8 Ways Graduate Students Can Search For Jobs in Social Media

Are you searching for a well-paying job? Several employers and other recruitments bodies are using social media to look for highly qualified employees. Such means that you could use this technique as a huge part of your strategy while searching for a job. Social media platforms have become an important avenue to showcase your different skills. Besides, they allow you to write your social brand, communicate with various people online and identifying different job opportunities as well as leading you to real jobs.

Interestingly, your resume is seen only by those individuals who directly receive these documents. Also, recruiters who have subscribed to candidate database services can also view your application. What does this mean? Well, it assures you of total security of your personal and professional details.

Keep in mind that by using social media to search for a job you end up increasing your profile visibility in the broader world. It places your experience and skills into the lime light and offers opportunities for online networking with various professionals.

So, which methods could you use to boost job search?


1. Consider Widening Your Social Network

Here, it’s important to make use of social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook. Twitter is a public online platform where people share and post short messages. You could use it to communicate with different individuals or organizations which interest you. Attach those photos and links that you want to share with your Twitter followers.

Organizations use it in promoting services, and expertise as well as to attract people into visiting their website. Although it is a friendly site, it’s essential that you practice high levels of professionalism. Remember that you’re communicating with recruiters and hence, to attract their attention you must present yourself in a professional and captivating light.

What about Facebook? Here is a site that boasts over 1.59 billion active subscribers. It allows users to set up active profiles, and other users as friends, and exchange various messages in its user framework. You can also organize and join groups, events, share videos and photos.

Just like Twitter, it is an informal medium largely used by people who want to communicate with friends or even family. However, businesses are now using its diverse services for commercial reasons. They use it to communicate with customers, staff and the broader public especially to get views, comments, and feedback. Now, most organizations are using it to recruit and vet different candidates.

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2. Cultivate New and Old Relationships

Social media platforms also assist in making new business relationships. So, how can you use these principles in getting a job? If you think about it, it’s similar to cultivating real life relationships. All it requires is courage in encouraging people to assist you in landing a suitable job. Remember that social media is the fastest means to reach a broad number of friends and colleagues.


3. Make Use of LinkedIn!

Head hunters and recruiters use LinkedIn in searching for potential job candidates. If you are actively looking for a job, one of the core things to do is set up a suitable LinkedIn profile. It should be similar to creating an online resume. The site comes with a variety of useful features, for example, endorsements. Companies are currently using such positive feedback from their customers to captivate potential buyers.

LinkedIn uses this idea and offers you a chance to build personal testimonials. Here, it is advisable to request friends and family to write some positive comments and recommendations on your LinkedIn account. Give them different suggestions on the issues you would want them to include. Eventually, this builds on your authenticity and credibility!


4. Separate Your Personal and Business Accounts

If you are active on all social media networks, it’s nice to differentiate the business from the social profiles or accounts. In many situations, LinkedIn and Facebook exist as the major business channels. In light of this, you should divert attention from a high traffic personal Facebook profile to a professional one.

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5. Have an Attractive Photo and Complete Your Profile

Creating a good picture goes a long way in attracting people to view your profile. Get a professional and captivating headshot. Avoid using holiday photos as they are too informal. You may also upload a picture of you while in the workplace.

Your social media profile should also include your professional recommendations and qualifications. The importance of writing your full details in your profile, especially on LinkedIn, is that it separates you from other candidates and recruiters would give you priority once a job opportunity appears!


6. Receiving Updates on New Opportunities!

Use your email and different search engines to get job search notifications or alerts. Doing so assists you to land new opportunities immediately they appear. This means that you don’t necessarily have to go through the entire internet while looking for new, daily postings.


7. Think Outside the Box While Also Paying Close Attention to Detail

In your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account, include volunteer activities, university positions as well as other achievements. Such is crucial especially for those individuals with little to no working experience. It is also important to pay close attention to detail. A good example is in maintaining perfect grammar in your online Curriculum Vitae. Spelling mistakes are destructive to your job search profile because they put off potential recruiters from considering you for any positions they have.

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8. Be Yourself and Sensitive on How You Communicate With Recruiters

Make sure that your personality can attract any company C.E.O looking for able and qualified individuals to work for his or her organization. You could use Pinterest and Instagram to show what suits you.

Also, be sensitive while talking to these recruiters. It’s kind of inappropriate to ask a recruiter who you haven’t physically met to follow you on websites such as Twitter or Facebook. Find other subtle ways of engaging with them, then build rapport. The key here is to make slow but sure moves!


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      A Summary of the Benefits of Social Media to Your Job Search

  • It helps you write, apply and advertise roles quickly
  • Recruiters who use social media in their business operations give you more priority
  • You get to talk and engage with a broader audience
  • It also helps you write presentable testimonials and endorsements


Above are some of the essential tips when it comes to writing and customizing your social media profile to land the job of your choice. There are several sites which you could also use other the ones mentioned in this article such as personal blogs, chat rooms, forums, among others. Take advantage of these tools to boost your chances of getting that job!

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