8 Best Notion Travel Templates in 2024 to Simplify Trip Planning (Free & Paid)

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We all need to take a break from our life sometimes, especially after being cooped up in our homes for so long, but for a vacation to be great, it needs to be well planned to be fun. Well, I have created a list of the best Notion Travel Templates to simplify all your trip planning needs.

First of all, trips are expensive, so spending all that money and not being able to enjoy your trip is kind of the worst. I once went on an ill-planned trip to Jaipur, and it was miserable as I missed out on everything I wanted to see. It was just all a big mess.

Well, Notion has everything you need to plan a trip, and you can add so many blocks with to-do lists to keep everything in check, but spending time to create such a dashboard when so many templates are available can be kind of counterproductive.

There are so many options though, for every kind of template on Notion, which can put you into a bit of a dilemma. Now don’t get worried because I have listed the best of the best Travel Templates to make your life a tiny bit easier.

Best Notion Travel Templates

Notion is like your friend with OCD, with a dire need to organize everything you present it. The thing is, though, you still need to give it instructions on how you need the organizing done. You can create your own space by adding blocks, but why go through all that effort when Notion has so many templates to offer you?

I have listed the best of the best with their features described so you can go through a tiny list and pick one instead of trying to find one on your own. As you read the title, this article includes both paid and free templates to suit all your needs in travel planning.

You have got a lot to find out with planning your itinerary, goals, packing, and so much more, and Notion can be a bit intimidating at first glance but trust me, it is very easy to use once you get the hang of it. You can pick a template with instructions if you are not sure how to use it. Just pick one, duplicate it, and start your trip planning.

1. Notion Travel Manager

Notion Travel Manager Template
Notion Travel Manager Template

If you are a person who loves to travel and goes on a lot of trips, then you know the importance of a well-planned trip. Notion Travel Manager is perfect as your trip buddy as you can plan and keep a record of your destinations with ease.

There are different sections for you to record the trips you have already been to and the ones you plan to have on your bucket list. You can organize your itinerary for your trip and assign due dates for the task to happen.

There are many helpful features like a drag-and-drop planner to organize your tasks into different buckets (lists) so you can be well prepared for your trip and get the best out of it. With an organized schedule, you won’t miss anything the destination has to offer you.

Another great thing about Notion Travel Manager is that it is completely free, so you just need to duplicate it and start using it. It is very user-friendly, so you must give it a try to see if it’s your perfect trip planner.

Features of Notion Travel Manager

  • Pretty good organizer
  • Keeps track of destinations and tasks
  • Features like drag-and-drop planner
  • Buckets to sort everything
  • Free & User-friendly interface

2. Notion Trip Planner

Notion Trip Planner Template
Notion Trip Planner Template

From a small road trip to a big foreign vacation, Notion Trip Planner will help you plan and organize everything. Once you pick it as your travel buddy, you will never want to go back on your decision.

You can add the vacations you have already taken and your dream vacations while planning your next trip. Just decide on your next vacation and start planning it day by day, as you can organize the whole day in one section to keep everything organized. You can even share your plans with your friends or guests.

There are literally so many amazing features that are extremely helpful, like the expense calculator. You can plan your expenses beforehand or on the same day and keep track of your money. I love that feature because, without a structure, I would spend all my money in a day.

You are also provided with a checklist in this template so you can keep track of your packing needs too. All these amazing features are available just for the small price of $10, so get duplicating and start planning.

Features of Notion Trip Planner

  • Organizes small to big trips
  • Organize the entire day in a separate subsection
  • Can share with friends
  • Expenses calculator
  • Checklist
  • Reasonable price

3. Simple Trip Planner – Doodables

Simple Trip Planner Template for Notion
Simple Trip Planner Template for Notion

Doodables honestly has a lot of my favorite templates, and Simple Trip Planner is one of them. The design is elegant and simple, so your dashboard will be aesthetically pleasing, clutter-free, and very well organized. The dashboard only gives an overview of important information from where you can access subsections.

There are so many amazing databases that will help you keep all your travel needs straight. like there’s one with tasks related to your trip where you can organize your entire itinerary with templates and checklists, and one that helps you organize the locations you want to visit.

There are so many other databases that will make Notion your one-stop for trip planning, and that’s not it. It is also helpful during and after the trip has been taken. It even has a database about important vocabulary required for your trip.

You can even organize your photos and travel memories for journaling. I love the variety of useful databases available to organize every aspect of your trip. The best thing is it is pretty cheap, so a great deal with great benefits.

Features of Simple Trip Planner

  • Simple and elegant design
  • The dashboard displays only important information
  • Various databases
  • Reasonable price
  • Helps with all aspects of drawing
  • User friendly

4. Awesome Trip Planner

Awesome Trip Planner Template for Notion
Awesome Trip Planner Template for Notion

You know the template is good because it was curated by a fellow traveler who has traveled to over 40 countries and knows the trip-planning procedure well. Awesome Trip Planner is a tried and tested product nearing perfection.

There are so many awesome features for you to plan and organize your trips that you will love to travel. There is a trip planning canvas where you can plan your upcoming itinerary day by day.

You can store all your information, like your tickets and hotel confirmation securely in one place, and the template even has an automated checklist feature where you enter the information regarding your trip’s length and location, and it will suggest to you what you need.

Awesome Trip Planner justifies its name quite well with its numerous thoughtfully created features. There are features like a history view too so you can see your past trips too, and all that for a very low price.

Features of Awesome Trip Planner

  • Created by an experienced traveler
  • Trip planning canvas to plan days
  • Separate section to store important documentation
  • Automated checklist
  • History view

5. Notion Travel Dashboard

Notion Template for Travel Dashboard
Notion Template for Travel Dashboard

I don’t even know what to rave about when I talk about Notion Travel Dashboard because there are so many things. If you are new to Notion, don’t get overwhelmed, though, as there are two different versions of it, one for the novice and the other for people with some prior knowledge of Notion.

You can plan, research, and organize your trip all in one place without any hassle, so all your travel info will be stored in one place for easy access. There are features like a trip database to keep track of your trips, an interactive section to plan your itinerary by item, date, cost, etc., reminders for upcoming trips, and many more.

There are also features like an automated calendar view, templates for packing lists, a template for travel journals, and so much more. If you are traveling with your friends, then you can also keep track of expenses and who paid for what, making your trip drama-free in that section.

There are literally so many pros to getting Notion Travel Dashboard that I can’t even list all of them here. The price of it is 20$, but for people looking for templates now, you are in luck as it is available for just 8$ making it a worthy deal.

Features of Notion Travel Dashboard

  • Plan, organize, and research in one place
  • Templates for everything
  • Too many features
  • Keep track of documents and money
  • Reasonable price
  • Two versions

6. Travelo

Travelo Notion Template
Travelo Notion Template

Travelo understands your need to explore new cultures, places, and things; hence it was created to help you plan your long-needed vacation. The system is organized into five key sections, which further have the databases you need to organize them.

The trip section includes the upcoming trip dashboard, bucket list, itinerary management, plan things to do, places to visit, accommodation, links, transport, etc. It even has an expense tracker feature for you to keep your budget straight.

The expenses section includes an expense manager and post-trip analysis, and the travel journal section includes a travel journal template. There is also a section for document management so you will never forget your passport at home.

I just love how organized the sections are and how they manage everything so well; the Travelo setup instructions and guide are also tremendously helpful. Although it is not exactly cheap, but the price is pretty compatible and reasonable at 20$.

Features of Travelo

  • The system is organized into 5 sections
  • Pre-filled country database
  • Setup guide
  • Reasonable price
  • Life progress bar

7. Travel Bucket List, Trip Planner, and Scratch Map

Travel Bucket List Template for Notion
Travel Bucket List Template for Notion

Notion can be somewhat overwhelming for new users, but it doesn’t have to be. Travel Bucket List, Trip Planner, and Scratch Map template is a pretty good one if you decide to go for it, and as a plus, it is aesthetically pleasing too.

With this template, you can create a bucket list for all your dream vacations and plan and budget them out to get you one step closer to them. It doesn’t have to be a huge overseas trip either, and you can also plan road trips, solo or family trips, weekend getaways, and basically all kinds of trips.

The pricing of the template is very reasonable, and you can also book a 30-minute consultation call with the creator to learn everything about the template and how to get your money’s worth out of it.

Features of Travel Bucket List

  • Well organized
  • Bucket List
  • Plan your budget for dream vacations
  • Reasonable price
  • User friendly

8. The Ultimate Travel Planner

Ultimate Travel Planner for Notion
Ultimate Travel Planner for Notion

When you plan a trip, the destination plays an important role, but that is not everything; a lot of stuff factors into the planning too. You can’t just pick any destination and travel there blindly, or you will not enjoy your vacation as much as you could.

With the Ultimate Travel Planner, you can create a board for research and inspiration so you can pick your travel destination and research things like fun tasks, architecture, art, etc. You can also create and track to-do lists so you never miss out on anything fun.

There are all the features that you will require to plan a trip, and more like a travel journal, or budget manager, you can even track your language learning which is so important. Honestly, it is a great template to have for your trip planning, and you cannot go wrong with it.

Features of Ultimate Travel Planner

  • Board for Research and Inspiration
  • Track to-do lists
  • Track language learning skills
  • Reasonable price
  • User friendly


We all need a timeout from our daily routines, or we can get burned out. Even if you have a lot of work, you still need to freshen your mind with trips and vacations to increase your productivity and creativity, but in our busy lives, we don’t necessarily have the time or patience to plan and organize everything. And notion travel templates will aid you in decreasing your stress when it comes to trip planning. Any of the above-given templates will help you a lot in the entire organization of your trip in one place.

You can buy travel packages, of course, but the thing is, these travel packages are extremely expensive and mostly include touristy places which are so crowded and hectic that it ruins the entire vacation and you miss out on a lot of amazing stuff you could have enjoyed in those locations.

If you decide to go for any of the above-mentioned templates, you will not regret your decision, and they will make your journeys more memorable and seamless. So what are you waiting for? Just pick a template and start planning your trips.

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