How to Improve Your Writing Skills: Learn From Authors You Admire

Improve Writing Skills

Writing is a skill that requires a lot of sacrifice and devotion. Like any other skill, writing also requires constant improvement. You don’t need to be a professional writer, you don’t even need to write on an everyday basis. It’s enough if you are using writing for emails or chatting with your friends even. So how do you improve your writing skills?

There is a way in which people used to learn writing a long time ago. This method gave some of the most gifted authors, but we seem to have forgotten all about it. We are talking about copywork. This method involves reading other authors and taking their examples in creating your work. So let’s see how this method can help you write better.

Why Copywork Will Help You Become a Better Writer

While everyone appreciates creativity and originality, not all original work is good. We see original authors all the time, not only writers, creating original content that’s not that good.

It lacks style, sometimes even the point, and there are many examples of poor grammar and spelling. The bottom line, we can be original and create our own style, but that doesn’t guarantee any quality.

Copywork, by its nature, asks of you to study the work of authors that are acclaimed and have proven their worth. You can use their work in order to improve any aspect of their writing that you find impressive.

It could be the structure, vocabulary, or even a topic if you think it would fit you. When you take a method that works and adapt it to your skill, success is at your feet.

Improving your style

There is nothing easier than improving your style by taking the example of a writer whose style you admire. Think about reading your favorite writer, and slowly but surely, you start noticing something.

At first, you will notice the most impactful parts of their style. After a while, you will begin to see different, subtle elements of that writer’s style. Through time, these elements will grow into you, and you will begin to use them as a part of your style.

Improving your word choice and syntax

This is an important aspect of your writing style. While you read and copy the work of some other writer, you will notice that the choice of words can amplify the impact of those words. This is a technique that writers often use for a lack of better word choice.

You may notice that your work sometimes becomes blunt, and there is no fire in your lines. Reading other writers could help you get back on track and improve the strength of your prose. You can also use a plagiarism checker tool to check the quality of your articles.

Improving Paragraphs

It’s not unusual for people to have trouble organizing or transiting from one paragraph to another. Paragraphs have to be well-organized structural blocks, and there are some real masters of this trade.

Reading other authors can help you improve the way you organize your paragraphs or create transitions. Some authors can even create a single line paragraph, many of them also make money off it.

Improving spelling, punctuation, and grammar

Reading authors who have their work proofread and grammar-checked can also improve your grammar and spelling. It’s not uncommon to get your hands on material that has some spelling or punctuation mistakes, so think about what you read.

It’s best if you read from famous authors and avoid everyday blogs or forums. There’s a great chance that you will not improve your skills by reading poorly written material.

Improving memory and focus

Have you ever heard of Stevenson’s copyword method? It requires you to read a paragraph twice and then write it down, word for word. It goes without saying that it takes a lot of cognitive strength to accomplish this task successfully, but in the long run, it helps a lot.

How to Get Started

There is a simple and effective way to start improving your writing skills with copywork. Here is a step-by-step instruction that will help you on your way to greatness.

  • Choose a writer that inspires you
  • Always handwrite
  • Start slowly, begin with shorter passages, and then work your way up
  • Work every day on your improvement

Copywork is one of the oldest and most effective ways in which you can master any aspect of writing. If you are a professional writer or you plan a career in the future, don’t stop improving. It doesn’t matter which style you prefer and what is your favorite author, just give yourself enough time.

Let us know which author inspires your work. We would love to know whose style you prefer.

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