The Beginner’s Mini Guide to Youtube Money

Social media has expanded to altogether different borderlines and the capacity, as well as the domain of social sites on the internet, is also increasing drastically by each passing day. Today social media is not just limited to sharing content rather it is a means of full-time earnings to many.

YouTube is best of this bunch in terms of quality of content and earning money at the same time. There are many who write articles and claim some proven ways to earn money online but many of them do not even paint the faintest picture of the reality of youtube money.

This article is all about the different ways in which youtube can garner you thousands of dollars.

YouTube Earning, How to earn through YouTube

YouTube Money Guide

Youtube, as we all very well know, is a platform for sharing audio-visual content and this content may be centered on entertainment, education, life hacks, self-help, endorsement, promotion etc.

The prime motive of youtube was to share videos however as the time elapsed the market players foresaw the potential of youtube and hence came into the picture the money-making feature of youtube.

Let us understand more about it.

Guide to YouTube Money

There are certain categories that are more popular than another, thus the videos based on such categories are viewed more irrespective of the quality of the content.

For eg. you logged in your youtube account then would you rather watch a brand endorsement, an NGO initiative ad or some stand-up comedians’ snippet? Obviously, our basic instinct kicks us towards some quality stuff not necessarily comic, it may be educational, enlightening or relaxing.

This is where the originality of youtube money-making lies; if you have large viewer base and channel subscribers, you endorse ads and thus, the unattended, less entertaining videos get as many views as your video does.  Youtube payment rates is a different study in itself. You get the money for providing views to videos of others.

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 I could write a whole manual for making money on youtube but there is no such need for you to read it here or on any other blog, just go to youtube website and you will find different ways with the steps to be followed to implement them, to earn money through youtube. I would explain some of the prominent ways though-


  • Youtube’s ‘monetization’ feature
  • Google Adsense
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Endorsing brands
  • Selling and promoting own products



How to Monetize your YouTube Channel

  • Youtube’s ‘monetization’ feature

It is a youtube proprietary feature, after enabling which the youtube automatically publishes ads before playing your videos and the revenues are credited to your account based on the number of views. In this feature, you have no responsibility of selecting ads according to genre etc.

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  • Google Adsense

Google Adsense is the most popular tool for making money online whether it be blogs or personal websites or applications or youtube. Through you can find, choose and place ads of different promoters according to the compatibility of your content, genre type, viewer base etc.

You can choose between schemes like pay-per-view and pay-per-click which function just as their names describe. The amount of money earned is directly proportional to views or clicks as per the scheme. Adsense has thousands of ad post varieties and hence it is the most used online money-making tool.

  • Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a massive hit on youtube. You have definitely seen links in the description panel of many videos as well as overlay thumbnails which direct us to proper websites (other than youtube) of that product, this is called affiliate marketing.

Many professional marketers practice it and are another tool to make money using youtube. It may sound simple and exciting but needs utmost efforts and a long working period before you actually start making money.

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  • Endorsing brands

This one is for all those who already have decent traffic to videos and a stable subscriber count.

Endorsing brands involves posting exclusive ads and product links of different brands along with your videos.

This includes direct communication between you and the brand and not some third party regulated processes like Adsense or monetization. Endorsing brands is itself a testimony to the channel’s popularity and is often practiced by hardcore YouTubers.

  • Selling and promoting own products

All the above options are for online content creators but youtube can very well benefit you even with if you are a small town small scale business person with your own products.

You can post videos about the product and add links to your product’s online listing. Reviews and making of products can also do to increase the publicity of the product and this can indirectly gather unprecedented attention to the product and hence can increase the revenue manifold.

This is not generally practiced since people who want to make money online have the tendency to create post content but this fashion is great for original physical products and goods producer. There are some real life stories where the people have increased the domain of their business by utilizing youtube in this fashion.

Whatever your type of genre and the money-making tool may be, one thing is consistent among all of these methods and that is the quality of your content. Try to keep it at peak.

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