Top 5 Best CDN Service For WordPress Blog To Speed Up Your Blog

CDN is used to speed up your WordPress blog or site that is why it is very important to choose best CND service for your WordPress blog.Today we’re going to tell you which CDN is best for your blog.

Speed is everything nowadays, Google shows those sites top in the search result which have a Good page loading speed and we all know Images, CSS and JS make your website slower.The best way to fix this issue is using a CDN service on your website.

List of Best CDN service for WordPress Blog

We arrange a list of best CDN services which helps to increase the page load speed of your WordPress blog.

1.CloudFlare (Recommended)

Cloudflare is the best CDN service and it need no introduction.Almost every blogger knows everything about CloudFlare CDN service.CloudFlare is a professional CDN service and present since long time ago and boosting websites speed.CloudFlare WordPress plugin allow you to integrate your WordPress blog with CloudFlare.


  • Boost Your website.
  • Free and paid SSL certificate.
  • Secure Your Website From Hacker.
  • Website Analytics.


If you’re running your website on Linux hosting you can activate CloudFlare easily without touching any code or third party plugin.

2.Jetpack’s photon

The second best CDN service for your WordPress blog is Jetpack’s Photon module.Recently Jetpack added CDN feature in the Jetpack WordPress plugin.Jetpack is designed by which is also available for WordPress self-hosted blogs.Its photon module serves your Images from the own server to increase the loading speed of your blog page.


  • Host your images from the own server.
  • Increased the page loading speed.
  • It like the backup of your Images.

Best CDN service for WordPress


Incapsula is very popular WordPress content delivery service which boost your website’s page loading speed.It is used by big brands and business websites like Hitachi, MOZ and other major companies.

Incapsula can become your website’s all in one CDN service because it doesn’t only popular for content delivery through cloud server, but also popular for securing websites from hackers.


  • DDoS Protection, protection from DNS targeted attacks.
  • Real-time threat analysis.
  • Easily integrate with WordPress.
  • Secure and optimize at the same time.

Best CDN service for WordPress


Almost every website using Javascript code and every theme and template designed with the help to Javascript, so whenever anyone open your website then javascript is the thing which loaded first and after optimizing the JS your website start loading very fast.

Jsdelivr doesn’t serve your images and other content, but Jsdelivr serve Javascript from cloud server to increase the page speed.


  • Deliver your Javascript on the cloud server.
  • Optimize Javascript.
  • Easy to setup with WordPress plugin.

Best CDN service for WordPress


Maxcdn needs no introduction, it is the world’s best Content delivery network and if you’re looking for a premium CDN then maxcdn is the best choice for you.

Maxcdn super charge your website, it also secure your website from hackers and attackers.It doesn’t matter how clever attackers is, your website will never hack.


  • Deliver content to supercharge your websites.
  • Secure from hackers.
  • Real-time threat analysis.
  • Secure your traffic directly from the edge with custom or shared SSL options.

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