statistics. Because of its large user base, Instagram has to restrict its users’ everyday actions. A fall into instability is likely if it does not.

When you reach certain limits on Instagram, certain actions become disabled for you, and you may even have your account deleted. The app will notify you with a message when something like this occurs.

The vast majority of the time, accounts are temporarily blocked for less than 24 hours. After this point, you should proceed at a more relaxed pace. Besides unfollowing people, you should also be careful about the information you post, check the comments you write, and, of course, avoid using too many likes and tags.

If you do not follow Instagram’s limits, you also run the risk of being shadowbanned. There will be no limitations placed on your account. There won’t be any notification or warning given to you. On the other hand, your impressions will diminish.

Factors That Determine Your Instagram Account’s Unfollowing Limit

Much like other social media platforms, Instagram provides a minor advantage to its trusted users; yet, it is still difficult to determine which people Instagram genuinely believes to be trustworthy.

instagram unfollow, unfollow

We are unable to provide accurate numbers regarding the safe activity limits on Instagram. However, we will provide the safe intervals as well as explain how they can be calculated. Please take into consideration the key criteria listed below as they relate to Instagram restrictions.

1. Account activity

The platform’s success needs users who are passionate about producing plenty of high-quality content. Therefore, your activity restrictions will progressively increase with the amount of time you spend using Instagram.

If you open Instagram several times a day, talk to your friends, share new posts, and comment on other people’s stories, this network will take it in a positive way as long as you do not abuse it, of course.

One of the most important ways to assure reliability on the platform is through account activity. Your account should not have any red flags or temporary bans due to questionable behavior. You will be given priority treatment if you keep using the platform manually in the recommended ways.

2. Age of the account

According to the guidelines set forth by Instagram, a profile is regarded to be old if it was established more than three months ago. Higher limits are placed on such accounts for the activities of liking and commenting, as well as following and unfollowing.

It makes no difference how many followers you have or the amount of interaction you get. You will not be eligible for the extra advantages because your account is not old enough to meet the requirements. Any account of this type that does not meet the standards is still in its early stages and should not do anything that would be considered wrong.

This makes sense since it looks strange when hundreds of photos or videos show up on a page in just two days. In addition, the platform’s algorithms pay particular attention to such behavior.

3. Number of followers

This next Instagram limit factor very certainly comes from the two that came before it. The older your profile is, and the more frequently you use it, the greater the number of people who follow you on Instagram. Users who have a larger number of followers are given access to additional app features as a result.

If your Instagram page has only been up for a few weeks, but you have already subscribed to thousands of users, it is odd because the network will delete your page, considering it a bot.

Most Instagram users wrongly believe that if they buy followers, they will be seen as trustworthy influencers; however, this is not the case. The Instagram algorithm is strong enough to detect such behavior and result in bans rather than profile enhancements.

Even though making these kinds of purchases is a good way to gain people’s trust, the best ways to get natural followers are still to provide useful content and interact with users.

4. Account engagement

Your average activity determines your Instagram account’s restrictions. If you typically like one hundred posts every day and leave one hundred comments, this is not sufficient to ban you.

If your Instagram account gets a lot of likes and comments, Instagram may give you some perks. However, you still have to follow Instagram’s Terms of Service (TOS) and not break any of their important rules.

It’s a very important criterion that shows how often you’ve used the Instagram app over time. When determining your level of engagement, a number of factors are taken into account, the most important of which is the number of likes, comments, shares, and saves. In other words, if you regularly interact with other people who use Instagram, your engagement level will be high.

5. Type Of Account

Most of the time, a corporate account with no privacy settings turned on will be seen by more people than a personal account. Three different types of accounts may be created on Instagram: personal, creator, and business. Each one is designed for a specific purpose.

In general, creator accounts and company accounts are better than personal and individual accounts in a few ways. Because of this, we strongly suggest that you set up accounts that fit either of these two categories.

If, on the other hand, you only want to use Instagram for your own pleasure and are worried about keeping your privacy, you can only do so by making your own profile.

How To Fix “Mass Unfollow” Limitation On Instagram

First of all, there is a limit to everything you can do on Instagram; this is to cut down on fake engagement on the platform. The platform’s goal is to give you a safe app that will for sure cut-off accounts violating the conditions. We must follow Instagram’s rules so that your account is always secure when using the app.

instagram unfollow, unfollow
Mass Unfollow App on Google Play Store

As we have mentioned earlier, no official announcement tells Instagram users how much of each activity they can do each day. However, we generally say the numbers are connected to what we know and what other Instagram users have seen.

If you did not know the rules and found yourself in a scenario where you had reached your restrictions in the app, please make sure to follow these steps properly:

  • Halt all usage of third-party applications if you were using them to unfollow users.
  • Put a halt to all of your activity on Instagram;
  • However, the time taken to restart your activities relies on how much Instagram believes you are in danger. Once the risk has been reduced, resume your activities at a very modest speed.

How To Avoid Being Blocked For Mass Unfollowing

instagram unfollow, unfollow

You will need to keep a plan in mind in order to avoid the possibility that their algorithm will incorrectly identify you as a spammer. So, if you do not want to get banned, have your account blocked from unfollowing you, or be shadowbanned, you should follow these steps.

1. Manually Unfollow In The Instagram App

Instagram has a very comprehensive bot detection system now, which means that even if you are using the software for good reasons and not spamming in any way, your account could still be blocked for using the software.

As a result, if you want to unfollow someone on Instagram, the most secure method is to do it through the Instagram mobile app because this is how the vast majority of users navigate and interact on Instagram.

Meta, the owner of Instagram, also believes that bots are much harder to use on phones than on computers. So, if you want to stop following someone, you should do it on the mobile app if you can, even if you usually use Instagram on your computer.

2. Unfollow Individuals At Different Time Intervals

One of the best ways to get around the restrictions on unfollowing is to unfollow accounts at different times. You can choose to take a pause for an hour or two before actually going back to the process of unfollowing.

This will provide the program with a signal that the activity is coming from a human rather than a robot, which will allow you to exceed the daily limit for the number of people you can unfollow.

3. Use Third-Party Applications Smartly

If you want to get the most out of third-party contracts, you need to feel like you own them. But if you do not and you leave any loopholes, the account could be terminated.

There is a timed auto-follow/unfollow function made possible by these third-party apps. Timing the program to delete your Instagram followers in bulk according to the parameters we discussed at the outset of this post

Third-party software has some good points, but it also has some bad moments, like the chance of losing data. So, your first choice should be reliable apps with good reviews in the app store.

4. Continue Normal Instagram Posting

When you unfollow a large number of users on Instagram—especially if you are getting close to the daily limit for the number of users you can unfollow—the platform’s automatic system will check to see if your account is genuine.

So, one thing you can do to show that you are a real Instagram user and not a bot is to keep sharing your own unique photos as you normally would. If at all possible, you should stay clear of reposting the images of other users or even pictures taken from the Internet, as this behavior is typical of bots.

5. Avoid Unfollowing In Any Form Of Pattern

This is one of the most significant ones. Instagram has very advanced systems that can tell the difference between normal human behavior and actions that could be done by a bot or other type of automated software.

The identification of patterns is one of the primary focuses of their investigation. For example, if you unfollow exactly fifty people every hour, that could be seen as strange.

Therefore, you should avoid following the same number of individuals each time, during the same time of the day, or following continually until you reach your limit.

6. Focus on your target audience

Find out who you want to reach and focus on doing that. Avoid conversations or interactions that are not necessary.

People who are not much into Instagram accounts should not be targeted with your likes, comments, or followers in order to avoid exceeding Instagram’s follower restrictions.

How long does Instagram’s unfollow restriction last?

The duration is determined primarily by the account’s previous activity. Once you have been subjected to the unfollow limitations, they will likely remain in place for twenty-four and seventy-two hours. In most cases, the issued ban will be removed within the first three days.

On the other hand, if it is not, you should talk to the support team about the problem you are having. The easiest way to get in touch with customer service is to use the “help center” function, which is accessible from the main menu.

Alternatives of Unfollowing Instagram Accounts

Sometimes, in order to avoid the negative effects of Instagram’s algorithm, we can go for its alternative rather than mass unfollowing people. These might come in handy for dealing with any problems on Instagram with excessive followers.

1. Mute Accounts

If you choose to mute anyone on Instagram, you will no longer be able to view any of the activities that they participate in. The act of hiding any action from a certain profile is referred to as “muting” that profile. All of their stories, posts, comments, and likes will be included in this count.

People believe that the mute option is preferred to the unfollow option since muted accounts will not appear on the profile even if you are still following them after you have muted them.

2. Restrict Accounts

Users who have a limit on how many accounts they can unfollow at once can restrict access to a specific user.

The restrict option is a little bit distinct from the unfollow tool in that the person you restrict will still be on your following list, but none of their activities will appear in your feed. Accounts with limited access can’t make comments or likes on the content you post.

It is possible that the individual will not even be aware that they are being restricted, which will free you from the obligation of providing any explanation to them.

3. Block Account

Blocking is another good option to think about when there is a serious problem with another user’s account, and you want to stop following that user but cannot because of your personal reasons.

On the other hand, blocking is not comparable to unfollowing someone, but it is an option to consider when things go from bad to worse.

When you block an account, all of your connections with that account will be cut, so neither of you will be able to like, comment on, or follow the other’s posts. Instagram will also delete all of the prior actions posted to your account from the account you blocked.

Other Instagram Limitations

However, the restrictions on who you can follow and unfollow on Instagram are not the only ones you will have to deal with as a user. Instagram restricts the number of likes, comments, hashtags, and stories, as well as any other behaviors that reflect unethical behavior, in order to maintain the platform’s integrity and keep it clean.

Let’s go over how to keep your account safe in every way possible.

Instagram Limits for users’ actions

Let’s move on to the numbers and find out what kind of behavior Instagram considers “normal” and therefore does not restrict.

1. Instagram like limits

Every Instagram user has a daily limit of 1,000 posts that can be liked on the platform. This is the usual number. Some accounts are shut down when they reach 700 likes, while others are more flexible.

If your Instagram profile is very new and you have a small number of followers, it is best to restrict your daily likes to between 300 and 400 and then progressively increase this range over time.

Keep in mind that Instagram has a limit on the total number of likes you can receive in an hour. The number 60 is considered to be a certain number for new accounts. Old accounts that have a large number of followers are allowed to like a maximum of 120 posts.


Instagram limits users to 180–200 comments each day. The age of the account is a factor in determining this limit. You’ll unlock more commenting options the more you use the app.

Instagram limits can be increased gradually to avoid suspension. Do not overwhelm the conversation; 10 comments a day will get you started if you are new to the discussion. For every day that passes, add five to the total.

It is not a good idea to keep posting the same opinion. Instagram can detect and remove duplicate texts. Leaving it blank seems like spam, even if you only use an emoji in your message. Do not forget that it discourages spammers who employ these methods.

3. Instagram Stories limits

It is worth noting that Instagram does not restrict the number of new Stories any user can create. Instead, it motivates them to produce and circulate original, high-quality information continuously. Because of this, it’s best to put out stories regularly that your audience will find interesting.

4. Instagram Direct messages Limit

Even direct messages on Instagram have their own set of restrictions. The optimal range for daily new chats is anywhere between 50 and 80. There is a chance that this limit will be lower for new accounts, so do not text all of your contacts right away.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can You Find Out if You Have Been Unfollowed on Instagram?

Yes, there is a way to do it. Checking the follower list on Instagram will show you which users have stopped following you. You can then search for those users on your list to see if they are still following you. Alternatively, you might try installing an app from a third-party app.

Can I remove multiple followers at once on Instagram?

The best way to get rid of followers from an Instagram account is to use a third-party tool. You cannot delete followers by selecting multiple users on Instagram itself.

Can you get banned for unfollowing too many people on Instagram?

It is just a temporary block. Your ability to follow or unfollow other users will be disabled for a period of time that could range from a few hours to many days. So, maintaining compliance with Instagram’s policies is required.

Final Thoughts

In order to function efficiently from interruptions or potential fraud, Instagram, like any other platform, needs some regulations and restrictions to be put in place. In addition, account holders have a responsibility to assist the website in accomplishing this objective.

Be aware of the maximum number of accounts on Instagram that can be unfollowed at once. When utilizing social media, make sure to act responsibly and intelligently. Keep the procedure as natural as possible and use the methods we discussed if you have an urgent need to unfollow a large number of accounts; otherwise, you should go well.

In order to prevent Instagram from blocking your account in any way, it is of the utmost importance to begin the process of unfollowing users straightforwardly. On the other hand. Instagram accounts that have been used in a legitimate way for a long time tend to have more restrictions than accounts that have just started and haven’t yet shown that they can be trusted.

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